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“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”

fullview probably! thenks

always wanted to do that thing where u draw anime ppl in a rl pic so i chose this picture i took at didneyworl like last october?? the only one where there’s like, no rl ppl lmaoooo


15 > 23.

I just want to say, because I know what it’s like to be young and scared, that back then when I was fifteen in 2009 (gross) we didn’t have the half the amount of pressure put on us as young people do now.

there was no instagram and beauty people on youtube to influence us and we didn’t have as advanced smartphones to edit our faces we just had crappy webcams and it was all we knew.

i admire young people nowadays so much because pressure and perfection seems to be absolutely everywhere with social media being such a huge factor now so i just want to say if you’re young and struggling to feel like you fit in or wishing you could look like the guys and girls on YouTube do: trust me, you look beautiful and the feelings you have right now will go away one day, i promise you that.

no amount of filters on kylie jenner’s instagram photos or studio lights on beauty gurus on youtube and photoshop on stretch marks and cellulite on models on clothing websites will ever compare to who you are and you are wonderful and beautiful and looking at these people who make you feel neither of those things really isn’t worth it if it makes you feel bad.

self acceptance is so important and not easy and heck I struggle still myself because comparing yourself to others is addictive but remember you are unique and nobody can ever take that away from you so never let them try.

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after serving us just plain chemistry™ with jessica and luke i honestly think they might become canon again. they're endgame in the comics, whereas luke and claire don't last that long. after that conversation at the bar it is impossible to say jessica doesn't have feelings for luke and i think luke still has feelings for her. when he was talking to danny about their "moment" he sounded so sad that it had to end eVEN THOUGH IT DIDN'T. i'm just crossing my fingers the babes become canon again

listen, let me be honest here, I’m huge on the ‘never give up’ thing, but after watching LC I was, like, 82% convinced they had dropped the jessluke ball. HOWEVER after watching defenders??? I’m 100% convinced they DIDN’T drop that ball at all. It would have been easy, really, to make defenders be their ‘goodbye’, but they made it look more like a ‘see you later’. I mean, I don’t want to read too much into things (TV really is unpredictable lol) but…. I think it’s safe to say that our ship is not dead! Granted, we’re gonna need some crossovers and shit for this slow burn to develop but… I’m not complaining :D

Countdown to S4
Day 21     Cinematography appreciation   »   The Blind Banker

  • Someone: *makes a completely nonsensical ship analysis post and puts it in the MAIN tag
  • Someone else: that's incorrect.
  • The original person: omg stop bullying me, why can't you leave me in PEACE, why can't you just let people enjoy themselves, like omg? fandoms are so fanDUMB, I'm leaving lol
  • The original person: *does it again a day later
  • Same thing: *happens
  • The original person: oh my god, stop bullying me-

nuhhh, I’ve been reading harry potter fanfiction again and it makes me wanna write a fic where Lapis is a squib groundskeeper at hogwarts and Peridot is the potions master there, they get stuck in the forbidden forrest together when Peridot goes looking for a an incredient and Lapis has to go fetch her

Lapis is a half-breed and Knows Things, Peridot does potions since her wandwork is lacking, they bond

@therealjacksepticeye Jaaaack look what I made for youuuu! It’s METAAALLL :P  yes this is the third version of this song that I’ve made, I’m obsessed with this song XD if you see this I really hope you enjoy it :D 

I think people will kill me soon if I post this again lol

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Caught up on the finale and the whole Spaghetti Incident seems to really bother Negan lol. like it's always in the back of his mind. if he brings it up again in a future episode I'm going to die. Rick just keeps hurting his feelings!

Dude yes Negan is a petty, petty man. The spaghetti thing really got to him, you know? All that work, shaving to look all slick for Rick (you know he put on cologne or aftershave or SOMETHING to smell nice for his man) and he’s over here slaving away over a hot stove, making spaghetti and homemade biscuits and setting the table up so nice. He was ready to take things to the next level. 

Negan would be that partner that always brings receipts to arguments. Like Rick would think it’s over, and then Negan just comes back with “And do you remember that time when you fucking dITCHED ME WHEN I MADE YOU SPAGHETTI” and Rick just sighs for ten years because they’ve had this fight at least 12 times now. 

scott conant looks like the guy you barely know who says “what, i don’t get a hug?” scott conant looks like the dude who has the metaphorical fedora and listens to you complain abt your man and tries to convince you to break up w/ him because he could treat you better. scott conant looks like the guy who texts you “u up?” at 2:36 in the morning. scott conant looks like the guy who makes a vague facebook status about you when you are a decent person and don’t tell him how creepy he is and keep him in “the friend zone” even when you could have wiped the floor with his ass for being so fucking nasty and borderline stalkerish the way he obsesses over you. scott conant looks like the dude who wears a “make america great again” cap unironically and thinks he wins an argument when you don’t reply immediately. scott conant looks like he still makes rage comic memes and says things like “kek” and “u mad bro”. scott conant looks like that guy


Hey DC fans!

It’s taken me a long time and a lot of scraping up courage to do this, but I’ve started up this writing blog! Which, if I’m being honest, I have @maruthor to thank for, because of the encouragement they gave me. Without their kind words, I wouldn’t have even considered actually making this blog.

I’ll be posting a few things I made back in March that includes the first three Robins, since I figured it’d be helpful to have an example of how I write.

I look forward to seeing how this blog plays out!


if you hear a roar outside your door
be still, whatever may befall
for this is the sort of crisp, clear night
when monsters come to call

Happy November 6th, guys!

I said I wasn’t doing these anymore, but this was the best day I’ve had in a while, so fuck it. Some good stuff about today: 

  • I SURVIVED GUESTPOCALYPSE 2017. Now it’s just me, my mom, and my cousin, and the house is nice and quiet and peaceful and wonderful
  • I accomplished one of my work goals today (and came REALLY close to the next one.) It’s been a while since I’ve been able to achieve any kind of productivity in that regard, so it was nice to get back into the swing of things
  • Plus I also did a lot of house chores like dishes, laundry, and getting the guest room back in order
  • I had a nice run this morning, and am almost to the end of my s4 relisten. I did three sets of my park gym workout, and am looking forward to making progress on my strength goals

Good stuff about tomorrow:

  • Which means I get to transcribe zr again! \o/ That’s always fun
  • Our local summer concert series starts tomorrow evening. I have no idea what band is playing, but I’m looking forward to hearing them

Well, there it is. Haha, actually I feel this year was pretty good for me in terms of art? I finally feel like I have my own style that I’m comfortable with and I’ve gained a lot of confidence, too. I guess I’ve learned some stuff too, haha.

I’m gonna take this chance to say thank you to you all!! Thanks for liking my art, for all the notes, for following me, supporting me, sending me nice messages, being inspired by the things I post to write fic or draw something or make fanmixes, leaving nice tags, really all of it. I still can’t believe it!! I’m so overwhelmed by your positive feedback and I’m so happy to be making you all happy from the silly things I draw.

Thanks again for everything! I hope you all have a wonderful start to a wonderful new year!

  • In order to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to enjoy the LIVES, we ask everyone who's attending to pay attention to the following.
  • Click here for details ▷ http: //
  • Ruki: please spread the word, I'm counting on you! I want this to get through to more people!
  • Reita: once again, I want this to reach all of you.
  • Reita: I don't want you to misunderstand so let me say this cause I really want you all to keep going wild and even wilder. I want you to like LIVE HOUSES even more. I wanna keep playing at both small venues and LIVE HOUSES. I wanna create an environment where it's easier for you to go crazy. I'd rather die than play a LIVE that's weak and tepid! this is how I feel.
  • Reita: so typical of us, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow it'll be raining but...
  • let's have fun together. this has already become something like sports for me (lol) I'm really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  • Ruki: it's kinda too late for this and I know that most of you understand it but there is also some people who don't know so. we're just gonna say it once again, ok?!
  • the staff will announce the precautions for the LIVE before the start of the show so please make sure to listen to that as well and let's rage our heads off ! !
  • Ruki: one more thing, I had a question concerning those of you who are wearing glasses: there seem to be some who had their glasses broken and got injured so if you can, use contacts!
  • to those of you who don't have any, I want you to be careful cause crowded places can get really dangerous.
  • Ruki: well, it troubles me when you don't just naturally understand these basic things. I'm gonna tell you in detail all about going wild at a LIVE, diving, moshing, reverse diving or headbanging on the day of the show so don't you worry, you rowdies! I'm not trying to stop you from going wild! !
  • Ruki: the reminder about the glasses was difficult to understand, sorry about that. of course there are people among you who have no contacts and have difficulties when they're not wearing their glasses. when those people are around you, I want you to be careful not to break their glasses and also to make sure that the people around them don't hurt them.
  • Ruki: I wrote all sorts of things but what I'm trying to say is that each and everyone of you should show a concern to each other and enjoy the LIVE with all your hearts, with manners and without getting hurt, that's all. that's really all I want.
  • Ruki: we don't want this stage that we've worked so hard on to become someone's sad memory. we wanna make sure that everyone goes home saying that the LIVE has become the best memory for you all. I hope you all feel the same way and act accordingly.
  • Ruki: I'm not gonna write any more than this. we're gonna do our best to make it the best LIVE so let's all have the best 2 days at Shinkiba.
  • Ruki: can we do that?
  • Ruki: alright, now that we've done this 👍 I'll see you tomorrow, ok?
  • good night ( ˘ω˘ )

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I just saw gifs of a video where Lou was drunk flipping off paps... idk if there's more bc like, I'm still looking at my dash and catching up with it all, but what do you make of it? was that just him really drunk or something that what somewhat planned? bc either way, along with the weed thing, it cannot be good for the image they were trying to make for him now. the business man one... is just him being perceived in a bad light again/still... =/

I think he probably wasn’t THAT drunk. 

LOL You definitely wanna announce your drunkenness to the loathsome paparazzi. And no doubt they knew the paps were gonna be there. Just like they knew pix in the hotel suite were being taken. Not only would Louis have to be pretty dumb to get in this predicament by accident, everyone accompanying him (friends, Preston) would have to be pretty dumb too. I don’t think this is a part of his rebranding. Businessman Louis seems to be a new team thing. Partyboy Louis seems to be a Modest thing. 

I definitely think we’re seeing dueling narratives play out which only adds to the confusion of wth 1D is even trying to do. I’m still trying to figure out what I think, honestly. But right now I would say Modest is still playing the 1D is falling apart narrative. And this benefits Modest because:

  • They’re pushing OTRA as a “last chance” tour so they make as much money as possible off it.
  • They want to sabotage 1D’s success going forward, allowing them to save face after losing them as a client.
  • They can also spin it that 1D were a mess from day one, held together only with their masterful management. *throws up in mouth* 

Modest is probably using the contractual power they still hold to get Louis to cooperate (and Zayn with Perrie, Liam with Sophia, Niall with Melissa and Harry in exile) along with some probable dirty arm twisting too. The good news is that there does seems to be a new team on the scene looking out for everyone. This stunt won’t go unanswered. 

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Hi! So I was into Homestuck quite a few years ago (like 2011-early 2013) and then life got crazy and the fandom got kinda scary and I think there was a big hiatus?? Anyway, now that everyone's all excited about the updates and stuff I'm wondering if it's worth looking into again. What do you think, as a homestuck to an ex-homestuck - is it worth it?

Alright clearly I have lots of feelings on this, lol.

I never left Homestuck (obv), but a great many number of my friends did, around the same time. But take what I say with a grain of salt because I’m biased and I love Homestuck. But trying to be objective, I still say absolutely. Especially since there’s a lot of things that make much more sense on a solid read through than pulling your hair out over each individual update.

A lot of people have expressed how Homestuck “doesn’t feel like Homestuck” or the writing feels different. Having read and kept up with everything, and reread, I can tell you the writing has grown and matured, but I think the humor and everything else remains the same, and the characters have simply grown up. I feel the writing is still strong, and of course, all the characters are still the lovable assholes we know and love.

That said, if it’s been a while, the YOU that’s reading Homestuck now is not the same YOU that first read it. The things that interested you about it at first might not now, or you might find something new and fascinating to love, or new characters to love when you read it with the perspective of time. Do not try and reread/catch up to Homestuck because you want to recreate the feeling of reading it for the first time, or the mood that was in the fandom even a year or two ago. It’s very different. Good different, I feel. I like the analysis and the talented fanart that comes from each update, but I can tell you a bit of the ZOMG UPD8!!!! Feeling each time has definitely dimmed. I think most of that is that the fandom is smaller, and there’s kind of a melancholy knowing it’s ending soon, and that hangs over a lot of people.

I feel overall the fandom, at least on Tumblr… Can’t speak for kids who only know it through YouTube and Gaia and Facebook(???) has been much gentler than it used to be.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, when an update drops its still like a bomb going off, but instead of running to take cover I want to come and join in the party!

So it’s up to you! I know a lot of Ex-Homestucks are waiting till the Last Update to catch up and read the whole thing. But I’ll miss the new update buzz really badly when the comic does finally end.

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LOL Camila how did i not notice BamBam stroking Jackson's ass with his freeaking finger. i see why some may think Jackbam is real BUTT then you see Jb and BamBam make eye contact AND you can see that BamBam knows what he's doing to JB. Boy knows he got to Jb cause he FREAKING DID THE CHIN THING. And Jb's face afterwards look like he's gonna give BamBam a talking to. ...ANd again i probably analyzed this too much but I'm like 99% sure BamBam knows Jb's weakness

BamBam’s face tho haha