lol look at my


I,, I don’t even know alright. John just gots a lot of batman merchandise in my imagination.
And Bruce can’t handle the sight of his majestic boyfriend in the morning
(get him some coffee☕️)


Posting selfies sorry!?!

I’m just SO delighted after going to the Bakumyu event today… I was super lucky and got to attend the talk event!! Which meant hearing What’s This with KIMERU singing… dang…… too good… and high fiving everyone after!! He said “itsumo arigatou!” to me and grabbed my hand ;;w;; so I’m just dead… too happy…

Speaking of things that killed me lately, in addition to Perry and Souji being the big bad wolf and little red riding hood, evidently the original plan for Souji’s outfit was actually a miniskirt. The special photos are SO dang good btw, the Yoshinobu one is now my eternal treasure and I can feel myself suffering with the trading photos already to get his. Don’t look at me I love the bunny ears and shorts