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If klayley ever becomes canon, do you think they will ever want more kids? I guess technically they could have as many kids as they want forever.

I don’t think they would really think about more kids, They would probably both be content with just Hope. I think Hope would totally want siblings tho and I think Hayley would accidentally get pregnant again at least once. I’m a sucker for unplanned klayley pregnancies lol 

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Is it weird that I'm hating Elijah this season for basically doing what klaus always does but I've always loved klaus? Like Elijah is just getting on my last damn nerve lately and I can't decide if it's for a legit reason or I'm being petty because of my love for klayley lol.

No I don’t think it’s weird. I actually don’t think that Elijah is doing things that Klaus would for sure be doing right now. Elijah is just doing shit without rhyme of reason. There is often no strategy or forethought at all to his actions. Klaus has never been that way outside of some of his personal petty grievances. No version of Klaus mikaelson would have listened to Vincent explain why the harvest shouldn’t happen and explain why it’s virtually impossible and still go out and kill four young girls. Klaus would have been smarter than that. Klaus thinks, he makes careful moves even if they are harsh and sudden. He hardly does shit just to do shit even when he’s operating under intense feelings. He killed Gia in his anger and even that murder wasn’t just about revenge against elijah for daggering him. He accomplishes more than one thing with one action. Elijah is accomplishing hardly anything in most of his actions, shit some of them have even worked directly against them like killing marcel and killing dominic. Klaus’s plans rarely succeed based on pure luck, and it was all luck that made elijah’s harvest shit work.  

Elijah’s actions also lack much of the nuance that a lot of klaus’s have. You don’t really have a good understanding of why elijah is doing the shit he’s doing. 

I think something else that also factors here is the fact that Elijah has presented himself as the superior one to klaus. He’s been preaching at klaus for years about his behavior. He’s help himself to a higher standard of morality and has often times been very self righteous. Klaus has never claimed a sense of morality. Klaus has never claimed a badge of nobility. He’s never presented himself as someone who is above such rash and harsh actions, but Elijah has. He’s carried on with his superiority to Klaus since he was first introduced. 

It’s easier to accept a person who wears their evil on their sleeve than it is to accept a self righteous hypocrite and that’s what Elijah is.


New Orleans is a vicious place and your enemies are everywhere. Behind your back, before  y o u r  e y e s.

SHIPPING INFO // Answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. Don’t reblog.

Muse: Hayley Marshall

WHAT’S YOUR OTP FOR YOUR MUSE?: I mean…it kind of seems like it’s Klayley lately lol but it could be Haylijah too?


HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE?: This is a trick question considering lots of them immortal muses be old af lmao. But with a regular human? I’m gonna go like no older than 5-6 years (Hayley is never any younger than 22 unless otherwise plotted and then clearly the age gap would be smaller)

ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING?: Probably yeah. Hayley might interact with multiplies of the same muse, but that doesn’t mean she ships romantically with all of them. There are other kinds of ships (Friendship/Familial)

HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NSFW?: …Uh that’s a good question. Maybe some light groping? Haha idek.

WHO ARE OTHER MUSES YOU SHIP YOUR MUSE WITH?: If we’re talking specific muses that already have established ships with Hayley than @darknessmadeflesh @anditsxsorrows @dalphahale @dcvilindisguise <== ?? Maybe omg have we talked about it? I don’t know this is hard lol. @jakerileyapd - there’s something happening there lol. @bearthemarks @original–elijah-mikaelson ….. @itwillbeyourchoice IDK Hayley likes her Stefan interactions so maybe there too idk. These questions are hard. Sobbbs. I missed someone didn’t I? I’m sorry I suck.

DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU?: I mean no? But I’m not going to force my muse into a ship either. If Hayley’s not feeling it then it probs won’t happen.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP?: All the shipping tbh


ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS?: I mean I think I’m pretty equal? I’ve got just as many shippy threads as I do just regular interactions.


FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU?: By doing things with me? Shoot me a meme or come sass Hayley. Most of her ships are based in mutual sassation lmao. She likes to banter. 

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Are you going to really keep up with the lie that your problem with Hayley was created before her sex scene with Klaus? This is why all of you obsessed klaroliners have a problem with Hayley and PT. So stop pretending!

Is it crazy anon day today and I haven’t noticed?

Oh well…so I could write you an essay about this (since I am sure this is coming from Plec’s illusions that people do not like Hayley and Cami due to their shipping preferences) but I will refrain from doing so.

Instead I am going to show you a post I had made in 2013. February 27 to be exact. It was BEFORE 4x16 aired. We only had spoilers that Morgan would be in a sex scene and NO ONE knew or could imagine that Hayley would be the woman he would have sex with. It was kept a secret and there were no hints or clues about it whatsoever. You can check if you want. Back then most people have been talking about Caroline or I don’t even know what else. Hayley was not in the picture. At all. That was the situation that existed BEFORE 4x16 aired.

So if what you say is true and me and so many other Klaroline fans simply do not like Hayley and the actress that portrays her because she had sex with Klaus then why would I ever make that post BEFORE Hayley had sex with Klaus.

Here have it and in block quote too:

My opinions on the spoilers about the sex scene in 4X16.

I don’t care with whom Klaus has sex with. But I am just hoping it won’t be with Hayley.


I REALLY don’t want to see my favorite actor in the series having an intimate scene (even if it is meaningless) with my least favorite actress in the series and with a character that I really dislike (Seriously what is the point of Hayley’s existence anyway? And can’t the creators see that she is a character that most of the people [from what I have seen anyway] don’t like?)

I don’t think it is Hayley, but then again who knows. Maybe this is a way to start making her part of the spin-off. But that would be a low blow.

ANYONE else I can take!

# As for a possible sexual scene with Caroline. I have refrained to comment at this possibility so far but let us be realistic. With the progression they have shown in the last episodes -and in general- when it comes especially to Caroline and Klaroline it wouldn’t  be realistic for Caroline and Klaus to have a sex scene. Only if it was a dream or a hallucination or an angry foreplay that wouldn’t lead to sex eventually.

The thing is though that there are a few episodes left in the season and since Klaus will be leaving in the end of this season I do want to see meaningful scenes with him and Caroline.

I would prefer a REAL full of emotion kiss over a sex scene actually. And some progress of honesty.

Aside that we will have to wait and see. Who knows. Anything can happen.
Let’s just focus on the positives.

Joseph Morgan and a sex scene is one hell of a POSITIVE… long as it is not Hayley O_O


I actually DID NOT LIKE Hayley’s character or the actress that portrays her BEFORE she had sex with Klaus.

Why do you think that is? Maybe because the actress has limited acting skills that even like that are a disaster or because the character she plays is way way worse and the biggest writing failure I have even seen in my screen?

So are we done here?

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Klaus uses pet names like sweetheart and love for everyone but he has a special one for Hayley. "LITTLE wolf". This shows that she is special for him!

Little you say sweetheart?

As in Klaus checking Caroline from afar and undressing her with his eyes in 3x09 and referring to her as Tyler’s “pretty LITTLE girlfriend”?

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What was your reaction about the Klaroline scenes on TVD ??

Bittersweet, sour, excited at some moments of chemistry between the actors, generally disappointed and furious. I think this sums it up.

One day before the episode aired I had engaged in some conversations with some other bloggers about the upcoming Klaroline scenes. I was saying back then that I didn’t want a sex scene but I would rather have just the kiss and I explained the reasons why I wanted that.

Here is one of these posts where I was thoroughly explaining why it would be bad to have a sex scene.

Unfortunately my fears -in my opinion- became a reality.

Yes I am enjoying all the reblogs I see on my dash and yes after watching the scene more than once I can see some signs in it (open for interpretation mostly) that make me feel a little better about it and there was a lot of sexual chemistry between the actors which made the scene relatively enjoyable for me but that doesn’t change my disappointment about it.

The scene was rushed (as a meaning and as process). It was poorly executed when it comes to terms or writing, direction, time, music etc.

Each and every sex scene in TVD (at least until the point I was tuning in which was season 4) was very well done. Here it was like…okay let’s be done with it and get it out of our way so we can at last make the klaroline fandom shut up and stop annoying us. Throw them the bone they supposedly wanted but don’t over do it because we have other potential ships to take care of and we do not want this to overshadow them. I have even heard comments that the Bonnie/Jeremy sex scene was amazingly made and that ship is not that popular in comparison. It is the first time that I am seeing writers being so obsessively competitive with their own audience (the audience that has supported them in so many ways thus far) that are so rudely only trying to find a way to drag them along only for the ratings but in the end also punish them for being excited and devoted. For me this is not just unethical but also greatly unprofessional.

But I will tell you this. I would be willing to overlook each and every rush and clumsy moment of the scene, the absence of right direction, the absence of the right music, even the absence of the time but there are thinks that I cannot accept no matter how much I try.

Yes we the Klaroline fans can translate the emotions of the characters, can interpret things according to how this relationship has evolved through time, we can sense and give meaning to everything they showed, but for me this was an OOC mess. Yes OOC. Because in what universe the whole point and conclusion of Klaroline (even for the time being) was just a raw sex encounter in the woods? This was it? Seriously? The whole back and forth, pull and push, pent up emotion, mind games, manipulation strategy, dark and light, realizations that go deep to the darkest desires was all for what? No. Just no, because if I wanted a quickie with no meaning I would be shipping Klayley and if I wanted a relationship based mostly only on sex and with just tints or emotion in it I would have shipped Forwood.

This was not the essence of this ship. A cheap hook up that lead nowhere. That also came out of nowhere because from a kiss to the cheek we went straight up to sex. No progression or evolution to the KIND of the relationship (because Klaroline had always a different symbolism) that was presented to the audience in a torturing slow dance.

What about Klaus’ character? In what universe exactly he would be turn into a player that would limit everything to a sexual confession? So this is what he really wanted? So this was just a fleeting fancy that could be quenched with a sex round on the woods? I am sorry but my memory revokes different characteristics and traits for the character, his behavior and the whole relationship in general.

What about Caroline? Admitting all the feelings she so hard tried to mask and then all that was basically her being horny?

And Klaus saying that he basically would anything for her…even let go his centuries’ worth obsession of revenge for Katherine…and then once he finally has what he has been dreaming of (in measures that he had even mastered his own personality due to his emotions) then he just goes away…like this is something Klaus would do right? Especially now that he had Caroline…or this was the point of it? He is a player so now that he had the woman he moves on to newest adventures?

And in all of that there was no farewell scene either. Just that. Anticlimactic, rushed and a way to mock the fans. The fans that are part of the audience of the show. Well done.

For me the only part that meant anything was the kiss and some parts of Klaus’ words. Nothing more.

As for the rest. I will take the scenes as a separate entity that fits my fanon world and that will be it.

The writers just managed to prove me right for having abandoned TVD and not even giving a chance to TO from the beginning.

But if they think that the Klaroline shippers are going to just give up after this I am afraid that the joke will be on them because now they have given to the people not a closure but a taste and not even the taste that fits the essence of the ship. And that has fueled the fire even more. So stay tuned lol.