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mia´s coat, master bedroom, mia´s comment ♥ june 2015

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PR is very aware of how ridiculously obvious is that Ben lives in Normandie, drives Mia’s Jeep and his voice is in her videos at night when Darren is out of LA

So is Darren acknowledging that B is his “roomie” cause the evidence that B lives there is so overwhelming? YES

Ben moved there in June 2015.

Ben was never quite about living there. That’s why they started this roommate thing. It would be the only logical explanation to both of them in that house. Except darren doesn’t live there 

And it’s so funny that some miarrens didn’t have a clue about who Ben is when he is practically shoving in our faces his presence next to Mia. It shows how blind they are.

Ben posted in FB that he moved to LA a couple years ago. He goes back to London for family visits and sometimes work. He LIVES in LA FULL TIME.

Ben and beardie are the real couple living in that home and D uses it for PR purposes when it suits him

PR team AND a “social media manager”finally realise d they’ve got to explain the third man’s existence

3 individually wealthy people (adults), sharing a small-ish 2 bedroom house. With a dog one of them has been “seriously” allergic to since Chris got Cooper. That was ignored by fans since 1 roomie posed in another roomie’s clothes, in the master bedroom

This older man, an accomplished musician in his own right, who is definitely not broke, is living at Darren’s “house” with him 

It’s funny that any time Darren is around Mia, we get that closed fake smile or not even a smile at all but when he is not with her we get this big cute cheesy smile that goes up to his eyes with happiness! WOW 

I love how no one can remember how long Darren and Mia have known each other or when their first date was (especially not Darren or Mia apparently) yet Darren can recall every detail of his first ‘man’-date with Chris five years ago and not a single detail changes over time.

Everything makes sense!

Looking at everything that happened during Hedwig, I think the main plan was that Darren would come out/ CC was to be confirmed at the end of his run.

This would explain that excessive push of miarren including those backstage pics. She was afraid it was her end.

This would explain why Darren was such a tinhatter. He was glad it was the end.

But then he got nominated for an Emmy, furthering his contractual agreements and ties to Glee/ Fox. Like a day later he was in a new movie, one that he probably wasn’t going to be in unless they needed to keep pushing his straight image. 

This would explain why Darren said that he planned to thank certain people and give a special speech but then didn’t and gave the short one on his way out instead. He couldn’t come out and was upset.

This would explain why we got paparazzi pictures of Chris and not a normal planned photo op, because it was last minute. 

So if the Emmy is his last contractual agreement to Fox then all this PR crap will be up with the Emmy’s. This horribly overdone push of miarren is because it is the grand finale

I knew something was up when everything ended just in time for Darren’s last performance but then the announcement came about the Emmy’s and everything just blew up. Look at the chronology of events- it all makes sense! 

And this also means that there is a positive side to this PR storm. 

It is almost over. 

So, you say they’re in love because

- they kissed


(wtf im saying ? they dont kissed hehe)

- they hugged 

- they looked lovingly

- they laughed together

-they took pic together

- they held hands

- one of them confirmed his love

And they can’t be in love. But :

- they kissed

- they hugged 

- they looked lovingly

- they laughed together

- they took pic together

- they held hands

- they BOTH confirmed their love