lol kyu pls

The 'leader treatment' for poor Teukkie 😆

Leeteuk : Totally not. If you wanna look for the advantage of being a leader, it’s probably when we go for overseas performance, I’m the only one who uses a suite room. And one more thing is that I can comfortably sit on the ‘leader seat’ that is next to the driver’s seat when I’m in the car while the others sit at the back according to their ages. But at some point, Kyuhyun sat on my seat. I could have asked him to get off but as a hyung, it doesn’t seem right so I just naturally sat at the back.

Teuk was then asked to leave a video message to Kyu..

Leeteuk : Just like how there are seats for the elderly and handicapped on the buses, there are hyungs in the team. Please take care of me from now on. (c)


140911 kimheenim: During <Sukira>, there were many questions asking if the part “We as one, forever~” in ‘Islands’ was really sang by me. After we recorded, we would gather to listen to it. And that part in 'Islands’ appeared!! and everyone asked, “Who is this?”. The funnier thing was, even I was curious about it kekekeke Then, Donghae passed a remark. “Heechul-ee hyung has always been great at high pitch”. Kya~ This kid has great taste. Just then, the one beside me, Ryeowook-ee said.. Ah but I need to go get my makeup done now so I’ll continue writing the rest later keke This photo was taken with KimGyu KimGyu Cho Kyuhyun, the one who made me feel touched by saving the 'Jasmine Flower’ which I sang on <YoungStreet> 8 years ago in an MP3 and carrying it around. #Islands (cr)