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You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.

Chelsea, through and through. Favourite quotes part 1:

“This club becomes you. Once you’ve played for it, you’re always welcomed back for the rest of your life, so you become Chelsea and it becomes you.” - Frank Lampard
“You know, I’m a Chelsea fan, I’m Chelsea.” - Joe Cole
“You can take a player out of Chelsea, but you can never take Chelsea out of a player.” - Didier Drogba
“I gave Chelsea fans what they wanted, a dream. And they gave me what I was dreaming of too.” - Gianfranco Zola


i heard somethin’ about brent being a smol soft cowboy in this movie and after watching all his scenes i concluded that y’all were damn right so i had to do some giffing.


Call Me By Your Name is a moving film that stays with you, leaving a dark depression for days that arises not from what happens in the movie, but how it is shown. Timothée’s performance is one for the history books. He is a revelation and is destined to become one of modern cinema’s finest actors. (x)


Anyways sorry for the wait anon but here’s this style evolution thing I quickly put together for you to get the gist of things.

 I think I started posting fanart onto tumblr in 2015? I got much more into it last year….But yeah, still confused, still trying to improve… hope this answers your question ^^