lol kuroko what's with that face

  • Stranger: What's so great about Kuroko? He's not even ――
  • Kise: *puts hand in front of stranger's face* Imma stop you right there.
  • Aomine: Oi! Tf? You wanna fight bruh?!
  • Kagami: Tf did you just say?!
Teikou MidoAka Moments 2

Part 1: BF Walk #1

BF Walk #2

Akashi, Midorima, and Murasakibara were hanging out (maybe they were listening to Midorima play the piano/organ??? T3T) when they walk into the 3rd gym.

MIDORIMA’S REACTION IS SO GOOD. LOL His face is giving off the “What?? I thought I was the only one nanodayo” or “That’s what you told me…” look. Considering Akashi ended up using a similar line later at Rakuzan, maybe he’s a curious boy. :*)

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gentlemangos  asked:

Awkward middle school brace face phase au (especially GoM lol)

okay so I’ve tried to answer this a couple times but my browser keeps crashing and I lose everything I’ve typed.  fingers crossed that this one sticks.

  • Aomine has the WORST voice cracks.  They’ve been known to reduce Momoi to tears of laughter and to frighten small children.  He tried just not talking for about a week but he kept forgetting and then his voice would crack anyways.
  • Midorima has the bad fortune of coming from a family with a history of terrible eyesight and even more terrible teeth.  His parents were determined that he would one day have a Hollywood-worthy smile and so he suffered through years of orthodontia.  He did it all.  Rubber bands to correct an overbite.  Springs to push teeth apart.  Chains to pull teeth closer.  A cap for a pin tooth.  A retainer that he had to wear constantly for nine months that gave him a pronounced lisp.
  • Believe it or not, but there was a time when Kise had no idea how to dress.  None.  There was an entire year when he went from one horrible haircut to another.  The photo album makes him weep to this day.
  • Of course with puberty comes growth spurts.  Akashi had his all in one go and spent months banging into things and over-reaching and generally being embarrassingly clumsy at basic tasks while he adjusted to his new height.  Murasakibara, however, had several growth spurts.  His parents were distressed because every few months he’d outgrow all of his clothing and they were spending a fortune just keeping him in shoes that fit properly.  For most of his third year in middle school he was wearing pants that were chronically too short and shirts where the cuffs weren’t even passably close to his wrists.
  • Nijimura’s awkward middle school phase involved a short scene phase, a longer punk phase, and a period of time when he only spoke like a gangster.  Not a modern gangster though, more like someone from an old noir movie.
What’s Your Regret? -Akkr Week ‘15 Day 4-

I love the “Who are you?” prompt!!

P/s: This might not be what you think it is. Lol unless you were thinking it too! 

This AU has been in my head for ages and the original fic was really angsty so maybe I won’t go too deep into details~ This is more of a WIP than a real fic though.. Oh well! Do enjoy~! ^.^

Kise smiled as the chalk outline was finished on the floor of the school roof. Kuroko and Aomine watched with bored faces. They always have lunch on the roof on Tuesdays.

Kise proudly compared the shape of the charm to the original in the book. He then turned to Aomine, “Ne ne Aominecchi! Do you have any regrets?”

“Probably that one time when Satsuki was talking to me while I was flipping through Mai-chan’s exclusive photobook.”

Kise looked confused, “Why?”

Kuroko explained, “Momoi got so annoyed that she burned it.”

Aomine suddenly looked gloomy, “I used half of my savings for it.”

The blond teen rubbed the back of his head, “I don’t think that’s….um… a significant regret. What about you, Kurokocchi?”

Kuroko was silent, taken aback by the question directed at him. When his brain comprehended, Akashi’s smiling face flashed before him in his head, “Nothing.”

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