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hii i just unfollowed like 50 inactive blogs, and realllly want to follow more skam blogs!!!! if u post skam reblog or like this and i will follow u 💕💖💕💖

sisloc wip maybe


talking with @senkirowolf about those role reversals and hoo boy i had to quickly sketch some stuff out

Shrimp Bod, Bad ‘Do

aka stuff that made better sense in my head

Inspired by/in reference to Abuelita in @gibslythe ‘s fic!

rules || answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!

tagged by @dayoldblacktreacle

name || Brianna
nicknames || Bri, B, Bria 
age || 20
zodiac sign || virgo
height || 5′04
orientation || ??? probably bisexual or pansexual
nationality || “irish and german”
favorite fruit || jackfruit 
favorite season || fall
favorite book || this is how you lose her, eleanor and park, sun also rises 
favorite flower || rose
favorite scent || mahogany teakwood, citron, lavandar 
favorite color || grey, pink 
favorite animal || literally all of them 
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa || coffee 
average sleep hours || 6 
cat or dog person || dogs
favorite fictional character || Effy Stonem, april // palo alto 
number of blankets you sleep with || like ½
dream trip || ireland 
blog created || 2012 
number of followers || 1,159

I’ll tag my buds, cool people, and people with blogs I admire

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