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what pokemon teams r the boys in

Drunk Island Boys

Probably one of the funniest requests I’ve gotten, thank you so much anon! :D

•Jack, Roger, and Maurice have been using fake ID’s since forever, but Ralph, Simon, and Piggy have always been hesitant
•So when everyone was finally of legal age, Jack thought it was fit that they all go out to a bar to celebrate
•Only problem was that some of them didn’t know how to hold their liquor yet, while others of them just didn’t give any second thought to how much they were drinking
•Ralph is a very emotional drunk
•He cries at EVERYTHING; stubbing his toe, Simon giving him a supportive pat on the back after stunning his toe, how much he loves the color of Jack’s shirt, etc
•Jack is a wild drunk
•He’s always starting fights with people for no reason, insisting that they’ve insulted him and he needs to “teach them a lesson”
•Roger is interesting, usually no one can actually tell if he’s drunk or not
•He’s very good at hiding it and controlling himself, but every now and then if he’s REALLY drunk he’ll mix up a few words (“Guys I really go to want home now”), and that’s his tell tale sign
•Maurice is just really silly and tends to black out a lot
•He’s the friend that has to be physically carried out of the bar, and has to be watched over otherwise he’ll wander off and get lost somewhere
•Piggy honestly doesn’t like to drink, he just doesn’t see the pleasure in it
•Because of this he is the Designated Driver™, and more often than not the one keeping track of Maurice, holding Jack back from a fist fight, and/or comforting a sobbing Ralph
•Simon rarely gets to the point where he’s actually drunk, but when he is he becomes even more spaced out than usual
•He’ll start asking really deep philosophical questions (most of which tend to make Ralph cry even more), or go on rants about random topics in a very tired, zoned out voice (his favorite things are talking about space and how terrifyingly huge it is, and re-telling the history of his favorite bands)

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is maurice any good

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You come into my house? You ask me if Maurice is any good?

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Maurice is one of my favorite books tbh!! It’s so ?? Beautiful ??? It’s an old ass gay book with a happy ending!! It features such plush writing as:

He moaned, half asleep. There was something better in life than this rubbish, if only he could get to it– love– nobility– big spaces where passion clasped peace, spaces no science could reach, but they existed for ever, full of woods some of them, and arched with majestic sky and a friend…


His journey was nearly over. He bound for his new home. He had brought out the man in Alec, and now it was Alec’s turn to bring out the hero in him. He knew what the call was and what his answer must be. They must live outside class, without relations or money; they must work and stick to each other till death. But England belonged to them. That, besides companionship, was their reward. Her air and sky were theirs, not the timorous millions who own stuffy little boxes, but never their own souls.


He filled a pipe with the tobacco that he had smoked for the last six years, and watched Romance wither.


Out of some external Cambridge his friend began beckoning to him, clothed in the sun, and shaking out the scents and sounds of the May term…

Mind you, I’m not a huge fan of Edwardian literature in general. I’m not huuuge on stodgy British style. But lord god, this book does this thing where the language sits so close to the story and the character so it’s stodgy and stiff and unemotional for so much of it with these shockingly beautiful bits of prose and romance and it just BREAKS and is so lush and passionate at the end. It’s GORGEOUS. I WEPT. I LOOOOVE this book. 

Also the movie features a baaaaby baby Hugh Grant and a tiny little baby Rupert Graves so I also suggest the movie if you’re not big on reading Edwardian shit. :)

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Breath of the Wild AU

For like, the three of you who said you’d be interested in this. Also to combine my two obsessions. If you like what you read here, check out my brand new side blog @castletownsurvivor to see some more of my writings on Breath of the Wild!

•Piggy is a young prince tasked with an enormous burden: He must unlock a sacred power within him to seal away evil
•There have been signs of this evil rising in the kingdom again, and Piggy (pressured to do so by his father), prays to the Goddess everyday for his power to awaken
•With no success, he is in need of a backup plan. He assembles five great Champions from around the continent to act as his team to fight against the evil
•Four of them, Jack, Simon, Maurice, and Roger, are assigned to be pilots of massive war machines. Each machine is modeled after a different animal: an elephant, a bird, a camel, and a lizard
•The fifth Champion, Ralph, is appointed as Piggy’s personal knight/bodyguard
•Ralph goes with Piggy on surveys to research the different ways the land is behaving in response to the rising evil (“blood moons”, increased monsters, etc)
•At first Piggy is annoyed with Ralph, because everything seems to work out for Ralph without him having to try
•But eventually Ralph opens up about his fears and insecurities, and proves himself to be a great help to Piggy’s work, so Piggy grows to like him
•Jack, a highly skilled archer with the unique ability to manipulate air, also holds a grudge against Ralph
•He, being so prideful in his own abilities, doesn’t understand why he’s merely supposed to assist Ralph instead of leading the operation himself
•Jack is the pilot of the machine modeled after a bird
•Roger is at times cold to Ralph, but mostly he’s just indifferent to him. He wants Ralph to understand just how much responsibility he has, and that he can’t mess up
•Roger is the pilot of the camel, and has the ability to manipulate lightning generated by the anger he holds deep down inside
•Maurice is fairly welcoming toward Ralph. He has a pretty bright personality, and accepts these new people and his new job of defending the land wholeheartedly
•Maurice has a special power of creating a shield around himself at any time, and pilots the lizard
•Simon is the Champion who Ralph has the closest relationship with. They actually knew each other when they were little kids
•Simon has the power to heal any wound upon touching it, and pilots the elephant
•On the day the evil finally awoke, the Champions were met with disaster. Jack, Roger, Maurice, and Simon all met their ends inside their respective war machines when the evil being sent formidable threats to challenge them
•After they died, their spirits became trapped inside each machine
•Piggy and Ralph escaped, but they were pursued by the evil being’s forces. Ralph was gravely injured and Piggy pleaded with him to run and save himself, but Ralph stood his ground
•Just as Ralph was about to take a blow that would kill him, Piggy stepped in front of him and his power to seal away the evil finally activated
•He drove back the evil being’s pursuing forces, but Ralph collapsed anyway
•There was only one way to save him: To take his body to a place called the Shrine of Resurrection
•Piggy entrusted Ralph’s body to two loyal warriors, and took Ralph’s sacred sword to hide it from the evil
•Then he went back to face the evil being alone
•Ralph slept for 100 years in the Shrine of Resurrection, and awoke with none of his memories
•He was soon met by the ghost of Piggy’s father, however, who urged him along on his quest to free the spirits of Jack, Simon, Maurice, and Roger, and to help Piggy finally put an end to the monster plaguing their land