lol miarren shippers

I think Chillarren shippers purposefully go in to the ask boxes of their own people and pretend that they are Crisscolfer shippers just so then they have ammo against us. I’ve seen some of the anon messages Chillarrens have received and 99% of them sound sarcastic, like they don’t believe what their typing.

Not pointing any fingers, that’s just what it seems like to me.


I’m really getting frustrated about this. WE SHIP CRISSCOLFER. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?? WHY IS IT SUCH A CRIME?? FFS! I feel like we’re the only ship that gets this much hate! I’m so sick of it! Can people just please stop posting in our tag about how bad it is to ship CC and how we’re terrible people for even thinking about that possibility that Chris and Darren could be together!? 

I’m sorry I just needed to get that off my mind.

Lol Becca said that Darren thinks he’s totally different from Blaine and that she tells him the only difference is that he has a girlfriend
When she said that there were so many whispers of bashing the crisscolfer shippers like they don’t seem to realise that Darren’s in the closet which means the girlfriend will be mentioned and not the boyfriend and Becca just protected her friend

okay so apparently everyone has friends in LA who are super duper friends with darren

and darren as he’s super duper open with his super duper friends he lets those super duper friends see him and mia acting couple-ish

but you know what

i have a friend too

i shouldn’t told you this

but i have one

even though i’ve never been in LA and i live thousands of miles away from there

and as she is super duper friends with darren 

she sent me a crisscolfer sex tape

because darren let her see having sex with chris

because that’s how super duper friends roll

so i’ve seen it

i’ve seen crisscolfer having sex

be jealous 

anonymous asked:

PS, Darren and Mia have been together since before Glee, so how the hell could Mia be using him for fame when they've been together since before Darren was famous? You people are so ridiculous.

They’ve been together before Glee? Then why in 2011 did Darren say he was single? Explain that to me. And I never said she was using him for fame even though she totally is. And next time you want to come in to my ask and lecture me on how mia and Darren are “so together” and how “it’s not just her that needs auto tune but everyone else too” then take yourself off anon and don’t be a pussy.