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so what did you think of that scene?

womg what a question I wasn’t expecting this! haha

okay so I know a lot of people didn’t like that klaus told hayley what that elijah has always done things for family and that he’s always been the best of them but I actually think what he said makes sense and I think there is a real reason why he said it besides klaus trying to be a EH cheerleader. I think as an overall moment it was really showed just how much he cares about Hayley, that was my main take away from the whole thing, not EH propping or cheerleading. 

When we see Hayley she is all alone after being brutalized by the man that she loves and she’s clearly extremely traumatized. Klaus seeks her out to check on her. He comes with his usual charm “from what I hear you saved the day”. Before I move on I just want to say that I like that he actually went to see her. It’s just like when she went to see him after the stuff with marcel and hope. He didn’t have to go talk to her, and yet he went check up on her anyway. 

Next Hayley tells him that she didn’t really save the say and he can see that she’s upset about something. “ahh I see you went inside his mind and it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies”  Without knowing about the red door he recognizes that she’s upset about what she saw in Elijah’s mind and understands why. Klaus knows why Hayley loves Elijah. He has watched her fall from the very beginning. She loves his nobility, she loves that he’s a “good man”, he knows that she idolizes him for his kindness and goodness, so anything contradictory to that idea is automatically gonna be hard for her to see. He knows hayley so well that he doesn’t even have to wonder about what’s bothering her, he automatically knows. Notice at this point he’s not treating what she may have saw as a reason to really be alarmed. He gets why she’s upset but in his mind he knows that she loves him and that even if she saw some bad stuff it’s not gonna be a big deal, or at least it shouldn’t be. He even gives her a comforting smile at the end of his line about the rainbows and butterflies. He sits down and decides to listen to her, be her confidante in that moment when she needs someone….klaus wanted to be her confidante. 

As soon as she says that she went through the red door you can see his entire demeanor change. You can see the color almost drain from his face when she says it, he’s really unnerved that she saw that part of elijah. Before he wasn’t alarmed that she may have seen some bad stuff but now he is alarmed. He knows what the red door is, he knows that monstrous part of elijah, he becomes upset that she had to see that part of him. 

When she continues to talk he tells her the line about them all being monsters and elijah always being the best of them and only doing it for family. Which is the part that most people hate but I personally don’t have an issue with. As soon as he says it I can’t help but notice just now much of a blatant lie it is…but that’s what I loved most about the line, and why I don’t think it was about propping elijah up for her but more about klaus telling her what he felt she needed to hear to cope with what she experienced, even if what he tells her is a lie. I think in order for me to believe that Klaus was just being a EH cheerleader I would have to believe that he really and truly believes that Elijah has always been the best of them and that he only kills for family, and I don’t believe that, in fact there is plenty in the narrative to contradict that idea ESP the part about him only doing it for family. The audience knows it’s a lie as soon as he says it and so does Klaus.

I think that a part of klaus will always feel inferior to elijah in a lot of ways, however I don’t think that when it comes to being a monster klaus thinks that out of all of them he’s the only one who has truly only done horrors in the name of family. It wouldn’t make sense for him to hold that sorta POV him when Klaus has called elijah out on his inner monster before and has said that elijah is just as bad as he is, if not worse. Klaus has only been inferior to elijah when it comes to the inner monster in the sense that Elijah has been able to execute control in ways that he previously could not. Elijah had a code, where klaus had none, elijah showed restraint where klaus could not, but even though all of that Klaus has still had moments where he has acknowledged that all of elijah’s control and nobility is in fact a fraud, a cover for a more depraved nature that he doesn’t want people to know about.

So I don’t think that he really wholeheartedly believes that Elijah has always been the best of them ESP not if the reasoning behind him always been the best of them is because he’s only done it for family. Klaus would have to be under some delusion that Elijah only does stuff that needs to be done and has no real depraved part of himself, it’s impossible for klaus to be under that sorta delusion when he knows that’s not true, when he’s witnessed elijah’s depravity with his own eyes, when he himself has questioned more than once if elijah’s actions were truly necessary. He would also have to be under some delusion that Elijah’s not unhinged at his core, and that the red door isn’t what the red door actually is to Elijah.We know that  Klaus knows what the red door is, he knows it’s not a place where elijah is just being a little dark for his family, it’s the darkest part of his subconscious where he is depraved, brutal, without control, and has no sense of morality or nobility. It’s where his carefully crafted image no longer exists and his true nature resides.

So the only conclusion I can draw all things considered is that Klaus knowingly lied to Hayley. When he says the first part there about them all being monsters there is such conviction, but just before he says the part about elijah his voice changes, his face changes, he looks like he knows that what he’s about to say isn’t the truth but he needs to say it anyway. 

That’s why I liked it, because the idea of klaus knowingly lying to her purely for her own benefit makes me think that he really really cares about her.

One of Klaus’s more memorable quotes about love is “it is not love upon with the strongest foundations are built, it’s the decency of merciful lies” 

To me, he told her a merciful lie. He can see that she is doubting, that she’s struggling with what she saw and who he is, and elijah is his brother, so he naturally wants to defend him but he also knows what elijah means to Hayley. He knows that she really really wants to be with him, and that she thinks that she knows him really well and that she thinks she loves a man that he isn’t. Klaus cares about her so much that he would knowingly lie to her so that she could possibly hold on that. He saw her state and he saw that telling her the truth, that the elijah she knew was always no the real him but a romanticized version of who he truly is, wouldn’t help her, lying to her would show her mercy. Lying to her would help her feel better about what she saw and help her keep her delusion that elijah is a man who is noble, who is good, that elijah is the man that she fell in love with. It wasn’t really about elijah, it was about him telling Hayley what she needed to hear to feel comforted after what she had saw, what she needed to hear to keep holding on to what she thinks will make her happy. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true, it doesn’t matter if she never really knew him, she needs it to be true, she wants it to be true even of she’s realizing that it’s not, and that’s all that truly matters in that moment to him. 

He tops the moment off by touching her on her shoulder to physically give her some comfort, it’s a prolonged touch too. It’s not a new thing but it’s still significant because it’s another part of their growing comfort with each other. He really really wanted Hayley to feel better, to feel comforted, and he did everything he knew to do within the established “rules” of their relationship to give it to her. 

To me that says a lot more about the two of them and klaus’s affection for her than it says about how he feels about her relationship, which is why I can’t look at it and see ship propping and be mad about it. Klaus Mikaelson knows hayley so well that he knows exactly what she needs to hear in that moment, and he cares about her so much he would tell it to her, even if it’s not the truth. That’s something 

(also don’t get me started on the damn song choice for the scene cuz hrweirewhr)

also, as far as the ship propping thing goes, in that department what matters the most is how Hayley receives klaus’s words….and she clearly did not believe what he said, she smiles briefly like she USED to believe that, like she wants to believe that, but then it quickly fades and she’s right back to looking like she’s questioning everything she thought she knew about Elijah. She didn’t take any comfort in his words, and I suspect that he knew that would be the case tbh, but he tried anyway. Which also says a lot


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If klayley ever becomes canon, do you think they will ever want more kids? I guess technically they could have as many kids as they want forever.

I don’t think they would really think about more kids, They would probably both be content with just Hope. I think Hope would totally want siblings tho and I think Hayley would accidentally get pregnant again at least once. I’m a sucker for unplanned klayley pregnancies lol 


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Are you going to really keep up with the lie that your problem with Hayley was created before her sex scene with Klaus? This is why all of you obsessed klaroliners have a problem with Hayley and PT. So stop pretending!

Is it crazy anon day today and I haven’t noticed?

Oh well…so I could write you an essay about this (since I am sure this is coming from Plec’s illusions that people do not like Hayley and Cami due to their shipping preferences) but I will refrain from doing so.

Instead I am going to show you a post I had made in 2013. February 27 to be exact. It was BEFORE 4x16 aired. We only had spoilers that Morgan would be in a sex scene and NO ONE knew or could imagine that Hayley would be the woman he would have sex with. It was kept a secret and there were no hints or clues about it whatsoever. You can check if you want. Back then most people have been talking about Caroline or I don’t even know what else. Hayley was not in the picture. At all. That was the situation that existed BEFORE 4x16 aired.

So if what you say is true and me and so many other Klaroline fans simply do not like Hayley and the actress that portrays her because she had sex with Klaus then why would I ever make that post BEFORE Hayley had sex with Klaus.

Here have it and in block quote too:

My opinions on the spoilers about the sex scene in 4X16.

I don’t care with whom Klaus has sex with. But I am just hoping it won’t be with Hayley.


I REALLY don’t want to see my favorite actor in the series having an intimate scene (even if it is meaningless) with my least favorite actress in the series and with a character that I really dislike (Seriously what is the point of Hayley’s existence anyway? And can’t the creators see that she is a character that most of the people [from what I have seen anyway] don’t like?)

I don’t think it is Hayley, but then again who knows. Maybe this is a way to start making her part of the spin-off. But that would be a low blow.

ANYONE else I can take!

# As for a possible sexual scene with Caroline. I have refrained to comment at this possibility so far but let us be realistic. With the progression they have shown in the last episodes -and in general- when it comes especially to Caroline and Klaroline it wouldn’t  be realistic for Caroline and Klaus to have a sex scene. Only if it was a dream or a hallucination or an angry foreplay that wouldn’t lead to sex eventually.

The thing is though that there are a few episodes left in the season and since Klaus will be leaving in the end of this season I do want to see meaningful scenes with him and Caroline.

I would prefer a REAL full of emotion kiss over a sex scene actually. And some progress of honesty.

Aside that we will have to wait and see. Who knows. Anything can happen.
Let’s just focus on the positives.

Joseph Morgan and a sex scene is one hell of a POSITIVE… long as it is not Hayley O_O


I actually DID NOT LIKE Hayley’s character or the actress that portrays her BEFORE she had sex with Klaus.

Why do you think that is? Maybe because the actress has limited acting skills that even like that are a disaster or because the character she plays is way way worse and the biggest writing failure I have even seen in my screen?

So are we done here?

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Klayley Wish Week Day 4

Part 1 of 2

It’s a party at a house in the quarter, the witches, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures are having fun talking, laughing, and dancing. It is Halloween after all, the supernatural holiday for the human world. Most of all Klaus is enjoying the way Hayley looks. He stops to talk to her, wanting her to know how he feels about her. Not knowing that she feels the same way as well..