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SO guys i have over 4,000 followers!! (yikes) And I was like, I want to celebrate but Idk what the hell to do. Remember when I said I was gonna do a Duke contest? Well I’m doing a Jason one instead cause my Jason design is my signature thing(and what got me to my first 1000) Details under the cut!!!-

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TianShanWeek - Day 1 - Pursuit

*during lunch time*

Zhan Zheng Xi: I wonder why the other two still haven’t shown up…

Jian Yi: Oh! I got a text from He Tian before, he said he was in hot pursuit of Mo!

Zhan Zheng Xi: … 

Zhan Zheng Xi: What the fuck is that supposed to mea-…

*Mo crashes and bolts through the courtyard*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Zhan Zheng Xi: Where the fuck is he-…

*He Tian chases Mo with fire set to his clothes*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Jian Yi: …

While James is in Beacon he spends the night at Qrow’s after one of their booty calls, because he can’t be bothered to get up and get dressed and walk aaaall the way to his temporary room. The day had been fairly taxing for James and he’s exhausted. 

Qrow doesn’t think anything of it though and gets him some pills for his headache and curls up next to him because his post-coital cuddles are the best, dammit.

They wake up not to the gentle chippings of the birds or anything peaceful like that, but to Qrow’s youngest niece.

“Uncle Qrow, are you there?”

The Two in bed share a look akin to that of a Faunus in headlights. Qrow had completely forgotten that he promised his nieces they’d spend the day together.

“Uh yeah I’m just- in my room.”

The only reply is the sound of Ruby’s footsteps running down the hallway and in a state of panic Qrow throws the blankets up over James’ head. The door to his bedroom flies open not two seconds after that and Ruby’s grin practically lights up the room.

“It’s one in the afternoon silly, what are you still doing in bed?” She then takes a few steps back, and having helped raise the kid from birth, Qrow could instantly tell what she was about to do.

“Ruby waitwaitwaIT-”

She pays no mind to his protests and takes a running leap at the bed-

Landing directly on James Ironwood, not only Headmaster of Atlas Academy, but also General of the Altesian military.

And that’s how his niece’s found out about their ”thing.”

They were never gonna let him live it down.

so me and @captainraviolius were having a skype conversation about if they try to put the fall powers into pyrrha and if  something went wrong amber’s consciousness was accidentally mixed with pyrrha’s and she would torment  her because she doesn’t have the guts to confess to jaune

captain made a comic too so check hers out! 


Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

Alright imagine going on a late night grocery trip with your boyfriend, Justin. You both want to make it a short trip so you decide to split the grocery list, and to make things interesting you decide to make it a competition to see who can get all the items they’re responsible for first. Justin grabs the list from your hand and tears it in half before running to grab a shopping cart. You speed walk shortly behind your 21 year old boyfriend who begins to hop on the front of his cart and glide away. You giggle and make your way over to the fruits and veggies that your half of the list made you responsible for. Once you’ve placed them into you’re cart, you read over the grocery list that sends you to the isle with the drinks. You spot the drink you need and as you bend over to grab them you feel a hard smack against your bum. You snap up and find your boyfriend disappearing into other isles with a cheeky smile on his face. Rolling your eyes, you grab the drinks and toss them into your cart and begin to check off the items you’ve already grabbed. Now you’re going from isle to isle until you finally find the condoms and coincidentally your boyfriend. You then get an idea. “Justin” you call out, hoping you didn’t blow his cover. “Yeah?” he replies, turning his cart around to face you. You curl your index finger for him to come over. Once he’s almost right next to you, you decide blurt out: “ok so i’m shopping for some condoms and i forgot are you a small or an extra small?” That leaves Justin embarrassed and you on the verge of laughing your ass off at the expression on his face. “Wow there’s extra small? i guess i wouldn’t know since i always get the extra large.” he says, emphasizing the words “extra large” and looking around to make sure others around could hear him. You roll your eyes for the second time and grab a box from the shelf next to. “How many items do you have left?” You heard Justin ask before you walked away. You held 2 fingers up without looking back at him. He yells “me too” and you disappear into the isle with the ice cream. You get your favorite ice cream and Justin’s favorite ice cream before checking both off. After, you go to the self check out machine and start swiping each item on the bar code scanner. You see no sign of Justin which means your probably going to win the small competition you proposed before entering the grocery store. You’re about to swipe the last item when a large hand snatches it from your grasp. You turn around, knowing it was Justin, and begin to jump up to try and grab it from him but it was no use. “You know i cant reach that” you whine. “Sounds like a personal problem” he replies and turns around to begin swiping his items. You are determined to win so you jump on his back causing to stumble backwards. “Give it to me!” you yell as you wrap your legs around his waist and try reaching for the item in his hand. “Never!” he yells back. (so at this point you both look like 2 idiots fighting over condoms) “Then you leave me no choice” you warned him as you hopped off and he swiped his last item. You brought your hand down his stomach to his zipper and began to palm him through his jeans until you felt an erection. “What are you doing?” he breathed out. “Winning,” you smirk and grab the condoms from his hand. You swipe, pay, and place all the bags into your cart. You started walking out and looking over the receipt before getting interrupted. “You can’t just leave me like this.” he says causing you to turn around and look at him. “And why not?” you ask with fake innocence in your tone. “Because i got a boner and it’s all your fault.” he whispered causing you to smirk once again and shrug. “Sounds like a personal problem.” you reply and send him a wink before walking away.

Soooooo here it goes. (Solangelo)
Will hardly remembers when he and Nico first met, they were young. Really young, the specifics he can’t remember but the fact that they met when he still thought he was straight. Ha! What a thought, Will straight. Around the time they started getting really close Will realized he had a sorta not so tiny crush on Nico. And that scared the fuzz out of Will. Around that time Nico came out as gay.

“Will, I need to tell you something….”
“Who is dying!?!?” Will, sorta, joked.
“I’m sorta really gay….”
“I know, what is it that you wanted to tell me?” they laughed and everything was fine.

When Will told Nico he was gay too, Nico didn’t even blink. Which was a relife. But when Will /finally/ told Nico that he ‘kinda sorta might just maybe want to date him’ Nico just gave him a weird look.

And that was that, Will tried tp get over it but failed so far, that was a month ago. Now it’s September and they’re starting freshman year in highschool. Meeting new people gaining new privileges ect….

“Will!” a bright voice called to him from behind. It was his cousin Annabeth.

“Why didn’t you tell me! You tosser!” she was smiling and laughing as she pulled him into a hug, but before Will could ask her what she ment she was being pulled away by her best friends Hazel and Piper.

“That was strange,” he muttered to himself before walking down the hallway to the spot where he agreed to meet up with Nico before their classes.

“Oh there he is, my boyfriend, Will Solace.” Nico spoke quite loudly gesturing to Will as he talked to a small teen standing in front of him.

Wait. What…. /boyfriend/!?!?!
Will was hopelessly confused, when did that happen?!?!

“Nice to meet you, I’m Leo!” the boy stuck his hand out towards Will. And sadly in his utter shock, Will was still staring fish-mouthed at Nico. The word boyfriend echoing through his head.

“I’m sorry about him, he seems to be short circuiting at the moment,” Nico pulled Will down the hall. “See ya!”

“Will, what’s going on?” Nico was very close, their chests touching and Will thinks he can feel Nico’s heartbeat.

“I. You. What!” Will tried to be coherent, he did. It just wasn’t working.

“Ohhhh, the 'boyfriend’ word,” Nico stepped back looking kinda sad. “I figured it was okay but… If it isn’t I understand,” Nico turned as if to walk away but before he could get far Will grabbed his wrist and pulled him into a kiss. It was short but it got the point across.

“I didn’t know you felt that way,” Will laughed after they pulled away for a moment.

“What do you mean, we’re dating. Have been for months,” Nico’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“Well I was unaware of that….”