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In the single parents with kids AU, could you do something about Percy meeting Uncle Chiron? Or Annabeth meeting Percy's mom? (Your work is amazing btw. Big fan) thank you

single parent au

  • they had been together for 4 months when Annabeth’s uncle announced he wanted to meet her mystery man 
  • “Chiron, he’s not a mystery man. You know almost everything about him that I do.” 
  • “Oh I know, but it makes me feel better when I pretend to be an authoritarian. Did it work?” 
  • “About as much as it did when I was 15.” 
  • Annabeth decided to have dinner at her house, that way she could control the environment 
  • Marshall was helping her set the table when there was a knock at the door 
  • the little boy sprinted towards the sound before Annabeth could say anything 
  • as she followed, she could hear him shouting, “WHAT’S THE PASSWORD?” 
  • “OWLS ARE THE COOLEST”, a voice returned 
  • Marshall swung the door open and tackled Percy who was standing on the other side, bottle of wine in hand 
  • he scooped the boy up and met Annabeth at the end of the hallway, handing her the bottle of wine and placing a kiss to her lips 
  • “Hey beautiful,” he said with a smile 
  • “Hey handsome,” she returned happily 
  • Percy and Marshall set the table while Annabeth put the finishing touches on dinner 
  • as soon as she announced that everything was ready there was another knock at the door 
  • “POOOOOOOOPS!” Marshall yelled while once again sprinting towards the door 
  • he reemerged in the arms of a man about the same height as Annabeth, with thinning brown hair, a well trimmed beard and a cane to help him walk 
  • Marshall was beaming and Annabeth walked up to meet him with a hug and a kiss to the cheek
  • she suddenly realized how nervous she was for things to go well, and held her breath as Percy walked over from the dining table 
  • “Chiron, this is my boyfriend Percy. Percy, this is my uncle Chiron a.k.a. Pops.” 
  • Chiron put Marshall down so he could shake Percy’s hand, Annabeth and Marshall both watching the exchange intently 
  • “It’s nice to finally meet you, sir. I’ve heard a lot of great things. Plus, Marshall doesn’t make you say a password to get in, so you really must be great.” 
  • Chiron laughed heartily, “Annabeth always made me say a password to get back into my own house, so I’m glad to see it’s a hereditary trait. And it’s great to meet you as well.“
  • they sat down to dinner and as nervous as Annabeth was before was how annoyed she was now 
  • the two were getting along so well, talking about anything and everything, that Annabeth could barely get a word in edgewise 
  • after almost two hours they started winding down and Annabeth put Marshall to bed and Percy announced he should get to bed himself, as he had 5 school visits the next day 
  • Chiron helped with the dishes as Annabeth tried to avoid jumping straight into his opinions of Percy but Chiron, ever in tune with her emotions, took he leap for her 
  • “He seems like a good man, and Marshall adores him.” 
  • “He is a very good man, and you should see Marshall with Percy’s daughter Jane. You’d think they’ve known each other their whole lives.” 
  • Chiron finished drying the last dish and turned towards Annabeth, “He makes you happy?” 
  • “Honestly? I can’t remember the last time someone made me this happy.” 
  • Chiron placed his hand on Annabeth’s cheek, smiling at her as if he was trying to memorize all of her features, “Then, my dear, that is all that truly matters.” 
  • she goes to bed feeling the most complete she had since the first time she held Marshall