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hilarious comments of the dude sitting behind me in the cinema when we were watching 'Maleficent'

-stefan introduces himself-

“the fuck kinda name is stefan anyways i’ve never met a guy called stefan don’t trust this asshole”

-king henry attacks the moors-

“oh shit’s about to go down”

-stefan drugs maleficent and cuts her wings off-

“see i fuckin told ya not to trust this asshole”

-diaval informs maleficent about aurora’s birth-

“oh hell yeah this is the well, well part everybody shut up”

-maleficent curses aurora-

“you done messed up now”

-stefan removes every spinning wheel in the country-

“bitch you’re dumb as fuck that never fuckin works”

-maleficent meets aurora-

“come out? that sounds gay”

-the whole mud fight thing happens-

“i’m startin’ to think they’re gay”

-aurora says she wants to live with maleficent-

“yep definitely gay”

-aurora meets phillip-

“this dude looks too gay to function. i’m calling it now, he’s not gonna be the one to wake her up”

-aurora discovers the truth-

“fuck those old-ass bitches why you had to ruin their happy ending they were gonna live together”

-phillip’s kiss doesn’t work but maleficent kisses aurora and she wakes up-

“i fuckin called it bitches”

-aurora asks if they’ll live in the moors together and maleficent goes ‘if that is what you wish, beastie’-

*cough* whipped *cough*

-aurora gives maleficent her wings back and they share that look (you know what look i’m talking about)-

is it wrong that i think they’re fuckin?”

-maleficent gives aurora the crown-

“if that doesn’t look like a wedding i don’t know what does, man”

-maleficent goes “our kingdoms have been unified”-

“oh i bet something was unified alright”

(i have no idea how he wasn’t thrown out of the cinema, but i’m glad he wasn’t because it made the film a thousand times better)

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nationalists won't rape and kill you, stupid piece of shit.

I’m sorry you think that way but research and statistics show that most murders and violent crimes are committed by people of nationalist affiliations.

We only remember the big names of some stories, but the truth is that.. well, nationalism is 100% responsible for WWI AND WWII deathtool. I would say Nationalsozialismus, since we’re at it but that’s because I like to cash on my Godwin point.

FYI most in house terrorists attacks are made by local nationalists protesting their local government. 80’s France was fuuuull of them. Check prisons in the US. There’s a large % of white supremacists and affiliates who are nationalists and who do(did) a lot of the murder and rape… hellloooo American history X. And tbh it’s not limited to white folks, plenty of black nationalists in the US are just as bad so.

Hell Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims have been killing each other (the first killing the second much more often than the other way around) in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for decades. That’s why the two latter countries even exist to begin with.

Nationalists are far more dangerous to me as a woman than 98% of immigrants and descendants of immigrants (because I can only guess you’re opposing them to nationalists?), in France, nowadays. When the national front marches we are far more at danger than when it’s any of the syndicates, or anti racism groups, or even No Borders folks.

I come from a family of mixed and foreign ancestry, with Corsicans, Resistance members, Alsacians and Germans, Algerian settlers and weirder stuff. Diversity is part of my country’s pride and so is integration. Yes I’d rather everyone be secular, and I know overtime they usually become so (the rule of thumb is that people keep their religion and their practices to themselves and their parish, which is obviously a conflict for Muslims practicing their faith because it’s very daily and very visible), but my mild annoyance is just as comparable as the one I feel when there’s loud folks in stores (aka I just deal with it and carry on).

Nationalists will attack anyone that doesn’t fit their description of their idea of nation. And nation is misplaced pride.

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Hi! What are the 2ps like while sick?

2P Italy: *hides in his room until he’s better, he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s sick, using his laptop to send anonymous hate mail to whoever he thinks may have gotten him sick like “HELLO WALMART YEAH HEY I THINK THAT UGLY-ASS CASHIER WITH THE GROUNDHOG FACE FUCKING COUGHED ON ME AND GAVE ME THE FLU OKAY SO YOU CAN BE EXPECTING A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT”*

2P Romano: bish I ain’t sick *uses a fuckton of makeup to cover his red nose, acts like he’s perfectly fine, eventually sneezes really hard and just faints in the middle of a busy intersection*

2P Germany: hnnnnnnnnnnnn i need ice cream *sits in his room binge-eating and spends all day watching porn*

2P Japan: ugh why me *he spends half the time taking long as fuck baths….he spends the other half buried in a mountain of blankets reading manga and trolling people on tumblr or something*

2P Prussia: *sleeps for like 2 days straight, only eats soup, vomits every 30 minutes, wants to call someone to come take care of him but doesn’t want to bother anyone omg precious baby*

2P France: *legit this guy doesn’t even notice he’s sick until he sneezes on some chick he’s sleeping with and gets snot all over her boobs*

2P America: fuck this shit okay okay I’m fine *he just goes about his daily routine until he falls into a water fountain or something because he was coughing so hard*

2P Canada: o shit waddup I’ll be back in like a week *whenever he gets sick he just kinda decides that it’s a perfect time to go camping, so he packs a tent and some food and stuff and just drives off into the woods*

2P England: gosh diddly darn *asks Allen to make him some cupcakes because “cupcakes can cure any illness, poppet!” but Allen accidentally burns the house down so now Ollie’s sick and homeless…… but seriously he probs just politely asks someone to take care of him and then promises to help them out the next time they get sick*

2P China: fuck omg how did this even happen wait wait who’s that hot girl out there *opens window* HEY BABE HOW YOU DOIN *tbh would probably try his hardest to get a girl to take care of him…..if not, he’d just call Kuro or something and give them some weed in exchange for taking care of him*

2P Russia: well i suppose i’m in what you would call…….a situation.….*just sits at home and reads……he doesn’t wanna bother anyone by asking them to help him, but if someone offered to take care of him, he’d sigh with relief and say “yes yes thank you oh you’re so kind fucking angel omg thank you please marry me i mean uh nothing”*

Looking for RP Partners! :)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, but we’ll see what happens from this. 

I’m trying real hard to get back into writing again, so I guess the best way to get into it again is through roleplaying! 

I’m pretty open to concepts and different ideas. I prefer original ideas and story lines, but there’s a few fandoms I’ll write out. (Mostly Dragon age, but I tend to do OC’s within the established universe, but there are a few characters I’m willing to play.) Plotting and drama and angst are just my favorite things. And if you’re into the horror genre let me marry you please. LOL 

I am really bad at checking my messages here, but feel free to just, go ahead and add me on Skype or LINE messenger. :) Or even gmail! We can share a doc. 

My Skype info: Stopthatdoor

LINE Messenger: Kinda Kawaii


Please don’t be shy! Feel free to message me, I’m sure we can be fast friends. ♥


Almost a decade with my soulmate and I’m still falling in love with her. Some days I wake and just stare 👀at her and ponder to myself 🐒is this a dream, still can’t believe she’s all mine. She’s my wife. This is who I fell in love with at the age of 16 and look at me now at almost 26 still so deeply in love! She’s a blessing. Her love is so pure. She loves me for who I am. She understands my mood swings. There’s days I wake up full of joy and love and there’s other days I wake up feeling so dramatic. Dramatic in a way that if I don’t perfectly steep my tea correctly I’ll turn into shambles and get all heartbroken and my day is ruined lol. GOD bless her heart! Anyways back to our love, what we have is so rare and I wish this love upon everyone! Our love so deep that the ocean is jealous! ⬅️(✍🏾🤓Got that from tumblr).
We may not be the best looking couple out there but I can guaranteed you we are the strongest couple I know. My marriages is my own marriage goals. My relationship is my own relationship goals. We are still growing! Guys I love my wife, what a blessing to say that I married my best friend! 👰🏻👰🏽


In case y’all haven’t figured it out, I have a new ship. 

I may or may not be uploading a Joecile cut from last night’s episode…

I hope Iris doesn’t hate her too much…

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You should do a fic based on marry me by Jason derulo :)! Please lol

Marry Me


They’re driving when the song first appears. “Oh I love this song!” Alex claps turning up the radio. “105 is the number that comes to my head, when I think of all the years I wanna be with you.” The song starts and Tobin doesn’t look that impressed. “It’s so cute and real.” Alex smiles then sees Tobin shrug, “What? You don’t like it?” Alex asks. “It’s alright.” Tobin says shrugging again. “Well maybe if we got married you’d like it more.” Alex is joking and Tobin chuckles, “Maybe.” The song goes on and Alex sings along.

Over the next few days every time the song comes over the radio Alex cranks it louder and continues to drop hints to Tobin. The hints are usually laughed and shrugged off but Alex starts to get impatient. “I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do, Kell. I mean how obvious do I have to be?” Alex whines collapsing on to the couch. “Well you did say she doesn’t even like the song. Maybe she’s just not listening.” Kelley offers picking out a movie. Alex sighs and runs her hand through her hair, “How’s Hope?” she asks changing the subject. Kelley turns back and smiles wide.

It’s been a few days since she’s heard the song but it comes on one morning while she’s doing paperwork. Alex hums along until suddenly the radio turns off. She looks up and finds the culprit. “Tobin, I know you don’t like the song but you don’t-“ but Tobin cuts her off. “I never said I didn’t like it, there’s just a part I don’t agree with.” Tobin clarifies as she makes her way to stand across from Alex at the table. “You don’t agree with it?” Alex asks looking confused. Tobin smiles and pulls something out of her pocket, “Because forever is the number that comes to my head, when I think about all the time I wanna be with you.” Tobin sings as she slides the ring on to Alex’s finger.

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please marry me I fell for you lol. Hey~ btwThat sm trainee know about kaisoo dating thingy, it was in 2012 right? but why didnt we know about it then, anyway they are kfans they probably know more. Please keep getting info abt kaisoo from them luv u

If you think about it more you will realize that sm did good for faking kaixxstal I mean they were hiding kaisoo from the media cz if they didnt, kaisoo will be in edge ‘breaknup’ cz gay rumor going around y'know *but not from us* 😝

Hey there! 

Do remember that kfans don’t talk about kaisoo openly in SK. That might be the reason why the dating rumors back in 2012 doesn’t reach ifans until just recently. There a lot of things that remain under the surface. They are very discreet when it comes to kaisoo.

Regarding kaixxstal, even they said that SM is the one company that should never be trusted. SM is very famous when it comes to ‘cheating’ to achieve their goals. Nobody among kfans believed SM (I’m laughing so hard when they said this hahaha).

However, they can’t be so sure of the legitimate of kaixxstal since they have to admit that they are dating outwards. If they said otherwise, they’ll get a lot of hate. But a lot of kfans really do think that there is something wrong with the scandal.

So, we’re not alone! We’re totally not delulu.

Fun fact: They always wonder what does delulu means. I explained to them that delulu means delusional. Kaisoo ifans are really famous for being delulu. Their reaction,

Ohㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s so funnyㅋㅋ we are delulu! Yeah!!

Welcome to the delulu fandom!

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