lol memes

signs as things said at my (public) school

aries: “you can’t spell success without succ”

taurus: “all this homework but no will to live”

gemini: “my life is like the shrek series: terrible but it just won’t end

cancer: “this is seriously what jesus died for?”

leo: “you just got…bamboozled”

virgo: “i’m not joining your fucking cult”

libra: “yesterday i almost lost myself to the void

scorpio: “stop coughing in my air”

sagittarius: “you remind me of myself. i hate you”

capricorn: “wow, taking the stairs two steps at a time! bold”

aquarius: “is that the injected weed getting to me or”

pisces: “don’t fuck with me, i have a sharpie

the High Speed! manga:

what I expected:

smiles, friendship, cuteness, teamwork, happiness, innocence, fluff, determination, hugs, basically Free! but they’re smaller and Rin doesn’t cry as much

what I got:

anonymous asked:

is that a degree on your desk? whats your major?

That is my Certificate in Botanical Science Illustration!  In addition to that, I’m currently going to f. Lewis for graphic design (AKA how to art on computer) I do scientific and regular illustration freelance, but am slightly terrible about updating my art blog, lol.  Anyway, here’s my portfolio:

If anyone wants to commission me anything send me a not and we can talk over email about what you’d like and prices.