lol kyle tho


I wanted to do this redraw in… October, but now I’m kind of glad I didn’t, even if it’s out of season. Still makes me laugh a little… and the original first one still shows up in my notifications even now?? Why.

Anyways I mean maybe I should just own it and call them my pumpkins lol.


Thank you!<3

I actually headcanon Selina as having a Hispanic background. Perhaps Mexican+Spanish decent. Her backstory I haven’t fleshed out as fully, but in my mind I see her as having grown up in an Catholic-influenced orphanage (so like, not necessarily run by nuns, but just people of faith) and after all these years she still keeps in touch with some of them ^^. 

American Horror Sory: Coven Character Index (because sometimes you tend to forget what the fuck is going on in this show)

  • Name
  • Power / Abilities / Species
  • Red Line: Dead and later resurrected
  • Red Cross: Dead