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Trends to leave in 2016: Automatically assuming that someone who opposes the main lgbt+ ship in a show is homo/bi/trans/acephobic because lets be real here, so many of these ships are poorly written and borderline if not obviously abusive and most people who oppose them are lgbt+ people who want better representation than that. And while I’m at it, lets leave the guilt trips of “If you keep complaining, the writers will think we don’t want any lgbt+ ships!” in 2016 too because damn it, we deserve better than most of what is given to us.

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What do you hate about Klaine?

Anon, you’ve opened the floodgates. I hope you’re ready to be swept away by a massive rant. 

Back in the second season, around the time of the episode, Never Been Kissed, and the episode where Kurt and Blaine sang a lively and cute rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, I was fully on-board with the idea of Kurt and Blaine becoming a couple. Blaine represented something Kurt needed at the time; a charming sort of older mentor figure who could help Kurt to feel safe and secure and comfortable with who he was after Dave Karofsky made him fear for his life. 

Then… things started going awry. 

Kurt obviously had feelings for Blaine, and wanted to take things a step further. But, Blaine was interested in another man, this employee at a Gap store. And, he enlisted the Warblers and Kurt to help him publicly serenade this older, closeted man at his workplace with a very lewd and overtly sexual song that wound up getting the man fired. Which, Blaine showed very little remorse for. That was weird, and you could argue that Blaine is kind of oblivious, which might make his actions understandable. 

But, things just continued to devolve from there. 

Blaine instructed Kurt not to try out for solos, despite taking every solo for himself. 

Blaine instructed Kurt, flamboyant and ostentatious Kurt, not to stand out, even though Blaine, himself, would jump on top of furniture to draw attention to himself. 

He derided Kurt’s appearance, stating that Kurt had all the sex appeal of a “baby penguin”, and creepily overstepped boundaries by suggesting to Burt Hummel, Kurt’s father, that he should give Kurt “the talk”. 

He decided that he had feelings for Rachel after sharing a drunken kiss with her and singing a drunken duet with her, and dismissed Kurt’s criticisms of this impulsive behavior by insisting that he could be bi… only to determine at the end of the episode that he definitely wasn’t anything other than gay. 

Blaine was not at all impressed with the kilt Kurt designed to wear to the junior prom, and attempted to talk Kurt out of wearing it. You could argue that Blaine, who previously had issues with being harassed due to his sexuality, was trying to prevent another such altercation. But, Darren Criss played it as Blaine being a douchebag, especially when you compare Blaine’s reaction to Finn’s, who vocally approved of the kilt. 

At this point, I was no longer on-board with Klaine in any way, shape, or form. I honestly wanted Blaine to be removed from the show entirely, especially after his persisting presence caused the writers to abandon what could have been one of Glee’s most profound and emotionally moving story lines (that of Dave Karofsky). So, when I realized that Blaine was, in fact, sticking around through season three, I jumped ship. 

I created a Tumblr account in 2011, however, so I was able to keep up with the asinine plot threads the show attempted to weave during this time period. And, predictably, things with Kurt and Blaine only continued to get worse. 

Sebastian, a new Dalton Academy Warbler, wants to get into Blaine’s pants, and makes this quite clear to Blaine. Blaine has coffee dates with him, anyway, and even goes so far as to sexy-dance with him in front of Kurt, at a gay bar. 

After this, an intoxicated Blaine attempts to force himself on Kurt in the back of either his or Kurt’s car. Kurt vocally and physically resists, saying “no” multiple times, but Blaine refuses to oblige and Kurt actually has to push Blaine off of him. A riled up Blaine holds Kurt responsible and insists that he’s “sorry for trying to be spontaneous and fun”, before sulking off. 

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for a me, and a lot of other people who were already either vehemently opposed to, or side-eyeing this travesty of a “relationship”. 

As I’ve already covered, though… things with Kurt and Blaine never improved. They continued to degenerate and become not just unhealthy, but outright abusive in several instances. 

This is an excellent post that delves into further detail of how Blaine is a selfish, controlling, emotionally manipulative piece of work that Kurt should have dumped to pursue any of his many other options, during the third season. 

If this isn’t enough to make Blaine/Klaine worthy of being hated, however, Blaine cheats on Kurt in season four, and blames Kurt for it. 

so I love my mom and she says some of the best stuff ever but one of my favorite things she’s done is stop watching g/lee like a minute into episode 4x05 because B/laine sang hopelessly devoted and she was like “he cheated on him that’s not hopelessly devoted” and turned off the tv and stopped watching g/lee from that moment out lol

What Santana should have said

“Kurt, maybe it didn’t work out between you and Blaine because your relationship is more toxic than a chemical plant. Maybe it didn’t work out between you and Blaine because he cheated on you, and you should have walked away from him then and there instead of taking him back. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine is a manipulative, lying, immature child who thinks he’s entitled to everything and has an ego so inflated, it gives Rachel’s a run for her money. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated, because all he ever did was walk all over you and treat you like an inferior, which is ridiculous because you’re Kurt fucking Hummel and you deserve everything good that happens to you. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine just makes you miserable. Yes, I understand you’re hurting, but you should be with someone who makes you as happy as Brittany makes me. Believe me Kurt, you can do so much better. So, just quit chasing after Blaine because you are the biggest, brightest diamond. And he isn’t even a fucking pebble.”

See, I know a lot of people, Kurt stans especially, are pissed off at Santana for what she said, but I’m not because the Santana that I grew to admire on this show was the one who said that she was a hardcore friend. The Santana that I admire was the one who told Kurt (and Rachel) that she had love for him and thought of him as family. The Santana I admire was the one who grew to care about the guys in Glee club and stuck up for them and would always tell them to get their crap together in her Santana way because she loves those guys and she wants to see them happy, no matter how much of a bitch she says she is. The Santana that I admire is the one who would’ve said all that to Kurt if the Glee writers weren’t offensive as all hell and knew how to properly write a television show. So yeah, the writers are the ones I’m mad at because it wouldn’t have been hard to write that scene that way, but those guys just love being offensive dicks, so of course they had Santana insult Kurt while bringing Chris’s own physical appearances into play. Not to mention, they had her seem like she’s on Team Blaine, which is ridiculous because I was sure it was a given that Santana didn’t even give a shit about that overgrown child. But the Glee writers just love upsetting people, so what can I say?

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Sorry if you've answered this before but how come you don't like Kurt and Blaine I didn't watch past s2 of glee but I'm curious?

My problem lies with Blaine.

In their relationship, Blaine plays victims most of the times and have made kurt look like a bad guy. Blaine cheated on Kurt while Kurt lives in NY and saying he was alone when he was the one who encouraged him to go to New York in the first place. He accused him cheating on him with Elliot. He forced Kurt to have sex in the back seat of the car because he was trying to perform better and even though he was drunk it’s still no excuse. We’ve heard Kurt saying “NO” and “Stop it” several times and blaine didn’t care. Blaine didn’t even apologized for that? He apologized TO RACHEL for not being a better Tony NOT KURT.

Blaine is also a hypocrite. He said the Finchel kiss in Nationals at the end of s2 was unprofessional when also in s2, Blaine was serenading a guy at his workplace. In s2, he was getting his warblers to be sexy and in s3 ep 8, for sectionals, saying his body is not for sale.

I think it’s better to read this long long summary post. Bottom line, Kurt deserves better and Blaine could just walk off the cliff. And I never hate a character like i do with Blaine.

Thank you for releasing the bitter Glee fan in me. 

tagging @kurtsbastians bc i know she loves me.

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hi, klainer here. i can understand why ppl would be upset about blaine's pushing kurt in the car after scandals, but the fact is that he did apologize. just because you won't accept it as an "actual" apology doesn't erase that it was there. also, i'd like to point out that that incident didn't haunt kurt, but karofsky's bullying clearly did (until he forgave him finally, of course). i don't mean to come off as rude or trying to pick a fight, so i apologize if i did. :/

Blaine did not just push Kurt in the car, he tried to have sex with Kurt in the car without his consent. He didn’t even stop when Kurt said no multiple times. What if Kurt didn’t have enough strength to physically push himself away from Blaine? Blaine could have raped Kurt right there.

Last time I checked, Blaine did not apologize to Kurt. He admitted that he was drunk, but he did not apologize. It seemed that he blamed his behaviour on alcohol. Being drunk is not a valid excuse for him to be an inconsiderate and disrespectful ass even if he regretted his behaviour later on. I don’t care how drunk Blaine was, no means no. Blaine couldn’t even offer a proper and sincere apology, even simple apologies like ‘I’m sorry Kurt. There’s no excuse for my behaviour’ or ‘I’m sorry Kurt. I know I was wrong’, is it that too hard to say? 

Maybe the incident didn’t haunt Kurt but a sexual assault is a sexual assault. In the end, I would choose someone who is honest and never attempts to justify and tone down his actions. So between Blaine and Dave, I’d choose Dave.  

Klainers do not get it: Anti Klainers are so passionate because we were once stupid enough to ship that toxic mess! Naive enough to ignore the first warning signs in season 2 when Blaine told Kurt he wasnt sexy and to try to fit in while Blaine flirted with everyone and jumped on furniture. Foolish enough to try to ignore our  uneasy feelings during the first time even if it made us feel wrong, sad, and uncomfortable seeing that sexual assualt being made into Kurt giving himself to Blaine later on, we even tried to ignore the cheating. But how can we continue to ship Klaine when Blaine do not treat Kurt right? When Blaine makes him cry, cheats on Kurt, argues with him all the time and just makes Kurt frown more than smile the past 3 seasons? When Kurt is no longer the same guy who cared about his future, who cared about Broadway, cooking, and fashion like he did in seasons 1,2, and even 3 when he was not being humiliated by Blaine time and time again? Kurt Hummel lost himself because of Blaine and that is unfuckingforgivable!