lol look u guys

someone!!!! please!!! watch the stars!!! with me!!!!! we could rest our heads against a blanket & just look up while holding hands & point out constellations & be star geeks together


drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol


oh noooo school time already?!! 

well jasper is absolutely DREADING it lmao, i think pearl will have to drag her butt into class every day. meanwhile, pearl is thoroughly reviewing the class schedule and curriculum, making sure they have all their books and trying to make it sound appealing (and totally failing lol)

happy vday i drew this on skype w my gorgeous handsome boyfriend + his laugh and smile made me gay x1000 and hes talented and sweet happy vday


I remember getting my first American girl doll. I remember how much I loved her. When I went to my friends house; 4 years old, she and I would be the moms. We didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.
When I was five I met a new friend. She had two mothers. My mom was close friends with both. I didn’t think anything of it besides the fact she had TWO moms ! How lucky

When I was 10 I heard the word “faggot” for the first time. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew I didn’t want to be called that.
By the time I was 13, I knew what that meant. And I hated myself for thinking a word like that could define who I was.
I took so much time hating myself… that I didn’t love myself.

I remember waking up sobbing when gay marriage was legalized. I thought, “I finally have a chance.”
I remember coming out shortly after then to my family. I was welcomed and supported. I don’t know why I hadn’t done it sooner.

I still don’t understand how people can look at any person of the LGBTQIA+ community and think that there is a problem in learning to love another person or in loving ones self.

this pride month is a reminder to me, that even after almost two years of being out, there is still so much I can do for the other people in this community.

I hope you all stay safe and have a gay time 🌈 you deserve so much love


Day 23: You’re starting to lose your cool when you accidentally ate a determination pills… Though in my case, I look cute~! Lol, Mel wants a piece of me~ yeah~

Ganz: “Hey, have you seen my-”

“Ah, crap! Don’t tell me you ate one of the determination pills!“

Me: “G-Ganz…?”

“What happened? Do I look different?“


Day 24: Ganz and Mel as this year’s animal in the Chinese Calendar. WARNING: I can’t draw chickens/roosters or animals in general… -_-’

Ganz: How the heck…?

Mel: Whose dumb idea was it? Who the heck turns us into chickens?!

(Your technically roosters I think, Mel, but whatevs, what do I know about animals? XD)

Day 25: Gaster and Asgore getting iphones for themselves and tweets stuff out.

Asgore: Hello? I just got this “iphone”. I assume this is where we can chat?

Gaster: Hmm… I guess so, your majesty… I feel like one of those young kids with all their “LOL”s, “emoji”s and “IDK”s…

Asgore: Oh, you are right… I’m curious, what does the “IDK” mean?

Gaster: Hmm… I don’t know, your majesty…

Day 26: Ganz visits his sons. Lol, Siren’s kicking there butts XD. Well, I’m pretty sure I heard that Siren was better at games then all of them. XD

Siren: Beating them without a sweat


Ganz: “Wow, Siren. Your kicking our butts. How are you this good?”

Swifty: “Ha, Siren’s better at games than all of us!”

Snazzy: “Ah man! How can we keep on losing?”

SenKiller: “Yo, wtf are they doing?”

Sensy: “Games…”

Day 27: You having a serious talk with Ganz and Mel. VERY “serious”… (And, for the last panel, I was just playing around with lighting and stuff on my phone XD)

Me: I mean guys, its a VERY serious topic!

Ganz: Heck no!

Mel: Would it be considered lying if I told you I was too young to hear this?

Me: Mel, yes. Well, at least I didn’t tell you about Santa…


Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Lol, go ask @clacy2812 XD

Anyways, what the text actually says: Me: “Alright, Ganz and Mel. It’s time to get SERIOUS.”

Ganz: “Umm… Ok, sure!”

Me: “Fufufu~… Well… I guess it’s time we talk about the BIRDS and the BEES…”

Ganz: “Ah, heck no!” Mel: “Ah, crap!”

And yes, I will try to stay on top of stuff -_-’’’. I’m doing day 28 right now, hopefully I can get that up today~.

GZtale belongs to @golzy

GZly challenge belongs to @anrez-op-skele


“create the content you want to enjoy” is such a bullshit sentiment when it comes to writing cause like??

yeah let me just spend hours planning and writing and doing some sacrificial ritual and editing to finish a piece of writing and then reread it for fun???? no.