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Pets The Avengers Would Have

(im gonna kms because i was over halfway done with this and then i accidentally closed my browser so take 2 lol)

Thor: A corgi. Don’t even fight me on this.

Tony: A Siamese cat. Compulsively got her after Pepper left. Acts like he doesn’t care that much about her but you can bet your ass that he sits her in the kitchen counter stool next to his when he has his morning coffee. She follows him everywhere.

Steve: A beagle probably. Names it something patriotic like Liberty or America (Meri for short)

Wanda: a min-Rex Bunny. Must I explain?

Clint. He wanted a hawk but Nat (and literally everyone else) told him it was a terrible idea because 1, birds are hard to care for as is and 2, it’s a hawk. out of retaliation he goes to the shelter and picks up the ugliest dog he can find; a pug. He didn’t plan on keeping him for very long, only until the others gave in and agreed to the hawk. But the bug-eyed cutie grew on Clint, and he would rather shoot an arrow through his foot than get rid of him.

(^that’s my dog btw ha if you call her ugly i will literally fucking kill you)

Nat: Getting tired of Vision nagging about how having a pet companion boosts your mental health by blah-blah-percent, she went and got the simplest and cheapest pet she could, a beta fish. She admits to liking the colors of the fish to the others, but behind closed doors she also talks to the little guy, and likes the simple one-sided conversations they have when she’s getting ready for bed.

Bruce: a small gecko or lizard. Something that can stay in his lab without disrupting anything and can keep him company. Will sometimes put it on his head or shoulder when he’s working (never when chemicals are out though)

Bucky: Dogs. Good God. I can’t name a single breed because he brings home so many. Any time he leaves the HQ he coaxes any strays he sees to follow him home. He can’t leave the HQ without someone going with him because they know he’ll bring home strays. He’s drowning in dogs. Help him.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/05 (p24-25)

I am pleased to bring you the very first interview with director Sayo Yamamoto!!! You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this… This one is pretty general because of course she has never been interviewed before so they are asking her the basics, but it’s very interesting to finally hear things from her perspective too, since she’s the one who started it all. More interviews with her will be appearing in other magazines in the near future, I’m looking forward to those ones too.

Also, I believe a bright future is to be expected for Yuri on Ice, since she seems to have lots of plans…!! (I was shivering typing out the translation, lol)

Translation is under the cut.

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Interview (first appearance in media!)
The world of “Yuri on Ice” that director Yamamoto wanted to create
With 8 notebooks full of notes in one hand, director Sayo Yamamoto has answered our interview for the first time. We have asked her how this new animation that no one had ever seen before was born.

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Jungkook: I gotta go to the bathroom so bad.

Yoongi: That’s like the third time today, what’s wrong with you?

Jungkook: Jin hyung freaked out ‘cause I told him I never drink water, so now he’s making me drink eight glasses of water a day.

Jungkook: It’s like, there’s water in soda, there’s water in coffe, there’s little pools of water in pizza.

Yoongi: That’s grease…

Jungkook: Well, it’s wet, isn’t it?

Cursed (pt 2)

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Cat!Yoongi x Reader AU

Omg thanks for all your responses to Cursed, like there was so many good responses that even though I need to update Interference, here I am with Cursed AHAHAH. Like you guys do not understand how motivated and giddy I get to see such cute and thirsty messages in my inbox >~<

“Cursed?” you repeat in disbelief, “What bullshit is this?”

“It’s not a lie.”

You sit up, narrowing your eyes at him in suspicion. It’s a given that you don’t believe he’s been cursed by some witch when he technically was your cat like hours ago, now turned human.

The more you think about it, you notice the similarities and odd human-like characteristics your cat possessed.

He shrugs nonchalantly, way too calmly for you, “Who knows, all I remember after getting turned is a witch and my real name.”

“You are unbelievable,” you sigh, pushing yourself off the bed. When he moves to follow like he usually does, keening at you to feed him, you stop and push him by his shoulders to stay put.

“St-stay here!” you screech, breathing hard and desperately keeping yourself from the temptation of glancing down at his lap that’s barely covered by the bed sheets, “I-I’m gonna go out and get you some clothes, s-so stay here and don’t move!”

He nods obediently, lying back in bed with his arms crossed behind his head. You think his eyes are closed but you’re wrong, his eyes are focused solely on you, following your every move as you try to change into outdoor clothes to quickly run and get him some clothes to wear. Sure, plenty of times you’ve changed in front of him, as a cat. But now’s different since he’s human, and a man. Last time you checked, you had no experience with a man, and this was a living breathing man lying naked in your bed.

“Um..” you start awkwardly, in the middle of unbuttoning your sleeping shirt, “Could you do me a favor and close your eyes? Possibly cover your face with a pillow..”

You expect him to do as you say, however a sly smirk curls at his lips, his hooded eyes darkening and gazing up at you. His pink tongue peeks out to swipe over his bottom lip rather slowly and sensuously.

“What’s wrong kitten?” he asks, voice a deep slur, “I’ve seen you naked plenty of times as a cat, what makes this time around any different?”

Your faces heats up, blood rushing rather quickly to your cheeks, “J-just close your eyes dammit you perverted cat!”

He chuckles and nods in defeat, turning over onto his stomach to bury his in the pillow. You gasp softly at the muscles of his back, his pale skin beautifully defined under the light of day.

Quickly, you throw on a pair of shorts and a nice blouse, muttering a quiet be right back before you flee the room and grab your car keys.

It’s a major embarrassment at the store when you meet one of your friends, who you have to give in and ask for help on what to buy for a guy.

“Oh~ a guy?~” she coos teasingly, “Looks like you scored one, I’m proud of you!”

You can’t help but roll your eyes, unwilling to spill the truth that the guy was technically your cat of barely half a year.

Nevertheless, she still helps to pick out a few plain t-shirts and slim fitting jeans, you hoping that he doesn’t mind the gray scale colors you picked. Later when she leaves, you quickly pick out underwear and shoes that you hope he’ll wear.

Ultimately, you hope these will fit him, or else you just wasted money on this cat-man-pervert.

When you get home, you let an exhale of relief to find that he’s still in bed waiting patiently under the sheets for you.

“You’re back, finally,” he says with a yawn, reminding you of him in cat form, yawning whenever he wakes up from a nice nap.

“Yeah, I hope these fit you, I had a friend help me..”

Snooping through the plastic bags, he grinned up at you teasingly, “You really have never dated before huh, that’s cute.”

You blush, pouting as you turn away from his gaze, “So?”

“Nothing,” he said before sticking his hand in to rummage through the clothes, “I think these are good, thanks.”

“Good, while you change I’ll start breakfast, okay?” you don’t wait for his response and leave him in your room. Outside, you place a hand over your chest in attempt to calm its fast beats. You may be overreacting but, yes, you’ve never dated, and this is the closest to you getting a man in your bed. Not like you’d want to do such a thing to him. Wouldn’t it be considered beastiality to have sex with him, he was a cat not too long ago.

When you finish cooking a simple breakfast of pancakes and sausage links with scrambled eggs, he’s out of the room and sliding into the island table chair where he usually sits when you eat breakfast.

Glancing once over him, you feel yourself die inside at his outfit. He’s only wearing a plain t-shirt and ripped denim jeans that gives you peeks of his legs, how does someone look so fucking good?

“Like what you see kitten?”

You make a face, setting down a plate in front of him and plopping down beside him with another plate for you, “Don’t flatter yourself you perverted cat.”

He just gives you a smile, a smile you notice is gummy if he widens his mouth enough. It’s cute, you conclude, and something you wish to see more of if possible.

“You stare at me a lot and yet you call me the pervert, am I that good looking?”

“I’m starting to wonder why you got cursed, with that big ego of yours,” you spit back.

Raising his hands defensively, he grinned, his gums peering from under his upper lip, “Calm down, man no wonder you’re a virgin at barely 24, so mean.”

Cheeks flushing, you turn fully towards Yoongi, pouting as you pound on his shoulder with your balled fists.

“Y-you’re the mean one!”

He chuckles, easily catching your wrists in his hands, tugging on them until you’re practically nose-to-nose. You could feel his lips pull into a smirk, hot breath on yours.

“Relax a little,” he whispers, eyes glancing down at what you wish to be your lips, “Is this the closest you’ve ever been to a man? Have you ever kissed a man before?”

You wonder what spurs on these questions, but you don’t feel the need to answer, only the need to feel his soft lips against yours. Funny, he was just your cat hours ago, now he’s some hormonal man sitting here with your wrists gathered in his hands.

His dark eyes search for yours for answers, your mind going blank the closer his face gets. You figure he wants you to answer but your mouth is only able to open and close with no sound escaping.


“God you’re so cute, it hurts to tease you,” he interrupts, pulling away to continue eating.

With him gone from your personal bubble, you feel the ability to breathe in return. Your heart erratically pounding against your chest because yes, that’s the closest you’ve ever been to a man. As much as you hated to admit, you’ve never kissed anyone, and your friends always spoke so freely of the spontaneous kisses that spark their lives.

But fuck, the little shit was just teasing you, using your inexperience to his advantage. No way are you going to give this narcissistic asshole your first kiss.

You catch a glimpse of his lips and you throw in the towel in defeat, getting up and stalking towards the door in determination to clear your head. His husky voice calls after you, but you ignore it in favor of throwing the door open.

“Oh! Hi!”

You blink and recognize the face of your friend you’d asked for help at the store.

From behind you, Yoongi picks up an unfamiliar voice and is on instinct by your side almost protectively but even the man himself didn’t realize it. He calls your name out and stares lazily at your friend with disinterest.

“Who are you?”

You smack his arm immediately, scolding him like you would if he just ran his claws over what used to be the fine leather of your couch. He merely grins down at you in return.

With a sigh, you introduce the two, your friend’s eyes practically sparkling with interest. She pulls you to the side, whispering while staring at Yoongi, “He’s such a hunk! I don’t know what you did but damn girl, you caught a good one.”

If only she knew the real reason why he’s with you in the first place, you think with a bitter smile. If not for getting a cat, then you would have never been so close to a man, you would continue your life as a workaholic that couldn’t find themselves a significant other.

Yoongi was not a significant other, he was technically your cat, it’d be weird to start dating your cat now wouldn’t it?

“Have you guys… done it yet?”

“Done what?”

“Wow you’re so innocent,” your friend coos, gesturing all over at Yoongi’s body, “I mean look at him, I’m sure you couldn’t keep your hands off him.”

You sputter, realizing the question and vigorously shook your head, “Fuck no! W-we’re not dating if you thought that way!”

She gives you a frown, before waggling a finger in his direction, “You’re telling me you have a gorgeous man in your house and you’re not even together… not even a hook up?”

If only she knew, you think bitterly, noticing Yoongi watch you curiously as you two converse about him.

“Why’d you buy him clothes huh, if I remember correctly, those clothes he’s wearing right now, we picked out together.”

Because he had nothing else to wear, you think, completely bare in my bed.


Fuck. Your whole face bleeds red as both Yoongi and your friend stare at you like you’ve grown a second head.

“Uhhh… did I say that out loud?”

“So if you’re back to human now, are you good then?”

You decided to take out Yoongi after that embarrassment, kicking out your friend, and hurriedly bringing him to the nearest park to venture. That’s how you’d like for it to play out, but in actuality, you wanted to go clear your mind of your dirty thoughts and Yoongi up and decided that he was going to follow you despite you protesting against the idea. Clearly, he won, and was soon constantly complaining every few minutes about the converse highs you bought him, but you told him to suck it up and he would eventually shut up.

Shaking his head, he sighed, his hand rising to finger the linked chains resting over his collar, the metal cold to the touch.

“As much as I’d like to say that I am, unfortunately, no I’m still under a curse.”

Leaning over, you remember the chains that both human and feline Yoongi possessed. Cautiously, poking at the necklace, you look up at him, noticing from your angle how sharp his jaw is and how breath-taking it is to merely look at him from the side. “Does this chain mean anything?”

“Apparently it’s what seals the curse,” he pouts, an expression you find rather adorable, “I’m not sure what it’s going to do, but it’s possible I could switch forms any second–”

Yoongi stops himself, a sharp inhale interrupting his sentence as he squints at something over your shoulder. You can tell the way his eyes glaze over in hatred, turning into slits you find very cat-like.

His tone holds malice and irritation as he stands and grudgingly stalks his way passed you, leaving you with a gruff, “I’ll be right back, stay here.”

And when you turn, you wish you hadn’t, the sight sparks a flame inside you. A feeling you know so well, that ugly little green monster making its usual appearance, however this time, very much more intense than the other times you’ve been jealous.

There’s something about the way Yoongi casually saunters up to a rather beautiful, maybe even model-worthy, woman who casts both Yoongi and oddly you a cynical smirk with her lips shaded a brilliant scarlet. Her eyes holds secrets, and it sets an ominous feeling in your stomach as she holds your gaze for a brief moment before focusing on the man before her.

One thought runs across your mind: Who is she?

Kcon NY pt.1

so I have been back and forth on submitting this but I finally got the courage to do it. I know this is from a while ago, but I want to give you guys my completely ridiculous fan account from Kcon NY Day 1. Since it’s so long Imma break it into two parts.

Part 1 is gonna be about how my black ass entered a contest and got waaaay more than I bargained for. SO after a few trials an tribulations I went through to even get to NJ, I finally made it to the venue maybe 45 min after the convention opened. I was a little sad because..

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I have been i a relationship for almost a year, but i feel like my boyfriend doesn't put as much effort as i do. For example i'm waiting outside his dorm (bc they don't allow girls in) and he told me if he could be 10 min late bc he's playing with his firends and i can't say no and he knows that

Leave lol you don’t need that bb. If he doesn’t rush out the door to greet u then u need to make it clear that’s what’s supposed to be happenin. You need to advocate for urself ok??? Your worth being treated well and he should be putting effort in


(In which something broken gets fixed.)

word count: 3,379
note: I feel like there are so many similar oneshots out there, but hey, have another. inspired by a scene from my school’s production of ‘Almost, Maine’ + the (rather disappointing) fact that no, you cannot get time or memories back.

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Said he loves Mina but chose OC instead 😏 Congratulations Min, you played yourself. And why do I feel like Mina's up to something????

😏 Exactly… but he was in denial like Hoseok said lol. But please elaborate on what you think Mina is up to. Like I told @bangtans-baby, you may grow to like Mina’s character and who she is 😂😁

My mom has started using BTS as motivation/examples for me and I’m screaming. It’s mostly about Tae and his headbands tho because I make fun of her for wearing them and she says that now I can’t make fun of her anymore because “that V boy you like wears them too”. Lol today she told me to wear one and used him as an example. I love slowly turning my mom into Bangtan trash.

About last night

😂 so I got a story for y'all bout my night last night. So I get a text like what’s the move from this guy who’s a few years older then me. Mind you I haven’t spoken to him in a few months we just drifted apart Life took us in opposite directions. So I had plans to go out with one of my homies but he was having baby mama drama so when I got that what’s the move text I’m like 🤔 hmm we shall see how this night goes, so he’s like well a couple of us are going to the bar if you wana come and I’m like shiiiii Ight bet, so I go home get in the shower freshen up do all that good stuff because shit there’s no telling where I might end up or what I might do so I gotta be prepared.. Ok so fast forward to when I get to the bar and mind you we’ve never fucked around like we’ve always been on some bro shit like he used to make lil slick comments at me but I would never even act like I even picked up on them but and we’ve never spoke on it but it’s kind of a It ain’t even gotta be said type of thing it’s just understood but back to my story lmao so I get there and omg it’s hella ratchet and ghetto ass people and I’m just like I know he ain’t tell me come to this ratchet ass shit, so I walk in and I’m looking around for him but it’s sooooo many people I cant find him and he not responding to my messages because at this point he’s already drunk af and I’m not a social person especially when I don’t know anybody there so I walk out and I head back to my car and in my head I’m like I’m just gon charge this L to the game 😂 so soon as I put the key in the ignition he texted me back and was like I’m at the bar so I walk my ass back in there and I’m like nigga fuck You got me up here with all these ratchets for? 🙄 and again I say he’s drunk so he ain’t really even paying attention to me lol so I get him to go buy me a drink and we just chilling listening to the music watching the hoes twerk so we finally getting ready to leave and we talking tryna find a move and he’s like well I rode with my friend he’s bout to take me to get my car so I’m like ok cool just hit me once you get to your car.. so I go and I park and I’m just talking otp then I get a text from him and he’s like come get me and I’m like nigga where are you tf 😂 so he told me where and he was like he’s too fucked up to drive home so I’m like lmfao ok I’m otw the nigga ends up finessing me into taking his ass home bruhhhhhh this nigga stay a good 40 mins away from where we was and a good hour and 20 from my house so I’m like nigga fuck you why I let you talk me into this Idk lol like I’m just being extra and his ass ain’t paying me noooo attention he sitting over there in my passenger seat knocked tf out so I’m like Nigga wake yo ass up tf ion know where I’m going and y'all it ain’t like its general directions to his house This man stay in the BACKWOODS Bitch I’m talking bout no street lights back woods only car on the road type shit. So I finally get his ass to wake up so he can give me directions so we just riding listening to music talking shit mind you it’s like 3 in the morning on these back long country ass roads. We finally get to his house and by this time that Hennessy is about to make my bladder explode 😂 so I pull in the driveway and hop out so I can go pee in the grass, when I come back to the car this Nigga standing outside the car waiting on me I’m thinking he Finna dap me up and be like Ight bro I’ll see you later but nooo this Nigga says walk with me real quick and we start walking through a path in his yard and in my head I’m like tf we going 😂mind you my car still on and we just dun walked off at first I was thinking we was going to the lil garage they got in the very back because he got a old school Monte Carlo SS they he been working on so I thought we was going to see it.. mind you he ain’t said nun since walk with me so we just took a lil 4 minute walk through the pitch black ass woods in silence. So we walking up on the garage and I’m thinking oh yea we Finna look at the car yalllllll why this nigga turns around facing me with his dick out and hard 😳😨 Bitch In my head I was nutting tf up! 😂😂 Bitch when I say I ain’t kno what was going on 😂 but you know I kept my cool pulled my shit out and we stroked each other Shit till i was like fuck it come here and I proceeded to take him into my mouth babyyyyyyyyyy when I say I went to motherfucking work! Bitch I went to WERK on that dick 👅 I’m talking bout sloppy toppy Bitch lmfao That Nigga nutted so fucking quick 😂ahhhhhh that was really the moment I had been waiting on too 😂 he kept messing with his pants when we was in the car but I wasn’t thinking nun of it but yea that’s how my Friday went but he just texted me talking bout hanging out again tonight 👀😝 I’ll keep those of y'all who are interested updates on this lil situation 😂

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I told my boy friend and he tried to convince his parents to let him drive over to comfort me. he lives in a different city half the time so its super sweet. Also. my teacher made me present with 5 minutes left in class. when its supposed to be 6-8 min long. like wtf.

Aww what a good man. :) I’m glad you have him at least, and meh your teacher. That makes no sense at all lol

How my Chinese teacher and I spent an hour describing how beautiful Tom Hiddleston is!

So today I attended Chinese class and upon reading my teacher my homework of “Describe A Friend”, she spent the first 2 mins straight up laughing at the nature of the story of how I answered a fellow Hiddlestoner’s fangirl cry on Tumblr leading to us becoming friends and spamming each other full of Tom related stuff daily! (As you do lol).

Then, after she finished wiping the tears from her eyes and taking a bunch of pictures of my work (most likely to show her friends how crazy I am) she told me the last 4 characters of the last sentence, “Pin Mao Jun Qiao” actually means young pretty boys, like Japanese or Korean Popstars (and not even close to verging on sexy perfect charming Tom).

So as she tried to think of the perfect word to describe him, we managed to get through ALL the entire possibilities PLUS her taking the time to explain all of them to me with relevant examples, which took over an hour before we could come to a conclusion! THAT and probably because I had managed to show her every GODDAMN pic of Tom possible on the internet! (leading to myself giggling like a 5 yr old and her getting a stitch in her stomach).

Finally we went with, “Feng Liu Ti Tang” (an intelligent, charming man who isn’t afraid to think outside the box and because of his charming nature has probably dated/has a bunch of people constantly interested in him) - Rather fitting I would say ♡ 

MoM NYC listening party

ok so I’m going to try and make this coherent as possible, but no promises lmao first off I need to thank Saf @zaynsbaji who gave me this amazing opportunity to not only attend the listening party but to meet Zayn as well. Saf you are literally an angel and I love. Thank you so much!!!

ok so where to start? Um I think I’ll just write about my overall experience and then get on to how I felt about the music. I can already tell this is going to be hella long. 

So Zayn’s team asked that I be there by 8pm. And I live in a suburban town that’s about an hour outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I knew it was going to be tight, but that I had to at least try to get there. And this was huge for me to do by myself. Like, I’m a homebody, I’m an introvert and I don’t go out a whole lot because social interactions drain me lol. But I knew that an opportunity like this would most likely never come again and I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t go. So I told his team I could be there by 8pm, I hopped in the shower, threw on some clothes, jumped in my car and booked it to the train station out in Trenton. Let me tell you, sitting on that train and watching the clock tick closer and closer to 8pm and knowing that i wasn’t going to make it by then was torture. I was DMing one of his team members, Emily, about it but she was very sweet and accommodating. When I told her I was afraid I wouldn’t make it in time she told me not to worry and that they would help me get there if need be. Like I’m guessing they were offering to send a car for me if need be lol. Like how nice is that. I got off the train around 845, called Emily and she gave me the address. It turns out the studio was only like 14 mins away so I hailed a taxi (like WHAT) and literally asked him to get me there as fast as he could. And I have to tell you that I’ve only ever been to NYC once before and I was with my mom and didn’t need to know how to navigate the city. It was an experience that’s for sure. 

So we rolled up outside of Jungle City Studios and there were a ton of people waiting outside. I wasn’t sure if they were holding multiple listening parties or what. It turns out they weren’t but it still hadn’t clicked for me yet that they were waiting for Zayn lol. so i met Emily at the door, she checked my ID, and then we went up in the elevator with another girl to the 11th floor. Let me tell you, it didn’t really hit me that I was going to be in an actual professional studio until the elevator doors opened up. It was so nice! and reeked of weed lmao 

so Emily took us to a room to drop off our bags and coats and then she took our phones off of us and led us to the room where everyone else already was. I didn’t realize that we were going to actually be in like the recording booth, but it was pretty sick. There was a good amount of people that were already drunk when I walked into the room. I just remember walking in and smiling at a blonde lady who I later realized was Shareena. I’m telling you I was so oblivious about everything just because I was so happy to be there to listen to the music. So they had already played through the first 4 songs by the time I got there and they were just starting up “She” when I walked in. Emily told us to get some drinks and to just hang out. So I went to the drink table, and I’ll admit i’m hella picky when it comes to alcohol because I don’t like beer and if i’m drinking wine it’s gotta be really fruity lol. So that was all that was left. I was hoping to just have some cranberry and vodka but all the vodka was gone! lmao I actually got to talk to Ned about this at some point, but I’ll get to that later on. So I poured myself some wine, walked around a bit and kind of just hung off to the side by myself. I’m telling you i don’t do these kinds of things where I go somewhere by myself. Like I don’t have a hard time making friends, but I’m more of a sit back and observe kind of person at first and it seemed like everyone already knew each other lol 

So i have to tell you, I had no idea Zayn was going to be there. And apparently everyone else but me knew he was going to be there. Like even after seeing Shareena AND Ned it still hadn’t clicked that Zayn was most likely in the building. So picture this: Me just chillin’, sipping on some wine in a red solo cup, vibin out to the music playing by myself, having a good time. Ned comes in and offers up a round of shots to everyone. I start to move towards Ned and as I do so, I turn my head to look through the glass into the other side of the booth and I shit you not, I locked eyes with Zayn and my jaw literally dropped. I FROZE! I literally was gaping at him like a fish out of water! So i immediately turned to the girl closest to me, who i ended up hanging out with for the rest of the night, and asked her if she knew that Zayn was going to be there and she was like, “yeah they told all of us, and they said don’t stare at him ‘cause it makes him uncomfortable.” LIKE TOO LATE. I ALREADY DID THAT SHIT LMAO. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself after that for a bit. Like Zayn was just on the other side of the glass watching us listen to his album. It was soooo fucking surreal. Well I definitely needed a shot after that. And a girl, who was already three sheets to the wind and gone lol, was nice and gave me her shot of Jameson (yuck). I downed that shit and grabbed another glass and settled in. 

The girl I was hanging out with, I think her name was Maya, it was really loud in there, was really nice and chill. Overall everyone I interacted with was really nice. I just remember a girl coming up to me and she was like, “You’re just over her vibe’ chilling out to the music.” and like that’s what i was there for you know? I went into it not knowing Z was going to be there and I was just there for the music honestly. I really wanted to hear all of the songs and just take it all in. The fact that Zayn was watching me do this is so insane to me. So me and Maya were just chillin’ the whole time, talking about the music and how proud of Zayn we are. Like it was nice to just focus on the music with someone else and to point out certain lyrics here and there and different rhythms he used. Like the whole album is fucking fire and I am so so so proud of Zayn and all of his hard work. And i just have to note that hearing Zayn’s voice come over the speakers and ask us if we were enjoying the music was so freaking amazing. And he told us to get some more drinks! lol 

Ok so I guess I’ll talk about the different interactions I had with Zayn’s team first. So, back to Ned. Let me just say that he is so freaking cute in person. Like I didn’t realize it was Ned at first, but when i did, phewwwww. I think i’m in love lol. So i was by the drinks and Ned came over and he had just given out a 2nd round of shots and I asked him if there was any more vodka, and he was like “what are you drinkin?” (fucking swoon) and I told him I was just going for some cranberry and vodka, but he was like “i’m sorry there’s no more vodka. I told those idiots to get enough for 25 people and they came back with 1 bottle.” lol, i guess they just assumed everyone would drink beer and wine. which is cool. Everyone I know does, like i said i’m just picky lol. So that was my first Ned interaction. 

After we had listened to the album, he played all of the songs a few times each, Shareena came in and told us to break up into small groups and we would all get to talk to zayn and take pictures with him. So we broke up into groups. I was in the 2nd to last group and it was just me, maya, and this other kid. So we were hanging out in the recording booth still and one of Zayn’s other assistants came in to talk to us. I think her name was Josie? Not sure. I have to say first, that everyone on Zayn’s team is so so nice. They’re all really chill and kind and they really made me feel welcome. Like they were all so easy to talk to. 

So we were chatting with Josie and she asked us what we thought of the album, and I told her it was amazing. Like i mentioned to her that all of the reviews keep saying that it sounds like The Weeknd or Frank Ocean or Miguel, but I made sure to stress to her that Zayn has created his own sound. Like you can tell this is him and this is what he’s been wanting to do for so long. I just kept saying how proud of him I was and how amazing the album is. We also told her that the album is definitely Grammy worthy. And she was like “We all think so too. We keep saying that.” like !!!!!!!!! She then asked us what our favorite was, and we all said TiO. that song is a fucking bop! I think Zayn played it about 5 or 6 times because we all loved it so much. Josie said that TiO is all of their favorites too and that they keep telling Zayn they think it should be the next single. So she asked us how we were liking the singles and I admitted to her that there’s some confusion over what songs are actually singles. And she said BeFour is a promo single, like an instant download like It’s You, But i thought it was supposed to be considered a single? Anyways, she said that right now the single to promote is Like I Would. When Josie told us that they all thought TiO should be a single she said that Zayn really just is going off of what the fans are liking and vibing with. He wants to see what we’re enjoying before he like decides on the singles and stuff. She said that Zayn was really nervous about the listening party and asked her and the rest of his team, “do you think they’ll like it?” like My heart!! OF COURSE WE LIKE IT ZAYN. I just can’t get over that he was so nervous that we wouldn’t like the album and what he’s created. like the only thing that matters to him is that we love the music just as much as he does. God, i love him so much. 

So then it was our turn to go see Zayn and they moved us out into the hallway to wait. So Shareena came in to get us and Ned was walking into the room as well and I kid you not, I don’t even know why i said it, it just slipped out, but i was like “I’m going to shit myself.” I DON’T KNOW WHY I SAID IT. Ned was like, “You’re gonna do what? Say it again?” and I was like, “Shit myself. I’m going to shit myself.” he laughed and Shareena laughed and grabbed my hand! She held my hand and was like, “I love you! you are the coolest!”  I AM SO FREAKING EMBARRASSING LMAO. 

So then we were waiting in the hallway, and they gave us our phones back at this point. I even got to talk to Zayn’s bodyguard! I turned my phone on and he was like “Is Zayn your background?” and I was like “Yeah!” And he was like, “Which picture is it?” LIKE WHAT IS MY LIFE? So then I showed him that it was one of the photos from Zayn’s NME shoot. I was like, “listen when we saw the tattoos everyone online was losing their minds.” he just laughed at me. 

We also stood and chatted with Emily while waited. She asked us if we liked the album how we were feeling about it and everything and we just reiterated what we had said to Josie earlier. Then she asked where we were from and she asked about me coming from Pennsylvania, and I told her how I told my boss I needed to go and not work overtime lol. that I just told them it was an emergency and left for New York as fast as I could lmao. Then Emily was talking about how hard he’s been working on the album and how excited they all are that we loved it. I forget how we got on the topic but I did ask her if Zayn really is working on his 2nd album already and she was like “I can’t talk about that, but nice try.” Lol I HAD TO TRY. I’m just gonna take her non-answer as a yes. We talked about a lot more with her, but i honestly can’t remember what. Just know she is so nice just like the rest of Zayn’s team. i do remember telling her though that March 25, 2015 was worth it. That I honestly felt like the world was ending when he left, but that everything that has happened since has been so amazing and that we were all thankful that he was turning a sad day into a happy one.

ok ok, so then we got to go in and meet Zayn!!!! He shook all of our hands and I can still hear perfectly when he asked me, “You alright?” and I know this is how Brits basically say, what’s up, but i just wanted to be like NO ZAYN I AM NOT ALRIGHT. YOU JUST SLAYED MY ENTIRE LIFE. but i reigned myself in and was like, “yeah i’m good, thanks”. So we sat down to talk to him and he is sooo freaking sweet and kind and just really nice. He’s really soft spoken as well. I didn’t get to say much apart from telling him my name, where I’m from, and how old I am. There were only 3 of us in our group and the one kid did most of the talking. It’s cool though cause he was asking Zayn questions about the music and how he was feeling. Zayn talked about working with MYKL. He said that he’d heard the beat to Drunk about a year ago and immediately was like who are these guys? I have to work with them! He asked us all how old we are because he wanted to get an idea how the different age ranges were feeling about the music. Then the kid asked Zayn how he was feeling about the music and the whole experience. And he said he’s really enjoying it. That he loves the song Drunk at the moment. He asked us what our favorites were and we talked about TiO and Wrong and how his and Kehlani’s voice sound amazing together. I don’t know what the exact question was but it was along the lines of whether Zayn always knew he was going to go solo. And he said that he knew he was going to, that he auditioned as a solo artist, and this was what he envisioned himself doing. Ya’ll I just love him so much. He’s so sweet and down to earth. 

SO then on to the picture we took! So Shareena said she could take the picture or we could do a selfie, and I wanted a selfie, like up close shot, so I said “Zayn could we take a selfie?” and in his lil cute ass accent he was like “Yeah sure, let’s do this.” Akjnfinsdfjasdkjnafs. Then I asked him if I could get a video for my friend (Saf) because she was the reason I’m here, (and i was gonna try and get him to say hi to Giselle too @takewhatimwillingtogive ) and he was like “Yeah sure.” so he like gets in real close and goes to put his arm around me and here i went again with embarrassing myself, but i turned to him and i was like “I’m so sorry my hair is all over the place,” and Zayn was just like, “Noo, you’re good, you’re good.” LIKE WHY DID I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT? SOMEBODY BAN ME FROM INTERACTING WITH CELEBS EVER AGAIN. So then he came in close again, put his arm around me and i was like “1, 2, 3, cheeseeee”. I am SUCH A LOSER lmao I wasn’t able to get the video because Zayn still had to meet with another group and Shareena said they had a lot to do that night. I’m kind of kicking myself for not taking more than one pic while I could, but I LOVE the one I got. Like I am cheesin’ SO HARD in the picture. I couldn’t control it! Also I was expecting to be hella taller than him, but he’s like my height. He was hunched down a little in the pic I think he might be an inch taller than me though, I’m 5′8. My friends all asked me if Zayn was high in the picture and what he smelled like lol. I couldn’t tell if he was high or not. He was just really chill, but I feel like he’s always like this. I did see Ned at some point during the listening party, light up but I wasn’t sure if it was a cig or something us lol. But Zayn didn’t smell like weed lmao. I can’t even really describe what he smelled like. Like, it wasn’t a strong cologne or anything, he just smelled really fresh and really good lol. Like i think it might have been his natural scent or something. 

So then after we took our pictures I said thank you to him and then we went back out into the hall but we didn’t leave right away. We hung around and talked some more with his team. I was talking to two guys, and I don’t know if they just worked there or if they were apart of Zayn’s team but they were really cool. Like they sat and talked about the music with me. The one dude asked me how i liked the album and what my favorites were so we started talking about TiO. Like about the beat and how there’s this sick, little brrrapp drum sound in the middle of it. And he was saying that he isn’t sure what song it was but it might have been TiO that was originally written as a rap, but Zayn was like, lets slow it down and let me see how it sounds when I sing it. And he was saying that he couldn’t believe it and told Zayn to rap it for them, so then Zayn literally just rapped the song for them. So we got to share in our mutual surprise over the fact that Zayn can rap lmao. We talked about the pillowtalk remix with Lil Wayne and how surprised we were when Zayn rapped on it but that we loved it. Then we talked about how Zayn is dropping MoM on the anniversary of him leaving and they had no idea it was the anniversary lol.

Then I had another interaction with Ned, who i seriously want to marry. So Ned was asking us again how we felt about the album and I was like “i loved it” and he was like, “I know you did! I saw you vibin’ to the music!” Like WHAT? So then I was like, “well yeah I was vibin’ Ned, it was so good!” And Ned just went on to say that he was watching me vibin out to the album in the corner and like really listening to the music. Like that he knew everyone there was listening and what not, but he pointed out that he could tell I was really really there to listen to the music and just that he appreciated that. like whattttt ?????!!!!! He didn’t say Zayn was watching me, but I’m just gonna take this as confirmation that Ned pointed out to Z that I was groovin’ so fucking hard to his music. I hope he pointed it out to Zayn and that he saw I was really really enjoying it. So then after that we said our goodbyes, and we were off! Like i really can’t believe last night happened to me. It still feels like a dream. I didn’t get home till like 3 Am but it was so fucking worth it. 

I just have to say that meeting Zayn was definitely the highlight of the night, but getting to talk to his team was amazing as well. They were all so kind and welcoming to us. It’s so nice to see him surrounded by people who genuinely want him to succeed. Like you can tell they really love and support him so much. It warms my heart so much and makes me want to cry. Zayn’s got a great team behind him. 

So now do i talk about the music? Most of you have already heard everything now because the album is out in other countries and this post is already hella long lol. I think I’ll just mention that my favorites are definitely Drunk, Wrong, TiO, Rearview, and Golden. Zayn played the Target bonus tracks for us and I fucking love the songs. I can’t remember any stand out lyrics from Golden but I remember it being upbeat, but it was like making me really emotional ?? like I wanted to cry. 

All in all the whole album is amazing and Zayn worked really fucking hard on it. Every song is a so so good. And this isn’t even me being biased. It’s very rare for me to love every song on an album, but Zayn did that shit. Like he really went all out. I am so so proud of him and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the world fall in love with him. GRAMMYS HERE WE COME.