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As much as I think there are things to do with Fire that are very similar to and associated with Loki, I still very much adore and understand that He, the SkyTreader, contains all the wonderful aspects of Air.

And then….combine them both. The fire, the air. Fire cannot exist without air, and then you understand Him. He’s not solely any inferno, but He IS all the fuel. He’s fanning what burns, the Energy underneath what makes this world so entertaining and sudden and devastating in some of both the best and worst ways.

The fuel, the air, the burst of energy that can always breathe to life something dead. He’s the essence of the life we know, of the life we want to know. How many things do we adore that can survive without Air, motivation, something that can skip and skim through the atmosphere we’re given, or something that can fuel and mingle with nearly anything and make it go, make it more than what it seems to be? He is that Spark, and He is that Air, He’s that Fuel.

To me, He’s that Essence that can become anything. He’s a necessary aspect of creation, how could anything exist without the materials and emotions He brings?

He’s everything. He’s life. He is inside it all.

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SPOILERS FOR KUROSHITSUJI AHEAD. Pia, I saw that you've seen spoilers! And judging by your tags, you've been on board with 2CT theory. I wonder, for how long have you known about it, how did you come to know about it (by yourself or read meta) and what do you think about it? (i'm dying over there)

Tbh anon one of the reasons I’ve never liked talking a great deal about my theories re: Kuroshitsuji is precisely because I’ve been a pretty big 2CT conspiracy theorist, and for quite some time now. And there’s a pretty big rift in the fandom about it. (I also didn’t trust Yana Toboso not to do a total bait and switch for a long time, my trust in creators is generally low, lol).

Like, who knows what it will actually become in the canon, but having it confirmed in the canon makes it magical. I actually told Glen about 2CT for the first time last night, before I saw that it had been confirmed, after we saw Book of Atlantic at the cinema (which is awesome) - and he was like ‘omg that makes so much sense, that’s definitely real’ lol. But I remember back when we didn’t have some of the quality, quality hints we started getting in the past few years in particular, and back then it really was a fringe theory. And of course me being interested in PTSD and dissociation in general had me on both sides of the fence thinking ‘it could also be PTSD and projection or traumatic dissociation.’ 

I think I’ve been on board for at least 8-9 years. The theory started to be explored pretty intensively on sites like Livejournal (where I was hangin’ out) during the release of the Noah’s Arc volumes (2009), and there was supporting material previous to that. Then it died down for a bit (ish) and as far as I’m concerned, the Green Witch arc confirmed it (that was when we started to get the 2CT websites that had amazing evidence for the claims). Like, we’ve been waiting a long-ass time, basically :D

As for what I think about it, I haven’t formed any thoughts about exactly what Yana Toboso wants to do about it, but if she’s spent over 10+ years forming this ongoing background arc, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was another 5-6 years for her to fully resolve it. So I’m basically relaxing, and idly thinking about writing (or reading) Cielcest once we know more about twin!Ciel, and that’s about it for me, lol.

i want more stories with thor loving on his and loki’s children together

and thor sparring with them in the morning before sending them straight to loki for magic lessons

and thor supervises the magic lessons bc he wants to be more involved and not give the kids the impression that magic is something only loki likes or that its not something to share with father

and loki incorporates his style of fighting too and blends it with magic

so their kids grow up not separating themselves based on skills and their parents’ preferences, and so history doesn’t repeat itself in those ways

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So what made you decide to make Bucky Gizmo? Personally Tony would be the better Gizmo but that could just be cause I laughed so hard imagining Tony slapping Loki to tell him where Bucky is.

Lol, you mean Gidget

True it’d have been funnier if it was Tony slapping Loki instead of Bucky but I preferred Bucky because I want everyone to want to protect Tony. C’est la vie. 

my mum works in labour and delivery at the hospital, and the other day she helped deliver twins. the parents named them loki and thor. 

"When to do it": a guide, according to the Greek and Norse Pantheons
  • Odin: if it has titties, IMA FUCK IT
  • Apollo: if it has titties and can turn into something else, IMA FUCK IT
  • Zeus: if it has titties, ima turn into something else AND FUCK IT