lol klayley

my headcanon for how klaus and hayley are gonna make up

Hayley: bitch you turned me into a fucking wolf how dare you! 

Klaus: well you tried to erase me from my child’s life and run off with your husband so she could call him daddy

Hayley: *crickets* 

Klaus: *crickets* 

Klaus:  you didn’t trust me! you weren’t loyal! 

Hayley: you didn’t trust me either! remember that whole “only person I trust is myself thing” 

Klaus: *crickets* 

Hayley: *crickets* 

Klaus: Well what about you being a major bitch when all I wanted to do was protect our daughter! 

Hayley: well what about you being a major asshole when all I wanted to do was protect our daughter! 


Hayley: *crickets* 

Hayley: Klaus you ain’t shit

Klaus: alright so I fucked up a few times but it was all for hope, and cuz you hurt my feels or whatever but I’m not still bitter about that at all

Hayley: and maybe I did fuck up too, but it was all for Hope, and cuz I wanted my family I been looking for. I just wanted to be a good mom

Klaus: and I just wanted to be a good dad

*awkward stares and silence* 

Klaus: so we even or nah? 

Hayley: yeah bitch even 

Klaus: that’s my little wolf 

Hayley: don’t push it Klaus we ain’t that cool again yet where is my baby? 

“No one you love is ever truly lost”

-Ernest Hemmingway

Part 1 of an insane meta about episode 3.02

I already issued my disclaimer but I’ll do it again cuz I’m a nice heaux: lenghty hot mess of feels ahead, proceed at your own risk. 

{Note: there is some kelijah and lots of kleya in here at well not it’s not just klayley} 

{additional note: my layout has been changed, the read more has been added back and it should be much easier to read once opened than it was before}

When everything went down in the last few episodes of season 2 I honestly questioned a lot of things I believed about klayley and the show. @sicklyscribe can attest to my wavering conviction when it came to klayley and my disappointment and discouragement about what will happen going forward.  My biggest thing was why give us all this klayley goodness and snatch it all away so violently the way they did at the end of season 2? Why have them do something so extreme to each other? What’s the point to it all besides angst for angst sake? I couldn’t reconcile the purpose of moments like “more than you know” with the absolute ruin they ended up being in at the end of the season. The most frustrating question for me was what is all of this for? And I couldn’t think of a good answer to that question and I’ll admit I didn’t have much faith that the show would give me a satisfactory answer. I knew it would give me an answer but I didn’t think that the answer would really be worth the angst that came with the problem.

To be honest my question still isn’t really answered. I still don’t know what the point of this storyline truly is or I should say what greater theme/development it’s all working towards (I have a few ideas teeheehee) and I won’t know until it really takes it’s course but I can honestly say that it all had/has a point, a painfully beautiful point and I may not know where it’s all headed but journey is gonna be an angst fest that I am HERE FOR and I’m here for it because their angst gives us good shit like we got in this last episode.

Alright now let’s dig into why last night had me wanting to fall out on the floor and wrap myself up in my feelings for the rest of the night and why I’m pretty sure I’m never getting my soul back from Klayley  or this show lol

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