lol louis is too much


Louis Tomlinson Inspired Makeup Looks // Part One (’Rockin’ that Rose Petal Eyeshadow I Respect That’)

^^Colors used, but use whatever you have that’s similar

  • Put a wash of Pretty in Pink and Poppy over the entire lid, blending up and out
  • On the center, wet brush with medium and apply Iced Latte to center
  • Sandwich the highlight on the outer and inner corners using a mix of Mango Tango and Simply Marlena.
  • Blend well, reapply where necessary, and blend again
  • All colors (minus Pretty in Pink and Iced Latte)) blend under lower lash line, and Iced Latte placed in inner corner as another highlight
  • Can be completed with mascara and/or falsies of your choice to replicate Louis’ perfect lashes

The wonders of X-Factor editing! Louis, Harry, and Liam can laugh about a sea urchin sting because this was footage of something else entirely. As you can see [dramatic pause] 

Louis was stung on his left foot, not his right.   xx

(Harry’s nipple and hair gave away the mirrored footage they used, haha!)   :))

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Lol the thought of ppl liking louis for himself/his music its almost too much to handle for some ppl

how dare we like louis as individual instead of ½ of larry and ¼ of 1d! 😡