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Fanart for @zanimez’s fanfic Barrel 

Cafe Lovin' Part 2

Requested by: anonymous

Summary: you and Jordan are friends and you work at a small cafe. Jordan thinks that you and Josh have a lot in common and tries to set you guys up. 


Your Pov:

“Hello.” The voice asked me. 

“H-hi.” I said to the voice my voice shaky. 

“Who is this?” The person asked me.

“Um, my name is Y/N.” I told him. “I don’t know if you remember me or not but we met at a party that was held at your house. I’m really great friends with your brother, Jordan.” 

“Oh my God.” Josh said. “I can’t believe you actually called.” He sounded suprized. 

I gave a light chuckle. “Yeah, your brother gave me your number today when he visited me at work.” I told him. “He said that you really liked me?” I questioned wanting desperately to know if it was true or not. 

“Yeah.” Josh said. “I like you a lot and I think your really cool.” He told me honesty. I was about to say something but he cut me off. 

“I’m not normally this confident but I’ll give it a go.” He said with a slight chuckle. “Would you like to go on a date with me?” He asked me. His voice slightly shaking. 

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anonymous asked:

I was expecting a bomb of wdta recording, why is bighit like that? :(

Well, we might still get one, but I wouldn’t keep your hopes high. It seems like bighit is ok showing jikook or everyone else’s affection towards each other if it is in small doses or whatever they don’t consider too obvious I guess, which some totally are you need better goggles, then there are those moments they probably feel it would be better to keep between themselves.

This happens a LOT with jikook, just recently the laundry time, them sharing a room, pics of some moments surfacing later, but we are never shown the video, like the titanic hug, not to mention the constant interruption of their interactions not only by staff, when they cut scenes or arrange them away from each other, etc, but by the members as well, they seem to be always watchful and mindful of what jikook can or cannot do. I’d say that they’re all the time being chaperoned LOL or avoided if necessary so that the world won’t catch up, but we already  know that doesn’t work with us right? No matter what, we’ll always find a piece of their love everywhere, so good luck bigshit!

ps: We’ll still be hoping for that bomb anyway~

Needy Fionn

Okay so this is super fluffy almost to the point of cringy haha I apologize! If anyone has requests or want to talk about Fionn just message me! Enjoy:)


“Fionn I’m busy!” You say giggling but still not looking at your boyfriend Fionn. For the past 15 or so minutes he had been trying to get you to stop the work you were doing and pay attention to him. Of course you loved giving Fionn attention, but you’d given him attention sense 9 this morning and these emails won’t write themselves.

He lets out a frustrated sigh but returned his head back to your shoulder. You pat his thigh a couple of times and return to your laptop.

Finally when you were done and had finished sending the last email, you shut your laptop and placed it on the coffee table in front of you. Fionn quickly removed his eyes from the game on TV and turns his head toward you.

“Are ye’ finally done?” He questions placing a quick kiss to your temple.

“Yeah jus’ had to get some emails sent, now I’m all yours bub.” You say bopping him on the nose with your finger.

A smirk forms on Fionns face. Before you know it he has you pulled onto his lap to where your straddling him. You wrap your hands around his neck and his arms wrap around you pulling you impossibly closer.

Fionn really does have a perfect face. I know people say nothing is perfect but to you Fionn is or whatever is closest to perfect. He has so many qualities that make him incredibly sexy AND cute at the same time. First your eyes wander to the cute little mole he has on his chin. With out thinking you kiss it. Fionn’s lips pull up into a small smile. But now your looking at his incredibly cute freckle so you HAVE to kiss them. First start with a few quick kisses on his nose, but pretty soon his whole face just seems very kissable so you start planting kisses every where. His cheek, his jaw, his forehead. Fionn was a giggling mess.

“Quit tha’!” He says laughing turning his head from side to side. But his hands don’t move from their spot on your hips so you know he secretly loves it. When Fionn’s really in the mood, he can be the most affectionate person on the planet.

You only slow down your kisses when he puffs out his lips and makes kissing noises, which makes you laugh. Quickly you grab his face and plant a kiss right on his lips. But Fionn had other plans.

Within a matter of seconds he had flipped you over to where your back was on the couch and he was hovering over you. You both quit laughing.

With out question Fionn brought his mouth down to your jaw and lightly nibbled at the skin.

“What’re you doin’?” You ask cocking your eyebrow at him.

“My girl needs some lovin’ too.”


You have no idea how this image is stuck in my head. A part from from the awesome fic Summer Lovin’ by the awesome josukeistrans! Seriously, this fic is amazing. 
Half way through drawing this I just realized that Jotaro should not be wearing his uniform… I forgot, I’m sorry (; w ;)