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GOM+Kagami, Kasamatsu, and Takao s/o is a volleyball player, the s/o is like Hinata from Haikyuu, they have an amazing jump and athletic skill, but their receive skill suck (lol), I want to see their reaction when they go to their s/o volleyball match and see their s/o play for the first time, they are amazed by how amazing their jumping and spiking skill is, but also how bad their receive skill is because they accidentally receive with their face while screaming “HOGYAAAA!!”

Kuroko: Despite wincing after seeing you get hit with the volleyball, Kuroko doesn’t say anything about it. He’s actually proud of you for continuing the game despite what must have been a painful injury. He knows he’s be out for a while if it had been him in your place.

Kagami: So into the game himself, Kagami really doesn’t realize what’s happening until he sees you on your back on the floor, holding your face. It takes him a second to put two and two together and realize that you’re injured, but by the time he figures it out you’re already back in the game.

Kise: Screaming as the volleyball hits your face, he’s yelling at you from his spot in the crowd asking if you’re okay. You can’t hear him past the yelling of the rest of the crowd though, so he takes to texting your phone to ask you in a panic. He doesn’t realize it’s useless because you’ve left it in your locker room.

Kasamatsu: He had predicted this would happen, but he hadn’t expected for it to be so intense. Wincing as you recover from your injury, he yells from his spot for you to play closer attention to the game. This earns him a thumbs up from you, one that makes him fluster a bit in embarrassment.

Aomine: His grin has a hint of a grimace when he sees the volleyball collide with your face. You had been doing so well in the game up until that point, but you weren’t letting it stop you now. Aomine is actually impressed that you would continue despite the mishap.

Midorima: The moment he noticed the ball heading for your face, he looks away, not wanting to witness the impact. It’s clear by the gasp of the crowd and the screams from your teammates that the volleyball hit its mark. What Midorima doesn’t expect is your yell of retaliation as you continue the game.

Takao: A normal boyfriend would be totally worried when you got hit in the face with a volleyball, but Takao is laughing. Not because you were injured; he’s not that cruel. He’s laughing because the injury only seemed to fire you up more for the game. The opposing team was in for it now.

Murasakibara: There’s a sharp intake of breath from him when he realizes you’ve been struck with the ball and he almost cringes away from the game entirely because it looked so painful. But you made Murasakibara promise to watch the entire game and he always kept his promises with you.

Akashi: After your injury, he makes his way over to the bleachers where some of your other teammates are sitting. You’re still in the game when he gets there, which is fine with him if you felt well enough, but Akashi still wanted to be closer just in case your injuries were worse than they seemed.


Murasakibara is being swarmed by kids! XD

He probably didn’t expect it. He thought the kids would be scared of him but instead they thought he was cool because he was so tall and they all wanted to ride his back to reach the net and shoot. 

mama Himuro thought it was adorable and secretly took a picture to set as his wallpaper later. 

After playing basketball, Murasakibara gave the kids some of his snacks to take home. ofc kinda reluctantly but himuro sealed the deal

“Thanks Murasakibara-oniichan, Himuro-oniichan! Let’s play again sometime! Basketball is so fun!” one kid said as he waved goodbye.

Murasakibara and Himuro waved back with a smile on their faces. (just a hint on mukkun’s face tho lol)

“Did you have fun, Atsushi?”

“….Just a little.”

Himuro smiled that smile of his that said “I know what you really mean.”

//idk how this turned out like this but one thing led to another and here it is lol//

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Sorry to bother you but I was scrolling through your blog and saw Yana Toboso wrote a post about Kurobas op 2, do you happen to have the link? Thank you so much in advance!

Here you are:

The longest and nerdiest post Yana has ever written on her blog!! (≧▽≦) It’s one of my favourite posts because she’s sooooo nerdy, ‘fangirl-ish’ and also kinda maniac! She wrote this super-long post only to explain why she believes that Kise was looking at Kuroko in this scene (lol)

Here’s a small excerpt from the blog:

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happy belated birthday sunshine

Rating: G

Pairing: Kikuro

Word Count: ? 1k-2k

Summary: It’s been years since Kise has seen Kuroko face-to-face.

Warnings: None

The date turns, and Ryouta is flooded with messages from his family, who always keeps track of what timezone he’s in when it’s his birthday. He’s alone, so he smiles fondly as his parents mess up emoticons in their birthday messages and his sisters use too many. He sends them excited messages despite not feeling particularly excited about it being his birthday.

He’s turning twenty-four this year, but there’s nothing special about that.

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  • Stranger: What's so great about Kuroko? He's not even ――
  • Kise: *puts hand in front of stranger's face* Imma stop you right there.
  • Aomine: Oi! Tf? You wanna fight bruh?!
  • Kagami: Tf did you just say?!
Teikou MidoAka Moments 2

Part 1: BF Walk #1

BF Walk #2

Akashi, Midorima, and Murasakibara were hanging out (maybe they were listening to Midorima play the piano/organ??? T3T) when they walk into the 3rd gym.

MIDORIMA’S REACTION IS SO GOOD. LOL His face is giving off the “What?? I thought I was the only one nanodayo” or “That’s what you told me…” look. Considering Akashi ended up using a similar line later at Rakuzan, maybe he’s a curious boy. :*)

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*laughs uncontrollably* I FIND THIS BRIDEZAKI LOG HAHAHAHAHA IT’S FULL OF HAIZAKI IN WEDDING DRESS WITH  GoM + NIJI + KUROKO AS THE GROOM. LOL. But because the pair with ukezaki that piqued my interest are only NijiHai and KiseHai, so that’s what I’m going to post. 

And Haizaki’s priceless face at the lowest panel HAHAHAHAHA


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You're open for requests right? :D so how about this, I guess it's be funny , Midorima,Akashi,Kuroko,Himuro and Takaovmeeting their s/o's mom for the first time and she just keeps calling them a cutie or adorable and squishing their cheeks XD

Aww this is super cute lol

“What a cutie!!” Your mother squealed over your boyfriend, Midorima. You knew he wasn’t the best when it came to handling a lot of affection so you tried to stop your mom, but it was no use. She just kept calling him a cutie over and over again. “Aww he’s even cuter when his face is all red!” She laughed as she pinched his bright red cheeks. Awkwardly, he pushed up his glasses and mumbled a thank you to your mother. Of course that just made her fangirl even more over your boyfriend. “You know what cutie, you’re styaing for dinner tonight!!” 

Honestly Akashi was a bit shock at the way your mother was treating him. He didn’t imagine she’d be rude to him but he didn’t imagine she’d be so energetic and find him adorable. “Look at you with your red hair and adorable little face! So cute!!” Your mom smiled as she tapped his little nose. “Thank you Mrs.(mom’s name). That truly means a lot from a woman so beautiful as you are.” Akashi smiled. Even with your mother he was smooth. This only made your mother find him even more cute and kept pointing out everything cute about him. Akashi hasn’t blushed so much in, well ever. 

Kuroko was actually very happy your mother was as fond of him as she was. He smiled every time she commented on how cute he is and thanked her, which really made her gush over him even more so it turned into this endless cycle. “Mom haven’t you done enough to poor Tetsuya?” You asked, trying not to giggle at the sight of your mother squishing Kuroko’s little cheeks over and over. “I don’t mind ____-san,” he manged to respond between the squishes of his cheeks. That’s when you then burst into laughter, he is just so adorable you can’t help it. Kuroko was very happy this night was ending well, or at least not what he worried it would be. 

“Aha…thank you Mrs.(mom’s name),” Himuro smiled after she called him adorable for the tenth time. He still wasn’t entirely sure how to react to this situation. He never thought your mom would find him so…adorable. It could be worse so he chose to just enjoy it and let her gush over him. he kept smiling that wjole night as he allowed her to keep complimenting him. “Tatsuya, are you blushing?” You chuckled  as you kissed his cheek. This only made him blush harder which made your mother make the comment, “Aww he’s even cuter with a red face!!” 

Takao actually really enjoyed being called a cutie by your mom. “I’m happy you find me cute Mrs. (mom’s name) since ____-chan doesn’t,” Takao gave you a teasing smile but your mom a sad little pout. This kind of teasing was something he was known for a lot of the time. “Whaaat how could my _____ not find you cute!?” Your mom exclaimed as she squished his cheek even more. “How could you not find him cute!?” “Ugh I never said he wasn’t cute.” You sighed. “Oh so ____-cahn finds me cute~” you could hear the teasing in his voice. “Shut up loser!” 

Replace VI Ch 4 海を渡った「キセキ」”A Miracle That Crossed the Ocean” English Translation Parts 10-13 FINAL PART *COMPLETE*

IT IS FINISHED!!!! Thanks for waiting!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Parts 5-6, Part 7, Parts 8-9

Chapter Summary:
The Teiko Middle School Basketball Club go to Hawaii for their annual training camp. There they are to play some practice matches against the local schools. As Aomine and Kuroko sneak out to explore, they run into Aomine’s local friend and rival, Tiki. They find out Tiki got scouted to play for a team in Japan, but there are certain conditions that must be met. For Tiki to go abroad to Japan, he must win all of the matches at camp, or at the very least, he MUST beat Teiko Middle School. 

Coming up next:  Replace Novel VI Ch 3 “旅立ちの時” (Time of Departure)

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Tbh I think if Akashi wore eyeliner it would be on point! Imagine him doing the make up challenge with his girlfriend and she's actually shocked how stunning she looks!

Akashi: How do I look? 

Y/N: Uhh… 

Akashi: What? Do I look weird? You did this on purpose, didn’t you? 

Y/N: What? No. I just did what I usually do with my face! It’s just… You’re gorgeous than me. 

Akashi: What? 

Y/N: I said you are even more gorgeous than me! 

Akashi: … 

Y/N: … 

Akashi: .. Thank you.  


See? See? That’s how I imagine Akashi and his s/o. lol 

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Let's see since there was a post about their girls being in the mood for 'it'. How would the same characters react if the girl suddenly changed her mind or she had to go somewhere, discontinuing their activity? lol

what a bitch ass thing to do lol

KUROKO: He’d block the door, barely able to stand at this point. “You can’t leave after doing all that. Take responsibility, ____-chan.”

KAGAMI: He’d lay on the bed, face frozen in shock. “Don’t just leave now! I mean- take care of this problem first!” He points to his pants.

KIYOSHI: He’d groan really loud, but since you said you had something really important to attend to, he wasn’t going to stop you.

IZUKI: “I’m not a lamp, ____-chan!” He’s yelling and crossing his arms. “You can’t just turn me on and leave the room!”

KISE: He tackle-hugs you back onto the bed, constricting you. “Nope, I’m not letting you go! Not until we do it at least once!”

AOMINE: The moment you make your excuse, he pins you back against the bed. He’s kissing up your neck even as protest.

IMAYOSHI: His grip on her arms are like a pythons’. “And I thought I was cruel.” He’s glaring now. “You’re not going.”

MIDORIMA: “What kind of person-” He begins to curse you out as you’re dressing yourself and preparing to leave.

MURASAKIBARA: “I said not to tease me!” He’s whining and lying there in defeat. “You’re the meanest, ____-chin.”

HIMURO: Himuro is caught off guard for a second, but then he’s frowning. “You can’t. You said you wanted it, so I’ll oblige.”

AKASHI: “Hmm?” He’s smirking in amusement, because you think you can actually escape. But even now, he was in control.

HANAMIYA: He continues as if he didn’t hear her. “Nothing’s more important than this. Stay.” He kisses her stubbornly.

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Gom + Hanamiya catching their girlfriend squeezing her boobs together in front of a mirror to see if they are big enough lol

ohhhhhh anon-san i was waiting for this request forever~(*/∇\*)

  • Kuroko: ‘‘___-san , what are you doing?’’, he calmly asks you while you jump in surprise. You take a deep breath and turn around to face him. ‘‘Kuroko , tell me the truth ; do you like them ?’’, he just stares at your eyes without even moving or speaking because he is too nervous to actually look at your boobs. and then he faints.
  • Kise: He actually gets super excited. ‘‘Does ___-cchi need help ?’’, he runs towards you with his palms open and ready to ‘‘help’’ — he ends up with his face knocked on the wall. 
  • Midorima: He looks at you once, then at what you are doing , he looks at you again … then he leaves the room. ‘‘I don’t want to even know.’’
  • Aomine: He smirks and comes to stand behind you. ‘‘Do you think they are big enough, Daiki?’’, you ask with a depressed look as dramatic classical music plays in the background. ‘‘Oi! Idiot don’t ask questions like that you should know i love them because they are yours.’’ , and then you let him squeeze them himself.
  • Murasakibara: *deep confusing stare* ‘‘Why is ___-chin touching her tities?’’ ‘‘Don’t call ‘em that , Atsushi!’’
  • Akashi: He calmly gazes at you for some seconds , then he gives your breasts a look and smiles. ‘‘You know they won’t get any bigger if you do that , right?’’ , ‘‘GO AWAY AKASHI!!’’
  • Hanamiya: He comes to stand behind you and he actually squeezes them himself so he can have an opinion about the matter. ‘‘They are perfect , you idiot.’’, he says. ‘‘But you know what’s the best thing about them?’’, you just raise an eyebrow at his question — trying to not blush at his comment. ‘‘They are all mine.’’, he mutters.

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kagakuro + demon!Kagami for the three sentence AU thing? :D

urgh idk what this is also longer than 3 sentences bc im a butt lol 

“Wait!” Kuroko protested when the demon  bend down dangerously close to his face, his hand on the back of Kuroko’s head, tilting it upwards.

The demon paused, red eyes flicking dangerously and making Kuroko swallow thickly as his heart was filled with a mix of fear and excitement alike.

“Are you scared?” The question was asked in a low grumble, and Kuroko merely nodded weakly and then shivered when the demon run a hand thought his hair affectionately.

“Don’t worry,” He flashed his sharp teeth in a menacing smile. “I’ll take good care of your soul.”

What’s Your Regret? -Akkr Week ‘15 Day 4-

I love the “Who are you?” prompt!!

P/s: This might not be what you think it is. Lol unless you were thinking it too! 

This AU has been in my head for ages and the original fic was really angsty so maybe I won’t go too deep into details~ This is more of a WIP than a real fic though.. Oh well! Do enjoy~! ^.^

Kise smiled as the chalk outline was finished on the floor of the school roof. Kuroko and Aomine watched with bored faces. They always have lunch on the roof on Tuesdays.

Kise proudly compared the shape of the charm to the original in the book. He then turned to Aomine, “Ne ne Aominecchi! Do you have any regrets?”

“Probably that one time when Satsuki was talking to me while I was flipping through Mai-chan’s exclusive photobook.”

Kise looked confused, “Why?”

Kuroko explained, “Momoi got so annoyed that she burned it.”

Aomine suddenly looked gloomy, “I used half of my savings for it.”

The blond teen rubbed the back of his head, “I don’t think that’s….um… a significant regret. What about you, Kurokocchi?”

Kuroko was silent, taken aback by the question directed at him. When his brain comprehended, Akashi’s smiling face flashed before him in his head, “Nothing.”

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L-looks like I’m going to do a con report for my first big con ( ´ ▽ ` ) It’s not much though, mostly photos from the KNB meetup! If you see yourself, feel free to have me add your url under the respective pic, or to take down a pic with your face in it!

ungodubiquitous, all1sees, princessofthevalley, dddaz3d

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Quick Note On How I Characterize

So a couple days back if anyone remembers I was doing that characterization meme about how I portray knb charas when I write. 

I actually ended up getting quite a few (that I’m happy about) but I’m sorry I’m a terrible person so is it alright if I compile some key points here? //shot

Akashi <–only one I finished and wrote in extensive detail


  1. I imagine him to be like a weed. He is although unappealing to many and perhaps even a nuisance to the garden at first sight, he is strong and unwavering, will always stand up for his beliefs, and someone who is kind-hearted, genuinely caring for those around him.
  2. Flawed. To me, Kuroko has many character flaws. He’s not really the majitenshi I always joke he is for even he can turn a blind eye to other people’s troubles in order to protect own peace (aka every other guy who quit during teiko) and he despite being honest, never said what’s important and kept his own feelings hidden With Seirin, he is able to open up after a few hundred chapters, but the same cannot be said for everyone else and even with them, he doesn’t talk much about his own life. The traits will settle in, especially if it’s with the GOM (which i loveee writing about!)


  1. Love writing Kise, and often calls him a two-faced Gemini. (fondly //stokes face) Although he acts cheerful, whines, and etc. most of the time it’s an act for him to not have to seriously deal with others. The reason? Bc he doesn’t care about people he doesn’t “respect" 
  2. When it’s around something that fires him up, he turns highly competitive and a lot of the times, becomes very honest that you can really see what his true outlook of the world is. 
  3. He also has a bit of an inferiority complex towards GOM ("I’m actually the weakest”) because of how much he respects them.


  1. Aomine is very selfish yet also very caring. Generally very flawed but lovable character. Overall he’s very immature
  2. Pure!mine was quite selfless but when going gets tough, unable to handle and lashes it out on the world <–immaturity
  3. Most likely realizes what he’s doing to others is wrong but is too impulsive/ immature to control self
  4. After WC Aomine a bit awkward around others, esp Kuroko who he needs to patch his relationship but is constantly guiltripped by the stupid things he said and did. He’s just a kid. Kid with teenage angst
  5. Also pretty sure he is a lazy and spoiled kid bc of Momoi and his parents that basically let him have a whole basketball shoes collection


  1. Person who keeps to himself. Like a turtle. Yet, very caring of his friends and very incisive. Notices the most things during Teiko but rigid personality made him unable to say anything
  2. Terrible with social communication and does not believe he is wrong in the least. Stubborn with beliefs
  3. Doesn’t really write him as a tsundere. At least, not the embarrassed blushing, stuttering kind. Will flinch and ignore.
  4. also this 


  1. Simple character without a billion layers to him like well everyone abv. A character who is very clear/cut on what he values and prioritizes. Doesn’t go with the flow. 
  2. Not really an angel to me but very interesting nonetheless He’s very bad at reading others and has no tact when speaking to them and is probably the worst candidate to talk to about feelings 
  3. Not going with flow shows he has incredible courage and a one-track mind for what he wants. Rather than positive, doesn’t really think too much and powers forward
  4. Usually the voice of retort around the incorrigible GOM + Kuroko with their all-too colorful personalities


  1. Is very stubborn. Really like an over-grown child. 
  2. Actually very intelligent school-wise but has plenty of personality issues. Not very sweet despite the sweets he consumes and has a bit of a twisted personality. (“I’ll crush you”)
  3. Will tease/ intent to aggravate others at the drop of a hat (hair fluff to see Kuroko’s annoyed face) ie childishly sadistic
  4. Development very subtle in story but very amazing. Just for a bit has learned to be more honest with himself.

Somehow this turned out to be a character flaw chart LOL but personally that is what I think of when I write them because I feel that it is their flaws that give them the most depth, especially since their flaws, are actually their own shortcomings. This is very important to me, particularly when they have to face the consequences of their actions, take responsibility for it, and grow. They’re still not perfect but their change is a step forward and that personally gives me a lot of inspiration (^w^)