lol look at mickey


it’s just me being a rare pair trash, as usual, but the michele crispino x emil nekola ship hit me in the feels so hard which is why i’m absolutely confident to declare them as my OTP ( and i definitely have no problems with victuuri, just to make it clear and let’s go back to me being a rare pair trash). 

i mean, look at these two adorkables:


let’s start at how mickey is so passive-aggressive with emil because emil asked sara out for a date. [headcannon: y’know that cliche plot where person a pretends to be interested in person b’s sibling bec there’s no other way to get person b’s attention. lol!]

and then here’s mickey who grudgingly acknowledges emil’s skills.

look at that guy begging for attention! basically, another ‘notice me senpai!’ dork.

it’s emil’s turn to watch his bae


i was definitely looking forward to the free skate in this episode. look at how mickey carefully watches emil (despite being heartbroken from that dramatic scene with sara, lmao!)

mickey: is he not human?

aw, his worried face when emil falls:

this is just a brief scene when it’s mickey’s turn to skate but emil is like: “flawless!” (hahaha, though it’s just a little ‘change’ with the translation bec emil obviously says “no miss!” here)

and my favorite scene so far? this one when yuri hugs mickey who screams like a damsel in distress and emil pops out of nowhere. “is that mickey?!” (and i’m like, damn it, i will see you two kiss. I. WILL.)

let’s not forget how emil is supporting mickey towards the end when he passes out (bec i think he’s allergic when other men touches him? lol!)

i have no idea what to call their ship tho? [more like, i really hope i’m not the only one who ships them  (❤o❤)]

edit: japanese fans are using “emimike (thanks for sending me an ask about it ^-^)