lol look at these two. practically babies

Pink- Andre Burakovsky

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You will all be happy to know I have 9 Andre requests pending after this one XD I love you all and your love for our Swedish bean! I’ll post an updated queue list tomorrow to update everyone on where we stand! Ok so here we have Andre with children! Try to keep your heart in one piece! Good luck! Once again let me know what you think!

Warnings: Overload of fluffiness

Anon Request: all of your imagines are sooo good!!! i usually only read ones about players that i’m interested in but yours are so good that i just read every single one you post :) would you mind doing one where andres gf/wife/whatever is at practice with their 1 or 2 year old and the baby and gf skate with him after? so kind of like how cute and fluffy the jamie benn one was!! thanks for writing for all of us :) honestly though if you dont like this prompt… anything w andre and babies/children will do lol


              You had brought your and Andre’s daughter to the morning practice because Andre had been dropping hints for the past month that he wanted to start teaching her to skate.

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Daddy!Sebastian Smythe (headcanons)

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a/n: i absolutely love daddy!Seb

  • ok lemme say, Sebastian would love his kid
  • I think he would have a special needs kid idk why
  • he would have matching Warbler outfit for his son/daughter
  • he would sing to them when they can’t sleep
  • him pushing them in their stroller
  • Sebastian carrying them on his hip while holding your hand
  • when you’re busy, he would take them to Warbler practice
  • seeing the McKinley glee club and rubbing it in their face
  • “Look how fucking cute my kid is, dorks.”
  • Sebastian buying them all the toys
  • you would come in one day and see the two of them in the bath
  • him being very protective of the kid
  • “Babe, grab the baby bag.”
  • him taking them to his competitions
  • he would teach them how to be rude lol
  • him putting them on his shoulders
  • they would play with his tie while you giggle
  • he would make little noises as he feeds them

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Magnus looks so much older, that must fuck up merle and taako though. His lifespan is already such a blip in theirs, and now its even shorter.

I don’t think they really comprehend what’s up for a while tho? Like, this is Taako and Merle we’re talking about here. They are not stunningly observant. I can imagine them just being like “Well, Merle looks way older than you, and as much as he sucks at being a cleric he’s still out here adventuring so you’ll be totally fine right Magnus” and then eventually Magnus starts to look more and more like Merle (who looks pretty much exactly the same for all eternity, give or take a few body parts, which he seems to lose at an alarming rate compared to most people) and they’re like “hey buddy whats up?? is something wrong? are you sick?? are you under a weird spell?? you just aged like a hundred years in like two days” and Magnus is just like “no lol im just getting old it just works that way for us humans remember” and at first Taako and Merle laugh at him because Magnus isn’t old he’s like. sixty. He’s practically a baby. He should be going through his goth phase not looking like a grandpa. And then they realize that oh yeah he’s a human. He’s like a fuckin butterfly. What the fuck.

And the boys are so weirded out by this concept that Magnus could?? die someday?? way before either of them??? for reasons unrelated to rushing in??? And Magnus doesn’t care. As long as he can still kick ass he’s gonna continue doing what he does. But Taako and Merle start looking at him kinda weird like they just don’t understand this aging process. It seems to happen so fast to them that they’re at least partially convinced that he could just drop dead all of a sudden because fuckin humans, man, how do they even work? And they make jokes at his expense (Taako complains that dragging two grandpas around with him is really cramping his style and Merle fuckin loves calling him “old man, yeah, how does it feel, huh”) but sometimes they just look at each other behind his back like. holy shit. he’s gonna die. does that make sense to you???

So yeah, I’d say Magnus losing years off his life (and making the whole “aging in general” process that much quicker) is gonna fuck up Taako and Merle.

By Popular Demand: The September Issue Livetweets Noted in Bad Feminist

 Live Tweeting the September Issue

First ad: Ralph Lauren Romance, which is strange. It’s not a new perfume.

Four full color pages. Lots of happy white people. Rich happy white people wearing loose cotton and wavy hair. Also horses, twice!

Three sexual embraces, one wedding, one family portrait, some kid photos. Fascinating. I guess this is Romance!

Next, Prada. Sad white teenagers wearing avant-garde fashions. Tim Gunn would want the designer to make this shit work because it doesn’t.

Dior! Marion Cotillard. Her hand seductively held to her bare neckline. Legs also bare. She stares into the distance thinking, “I am rich.”

Fast forward a few pages. Gucci. Dark tones, lots of pale cheekbone and red lips, shellacked, severe buns and ponytails. Angry white women.

While we’re on the subject, my cousin and I like to perform this video.

Just flinging off baubles, fierce Charlize.

Chanel. White lady, wet hair, holding her shoulder, fully dressed. Eyes half-lidded. She just got bad news.

Oh snap. Burberry. Two girls wearing Dalmatians on their heads. They have a secret and possibly a drug habit.

Tom Ford, in typical TF fashion selling perfume by displaying the female form ridiculously w/ the perfume bottle practically out of shot.

This is, I suppose, an improvement on Tom Ford perfume ad/ with baby oil hairless crotch shot.

By the way, many of these ads are the same was the ads in W which feels… lazy.

David Yurman (who?). Scarecrow of a pretty girl holding her nutrient deprived hair thinking, “My god. I am as hungry as I look.”

LOL, the TOC is randomly snuggled into p. 68. Worry not. There are 230 or so pages until the masthead, no competition for content.

When I read fashion magazines, I pretend I am an alien trying to understand this planet. It’s delightful.

There’s a many page Gap ad but it has words so I skipped it.

Horses, leather, dust, fur. What would McGyver do?

Good lord. Home With the Hilfigers, only it’s not the Hilfigers. Very Royal Tenenbaums. Lots of tennis rackets and layers.

Leon Max. Someone has read Wuthering Heights Woman in long, gown w/ cane. Pale, long hair, mist. Thinks, “My legs are unshaven under this.”

Hell yes. Givenchy. Girl sitting on wooden pallet w/ pillow. Ugly dress, ugly shoes. Awkward ugly pose like Tyra teaches. Lips parted. ANTM!

She looks like she’s… using the restroom in her underpants.

Alexander McQueen. Dystopic landscape. Dark save for a beam of red around the scarecrow… model’s head. Gorgeous dress. Million inch heels.

The Letter From the Editor is spread across 3 pages with about 50 pages between each page. Like… meal courses. The ads, the amuse bouche.

Or amuse yeux as the case may be.

Oh Anna. Cover model Kate Moss’s house is “wonderfully charming and unpretentious” and her daughter is “enchanting.”

For real, Anna uses about 111 adjectives in her Letter. I love everything about that.

I will tell you what. All those years of watching ANTM have PAID OFF! I know things.

Sad Talbots ad. Tweed. Windblown hair. Elephant-sized purse. Still Talbots.

Hold up! It’s Julianne Moore. Good for her. She gets 4 pages. She has a satanic pact, clearly because she looks… 30.

There’s a 4 page QVC ad. I have to imagine Anna Wintour was not happy about that ad at ALL. The Kardashians are featured, after all.

I get it. The closer we get to content, the more affordable the brands. Also a Macy’s ad.

An ad for my perfume, Bulgari Noir. Girl leaning against a lion (?!?), hugging a massive perfume bottle, dead eye staring at the camera.

Missoni for Target. In typical populist fashion, the ad is like 20 pages long. Anna is angry again.

Demi Moore for Ann Taylor looking well-preserved.

Kate Winslet! It’s like People Magazine but w/ prettier clothes. I guess she took Angelina’s position at St. Johns.

I have no idea why I know this stuff.

First real article is, of course, about 9/11.

Also, her story is sad. She was burned very badly. Interesting choice starting the issue with this story.

Lovely profile of Rosamond Bernier. She turns 95 in October. Fierce.

She breakfasts in bed, “a lifelong habit,” and why not?

She lectured on art, in full eveningwear at the Metropolitan Museum! OMG! This is why I’m going to rock on Jeopardy. Fascinating.

I’d pay extra to be able to download a version w/ just the content so I could read without flipping thru 15 pages between each content page.

“I don’t consider myself exceptional in any way. I think I’ve had exceptional good luck.” Class.

LOL, “Rosamond not only had brought along the appropriate shawl, but she also brought out a flask of alcohol.”

Lanvin (the designer of Beyonce’s VMA gown), 2 women, knock knees, ugly faces, eyes closed, chests thrust forward, arms flung back.

They are TOTALLY shouting, “I WANT TO FLY!”

The way their hands are posed they’re totally hoping someone reaches down for them. Tyra would be so proud. You have to mind your extension.

This is what’s fascinating about Vogue. 700 pages of ads and maybe 35 pages of content. And an article about women liberating Libya.

Kmart ad: “Money Can’t Buy You Style.” That’s truth in advertising. At Kmart, no, money cannot buy you style. A sensible bra, though, yes.

“At Chanel, there is only one opinion and it’s me,” Lagerfeld observed. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

I love love love that ALT has his own little column filled with lots of designer adoration and ALT charm.

“Soon, we’ll be off to his country house–a 16th century manoir he’s renovating in Normandy…” I, myself, shall be off to the gas station.

“I love nudity. I am super French. It’s the body, it’s sexuality, it’s part of life.” Emmanuelle Alt, new editor of French Vogue.

Also name dropping that she’s besties with Carla Bruni. All French people know each other, obvi.

Kenneth Cole ads. Support gay marriage. Wear black clothing. Gel your hair.

Versayse ad. Let’s just say Nomi Malone would not wear the outfit.

And of course another breathless article about China! OMG they’re just like us now!

I’m guessing they just keep Mario Testino on retainer.

Profile on John Huntsman. I’ll skip that. I just don’t care what Vogue has to say on this matter.

Most adorable byline: “Plum Sykes reports.”

The article is on rooftop getaways in the city—rich people stuff.

“Lagarde is a planet w/ a powerful field of gravity, orbiting through the skies of global high finance.” I’d hurt my students for that.

Oh, a black woman featured in the last 10 pages of a 758-page issue. How nice.

Whew. I’m done. My arms hurt. That magazine is HEAVY. Awesome. Buy this issue so we can talk about it. Thanks.

I do think I pulled a forearm muscle.