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As much as I think there are things to do with Fire that are very similar to and associated with Loki, I still very much adore and understand that He, the SkyTreader, contains all the wonderful aspects of Air.

And then….combine them both. The fire, the air. Fire cannot exist without air, and then you understand Him. He’s not solely any inferno, but He IS all the fuel. He’s fanning what burns, the Energy underneath what makes this world so entertaining and sudden and devastating in some of both the best and worst ways.

The fuel, the air, the burst of energy that can always breathe to life something dead. He’s the essence of the life we know, of the life we want to know. How many things do we adore that can survive without Air, motivation, something that can skip and skim through the atmosphere we’re given, or something that can fuel and mingle with nearly anything and make it go, make it more than what it seems to be? He is that Spark, and He is that Air, He’s that Fuel.

To me, He’s that Essence that can become anything. He’s a necessary aspect of creation, how could anything exist without the materials and emotions He brings?

He’s everything. He’s life. He is inside it all.

Frost (Chapter Thirteen)

Tony solves the “frost” problem so he and Loki can be together, but Loki doesn’t react very well to the whole idea, so there is some angst, and Tony has to lay some tough love (and I don’t mean rough sex lol) on Loki to get him to calm down. And then just the start to some NSFW because you actually have to wait until Fourteen for the smut and I enjoy torturing you!

Let me know what you think :)   (about the chapter, not about me making you wait for smut lol)

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Enjoy :)

“There’s the prettiest women in the realm.” Tony stood in the doorway of the healing room and sent the women his best smile.

“Anthony.” A slim woman with dark hair nearly to her waist stood and embraced him. “What brings you to the healing chambers? Surely you are not sick?”

Surely you aren’t.” A blonde that barely came to his shoulder had to stand on her absolute tip toes to kiss his cheek, but she did anyway. “We did such a wonderful job this last session with you.”

“You did.” Tony kissed each back, calling a hello to the three other women in the huge room. “But I came to ask a favor, if I could.”

“Of course Anthony.” The blonde led him to a chair and he blushed when her hand lingered on his shoulder. “Whatever you need.”

Tony took a moment to relax into their always unbelievably comfortable chairs, to glance around the calming space that smelled of lavender and something sweet. The healers themselves were old enough that even Thor called them ancient, though they were all shockingly beautiful and looked no older than their mid twenties. Tony had enjoyed the weeks he had spent in their company as they healed his body, and they had enjoyed his charm and wit and easy flirtations as they worked.

“I need a spell or a potion or something magic that only you beauties would know.” Tony began, and grinned when they all giggled. Just lovely, lovely women. “I need something to protect me from Loki’s frost giant form.”

“Oh.” Soft, concerned murmurs, and one of the women in the corner made her way over.

“You have been threatened, Sir Anthony?”

“Nothing like that.” Tony cleared his throat. “I would just rather not be… frozen when he and I are close.”

“I see.” She tapped her upper lip thoughtfully. “Something that simply protects you, and does not interfere with more pleasurable pursuits.”

“A woman after my own heart.” Tony clasped his hands over his heart dramatically. “Please. If you would.”

“I would very pleased to help.” She was already moving, gathering supplies, and Tony kicked himself for not remembering their names, especially now when he very well could have written her poems of thanks. But in his defense, being ancient came along with names no one could pronounce anymore, so he supposed it wasn’t his fault.

“You are very special to us, do you realize?” A fourth woman asked, this one a red head with curls down to her shoulders. “The one chosen for both Our King and Our Prince. The tales of the chosen Hjartslattur were old even when we came to be.”

“Really?” Tony blinked at her and she smiled.

“Of course. We have long waited to meet you. And when you came to us so broken we were afraid… afraid that we were not strong enough to help you.”

“Terrified, really.” Another chimed in. “Thank the gods you healed.”

“Yes.” The one mixing the potion brought it to him in a delicate crystal bottle, with words written out on the tag she attached. “You healed and now are fulfilling the hjartslattur bond and it is wonderful.”

“This, before midnight, and the spell three times.” she instructed and Tony raised his eyebrows.

“Every day?”

“Just the once.” She looked at him disapprovingly. “What sort of healer would I be if my spells and charms only worked once?”

Most would call you a sorceress.” Tony teased and she bent to kiss his forehead.

Most would be correct. Now go. Take it before midnight tonight.”

“Thank you.” Tony bowed low, and blew kisses just to make them all giggle and went on his way.

Really, just the loveliest ladies.

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i want more stories with thor loving on his and loki’s children together

and thor sparring with them in the morning before sending them straight to loki for magic lessons

and thor supervises the magic lessons bc he wants to be more involved and not give the kids the impression that magic is something only loki likes or that its not something to share with father

and loki incorporates his style of fighting too and blends it with magic

so their kids grow up not separating themselves based on skills and their parents’ preferences, and so history doesn’t repeat itself in those ways

teamrevengers  asked:

Loki !! 😚

omg, yes! my son!

favorite thing about them

probably his sassiness, and inability to not cause some sort of mischief? haha

least favorite thing about them

his inability to see just how much Thor loves him as a brother :/

favorite line

It is I, your savior!


Loki and Thor because they’re bros! and ‘get help’ is still the funniest thing ever, hahaha


Loki and Valkyrie!!!


loki x thor lmao, like, why??? no, no, no.

random headcanon

He loves having his hair played with!

unpopular opinion

he’s done bad shit, but I love him nonetheless [ik that’s not an unpopular opinion, but most people don’t like the loki fandom as a whole lol]

song i associate with them

i mean it - g-eazy

favorite picture of them

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[that text post is accurate too, hehe]

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"When to do it": a guide, according to the Greek and Norse Pantheons
  • Odin: if it has titties, IMA FUCK IT
  • Apollo: if it has titties and can turn into something else, IMA FUCK IT
  • Zeus: if it has titties, ima turn into something else AND FUCK IT