lol literally before it all goes to hell

Thin people really refuse to believe that you can be fat AND healthy…. like… at the same time lol… like I mean there’s a limit to how fat somebody can be before it’s unhealthy or even life threatening but the same goes for thinness?? You can be TOO thin?? my little brother is waaaaaay thinner than my fat ass and all he eats is fast food, fried shit, soda, and on some occasions he’ll have cucumber but that’s literally all he eats??? I’m fat as hell and I eat a (mostly lol) balanced diet of greens n meat n dairy n bread and I RARELY drink anything other than water or tea… and on TOP of that! My brother sits on the computer or plays video games ALL day! I excersize for an hour a day! But people will look at me and say I’m the unhealthy one and he’s the healthier one… SOLEY because I’m fat… ACTUALLY when I was 13 I went from 235lbs to 189lbs from starving myself and working out for more than 2 hours every single day.. and at first people knew it was unhealthy but when they saw I was losing weight they immediately started encouraging me and saying I’m getting so much healthier…like… your weight really doesn’t determine your health like thin people can have horrible eating habits and fat people can have great eating habits but like…. no matter what your weight or your health … like.. none of these are indicators of how much decent kindness and respect you deserve….

And they refuse to believe it because it would mean they would have to admit that they’re extremely shallow people who look down and put down and obsess over people they find ugly… the health thing is just a way of masking that and making them feel less guilty about bullying strangers

percy before the last olympian
  • percy: *fed by annabeth; goes inside a love themed amusement park ride with her*
  • percy: *keeps annabeth's pic in his binder*
  • percy: *plans a movie date with annabeth*
  • percy: *kisses annabeth before volcanoe explosion*
  • percy: lol what i don't like her what gave you that idea lol she totally hates my guts haha what the hell is dating lolol