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DONE! Yay! :‘DD I made my fursona/Oc a little while ago, but I didnt finish the normal pic yey XD BUT! I saw @blogthegreatrouge post about vg!spring and the gang, and So! I made Vg!Mimi (or mamabird cuz I call Mimi mamabird too cuz idk what to do with my life :D) So there ya go! *squeal*


VgMimi is an Owl Kitty Assassin! Cuz Shanking people as an Owlcat thing is awesome(idk lel, thought it was cool, and yes, there are feathers and normal fur mixed together, gonna have to deal with it lol


Vg((not sure what it stands for, I’m guessing video game lol))Mimi- Belongs to mwah(me, sorry I’m really excited)

VgSpring(and pretty much the whole idea)- @blogthegreatrouge

P.S; Don’t worry @nekophy I’m almost done with goth’s birthday drawing, and sorry it took so long ;3; lots of stuffs happenin, I’ll finish it tomorrow ;w;

i need a bechloe rent!au where beca is the ivy league “anal retentive” lawyer while chloe is the starving “ambitious af” performance artist. where they fall in love, get engaged, fight during the engagement party; in front of the bohemians(the bellas obv), but work through their problems and get back together on halloween


shangela’s sugar daddy speech except every time somebody says sugar daddy it gets faster

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Mimi I think you can debut as an idol. You are smart pretty and funny; You will totally be a bias wrecker. I fell for your blog and you o(≧∇≦o)

/!\ WARNING WHAT YOU ASK FOR: I will be that idol who is hated because she can’t sing or dance but still get pushed by her agency into acting. Knetiz will be saying “Stop sending idols into acting” “She does have an idol face not an actress face” “Tell me why she is popular again” “Americans have kardashians we have the same thing, it just have no butt. SAD”. Then I go into acting and succeed because “sorry bae” and go out with my bias just to find out he was using me to hide his boyfriend rumors. I get hurt and I go into a hiatus for one whole year. I come back write a book, go into some variety shows and make a movie about my life inspired from the book. Again pple will write “the book was better” and “i don’t see why this is popular” But I will be busy counting money and getting positive recognition for me to care about haters. In the meantime I matured a bit and understood that my bias didn’t totally use me, it was just his way to run away from the fact that he is in love with you know who. I support them and became one of the biggestk celebrities to support LGBT. I will get invited with rapmon to a show and get to know that we have the same ideas and vision. So we will start this movement called “Share love, stop hate” and there will still be tha stopid person in the comment section saying “Sigh she is trying something again. when will she stop” But I won’t stop! 

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Thanks for the ask ^^ LOL