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happy vday i drew this on skype w my gorgeous handsome boyfriend + his laugh and smile made me gay x1000 and hes talented and sweet happy vday

look i didn’t mean for u guys to feel the emotions with me but i need u to read this excerpt of my personal west coast au writing and TELL ME IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU KLANGST FEELINGS

“Listen,” Lance spits, anger coloring the high arches of his cheekbones and making his long fingers curl into fists, “I don’t need this. I don’t need these feelings and I don’t want them. And I definitely don’t want to relive all these memories of when - when you loved me.” 

A pause. Dull and numb, like the muted colors of dusk against the high bricks of the sleazy motel. The fading sun bounces off the honeywagon’s tinted windows, casting a cut of sunlight across Lance’s tan face and sharp eyes. 

Keith’s throat and chest burns. “I never stopped.” 

so i just hear abt nct indonesia and,,, i literally just thought that it will be weird to hear a song from sm without needing subtitles,,,,

I swear to god you guys are like “that last scene lol look at my babies” but can we talk about how Lukas is actually the worse bc he used rose like a tissue and literally just made Philip watch him do the do like wtf Boi don u notice all of the carnage And hurt ur causing I understand why lukas would do what he did but how r u guys just okay and over with what he did to Philip (and rose) so fast and already back to tryin to ship philkas like honestly it’s rly painful to see the hurt Lukas causes Philip and u guys r just like “lol look at them they r so cute together” when they lowkey have a v unhealthy relationship


kookie proudly cheering on his unlucky kwangsoo ♡


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