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I don’t want to keep on salting about m20 because it gets tiring repeating yourself over and over again, but I just wanna get some things off my chest?? firstly the “Misty and Brock not being in M20 is for the children!!!” argument… just doesn’t make sense? and with the very saddening news that a movie with all the companions was an initial idea and later ditched just proves the point that it wasn’t “for the children” at all.

like, kids aren’t stupid. and we live in the age of the internet too, where it’s extremely easy to search for virtually anything. if younger viewers are interested in the anime, they can very easily search online and learn about Misty, Brock, etc. like I assume a lot of younger people in the fandom have done? to assume all kids are ignorant about OS-BW is… just very unrealistic lol. chances are a lot of younger fans know who the early companions are. and well, if the anime actually cared about continuity we wouldn’t have had this issue but that’s a rant for another day… :)

also, this argument of “it’s for kids so stop complaining” is also… ??? because pokemon is for all ages. it’s not an obvious for-kids-only show like idk, stuff on baby channels is, and plenty of official pokemon anime things are published on websites like Twitter (from both Japan and the west) where you’re unlikely to find the “target audience” of the anime - so yes adults are allowed to criticise the anime for things like M20. being mainly targeted at kids also doesn’t mean it’s absolutely free of criticism from older fans, and there’s a lot of hypocrisy in saying “you’re an adult so stop criticising it” when I bet that 98% of the people going around saying that have criticised the anime for whatever reason at one point.

speaking of fans, I’m so tired of pro-M20 fans yelling at anti-M20 fans every time they have a negative opinion, because frankly I haven’t seen any anti (so far) being rude to pros about their opinions, like personally I hope everyone who’s looking forward to the movie has a great time, but as soon as you say ONE negative thing you get people being like “LOL YOU MAD? STAY SALTY NOSTALGIA IDIOT” or something like… there is zero need for that lol. people have opinions??? sorry that’s so infuriating for you??? I’m more upset at how people are treating those who are, rightfully, disappointed with M20 than the movie itself tbh.

(as a side note, the tag “m20” was accidentally started by me because I used it as something people could blacklist if they didn’t want to see my negativity towards it. I didn’t mean it to become widely used, despite how funny I find it, or it was merely a coincidence and people just had the same as idea as me, whatever, my point is the original use of this tag was not with the intentions of starting a “hate tag”. it was a blacklist tag.)

I’m probably forgetting a lot of things but… like I said I hope everyone who is excited for this movie has a good time but sadly I’m not that interested in it besides the credits where the companions get their cameos so uhhhh…. yeah

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I find it amusing how fans send you hate messages because you made a hate blog to vent out your frustrations 😂😂 honestly you don't even cross-tag!! And it's not like your the only anti-ending blog in the fandom!! Please anti's are just as much as fans as pros are!! The only difference is their perspective

anon:  Damn, I’m looking at this blog and wondering how you run it with so much hate. I’m a huge Naruto fan but I’m always open to constructive criticism. Hope you don’t get hated on too much. :)

He sent me this, lol

“ Sigh girl bye you are lost with madness and stop pretending that you’re an anti because you really don’t know what you doing you are a man woman LMAO who is suffering from shockholm syndrome Naruto mad you and no I am not obsess with your blog I noticed your blog when Naruto manga end and I thought this was a hate blog but passing through again i realizes​ you have shockholm syndrome for Naruto scary and yes I actually move on from Naruto thanks to seinen manga so good luck mad woman”

This guy is like : someone disagree with me, I will call them mad. 

I hope he plays some otome games and move on from hinata. He already said he read seinen two times already, literally like no one asked him….

A Short Discussion Regarding Pro Ana/Thinspo Extremism

The only thing on this website that truly makes me very uncomfortable (obvious things like CSA and depression/suicide/ stuff of this nature aside, which generally makes everyone uneasy) is the pro ana/bulimia/ED tags.

I look up “diet plans”, and end up with posts suggesting me to eat 300-500 calories per day and to fast for a whole day while continuing to drink only water.

What the fuck.

I see pictures of people who tag “thinspo” on an image of a women who’s ribs are bulging out. Whose arms look like sticks and whose spine is visible.

Looking at that really warps your perception of what you want to look like, or what your weight goal is.

Lose weight to be a healthier you. These people, who are most likely very underweight, are not “healthy”. They shouldn’t be an inspiration or an achievement.

It’s disconcerting that this is something a good amount of people promote. It’s unhealthy. I understand the need to be healthy, or wanting to look your best, but the wrong approaches are being used. I know these are mental disorders, and it’s very hard to stop this kind of behavior when it’s such a personal issue, but I really fear for these people.

I’m not motivated by any of this. I know some are, but it’s just…sad to see, you know? As an overweight person myself, I just wish these communities would see that willingly and constantly tagging such posts as “pro ana” or “pro bulimia” isn’t sending out a good message or doing those much like me any favors.

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the way you defended rukihime from that ichiku-wtvr made me so happy!! and the fact she doesn't answer back to support her claims is hilarious, ichiruki fans are so rabid and anti to the thought of orihime will use any excuse to hate her, and the yeahhitsomething conv too any other ir fans you faced?

[Warning: Pro-Ichihime & Anti-Ichiruki (somewhat because the bottom half is actually pro-ichiruki fans lol)].

Thanks, honestly if I see an unsupported post or just a bunch of lies I feel like I have to state how they are wrong.

-With ichuki-nee I’ve had only two disputes (which were enough to block me instead of trying to “supposedly” bring me down like she does with a lot of fans).

This one  in which I saw in the Bleach 681 tag & decided to input my opinion on (concerning her false accusations on Orihime not caring about Rukia as she does, to make her look like a bitch) &,

This one which she came out of nowhere (in which I speak about blogs IR & IH that screenshot people’s conversations & fan-art to bash or ridicule them. It was annoying that she thought of it as okay; and not plagiarizing which is considered Illegal and would land you in jail for a screenshot without having the other person aware. Reason cause IHs would cry, lol shes a softie don’t let her hard exterior fool you).

-With yeahitsmeod I think I’ve only had one loooong argument that I haven’t updated yet (which led to her to block me I think lol).

Right here while I responded to a post by @commanderkurama (basically about people’s views on IR & IH; and OD had as usual done a huge essay that my lazy ass had to read & answer).

-Three other IR fans I had a dispute with that is the first time (but not the last) “I” reblogged from them because they had tagged it under the tag “ichihime” not “anti ichihime.”

@007chotto: The post in which she answered back like a child (I swear it was so cringe-worthy that I couldn’t spare to be in the same Bleach fan-base as her. I couldn’t even bother to re-blog such a insignificant reply).

@tommy-wollfram: In this post (it was her opinion and I would have respected it, if she didn’t tag it under the ichihime tag with such a declaration between two different relationships & which one is better).

-But this is where I draw my line from the bad shippers (excluding the tiny ones that only reblog to say “ew” “delusional”):

@ecassandrae: In this post (but in all honestly it wasn’t an argument I was just genuinely curious about this so called post of polls IR fans brought as evidence to defend that their ship is canon. A fan that didn’t lash back but answered politely, I’ll still apologize if I came as rude lol).

I’m aware that there are fans from the IR-base that don’t use the search engine the correct way when they are on their phones or laptops. If you type in just “ichiruki” you will encounter a lot of posts tagged under it…or posts like mine that are tagged “anti-ichiruki” which basically shows you anything that mentions that key word you typed in.

Unless you enjoy seeing posts like mine; continue to use the wrong method to search up your otp while stumbling over anti-posts.

Or just enter the hashtag (#) in front of your ship, I don’t really care if you do or don’t. Or just block me if you wish to use the engine with the consequences or negativity you see.

Which brings me to fans that see my posts and answer their own opinion and I couldn’t help but to nod at them even if they were against me–


Because they answered like adults and were polite. (keep in mind this was a long time ago; lol I’m only rude toward people that act that way toward me or my IH friends)

@bunnies-can-dominate-everyone: Here (in which we had a misunderstanding, nonetheless was resolved~ she has a cute username too).

@arenblack: Here (sent me a cute ask that made me feel two emotions: I’m not as mean as I thought so I had to step up my game lol & that there are nice fans in the IR fans and I only saw the bad).

kouhai-hanako: Here (I was just chatting with another IH, and this IR fan reblogged to say what she wanted to say. It was perfectly fine, and a normal nod at her response of Rukia & Orihime).

-Not to mention a personal friend of mine that manages an Ichiruki account: @ichigo-and-rukia

I enjoy having arguments with her because she’s a multi-shipper & we always take into consideration everything while proving what possible ships could be canon. 

I’m sure– lol no I know there are a lot of good IR fans but you see we always see the bad ones in our tag or in the Bleach tag, just the same as IR fans.

People exaggerate about ship wars, because when people confront the opposing team they full out try to bring them down instead of talking and taking into consideration their opinions and try to eliminate their love for their preferred ship.

If you want to fight about “shipping or characters” as long as you are both not hurting each other mentally/sending death threats/calling names (especially physically) I think it’s fine to talk about it in a polite way.

Because if you start of by being cocky, obnoxious, annoying, mean toward a person then you can expect them to speak to you in the same tone. 

Unless you run into a cutie-pie that will listen to your ranting.

Ah, don’t get the wrong idea though that I’m not mean. Because I’m feisty when I need too & you jerks sending me damn messages that I’m nice wtf shut up. 

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Odd Message in Famail!

Dear everyone,   

Have you received a weird message from someone you may know in your fandom? It should look something like these two I have seen on blogs that I own or help manage;




If you have received something like this, do not click on it. I don’t know much about it, but seeing as how it’s spreading like wildfire, it’s definitely not good so please be careful. If you know anything else about these odd links, please inform me. I’ll feel really stupid if this isn’t anything of the sort lol.


I’m tagging this in the SS and NH tags because it seems to have been affecting our fandom the most and hopefully I’ve been able to warn you guys.