lol like seriously

So the results of the poll are tied again after another day…

So what I’m gonna do is DELETE the supercorp fics that start to upload after today. (I will not go back through the history of this blog to delete them cause honestly that’s a lot of damn work lol)

I’m gonna do this because yes THIS is a feed for SANVERS and yes there are other feeds that are for supercorp that the people who wanted me to keep them can follow. Aka: @ao3feed-supercorp

And because I’m going to be manually deleting the fics, it might take a bit, and I may miss some. But I will try my best.

Okay that’s all

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head


puppy jihoon getting friendly with the eel but mostly just with jonghyun



1x16 // 4x11 [requested by @ohfortheloveofmindy]


Okay…..what’s going on? Is this a dream? First Cole replyin to Lili using a Betty/Jughead comic panel……and then Robert using the name Bughead officially to promote an episode and now KJ with his shipping declaration and endorsed by Lili and Camila?????? XDDD Feels like an alternate reality cos we didn’t think this pairing could ever get this far ngl xDDDD…. tho we certainly ain’t complainin so…. ;)

Keith and Lance as Link and Sidon. Omg guys I had to. They’re both ships the creators hadn’t expected the fandom to ship and now no one wants to ship the creators’ intended ship (Keith and Allura) (Link and Mipha). Also I wanted to draw Lance as a shark boy… so break from the asks.

okay but considering that like all the bmc ppl are super chill and approving abt everything, how much do you wanna bet that they’d actually add a pride-patch to michael’s jacket if they did a revival?


Now I’m just messing around ‘cause I like throwing  these sparkles and screen tones everywhere—-like I know what I’m doing ahahaha I really don’t.
Any who! Some Vanilla Promptis for your dashes today! 
I drew the smooching girls, so this time I drew the smooching boys, but in their high school days! Their kisses would totally be cute and vanilla until they get the hang of getting too know each other huehuehue~
njoy the cute squishing faces if these two losers lol