lol kenzie

life sucks but im wonderful and some day im gonna be married to a beautiful girl who thinks im wonderful too and life is gonna be amazing and i cant wait

anonymous asked:

For the mtl to be bisexual/asexusal, there should be a Kenzie scale number next to each member's name lol. (Kenzie scale is a 0-6 sexuality scale. 0=Hetero, 6=homo, X or no number is asexual)

Thank you for the information 💕🌹

rememberstilinski  asked:

i vote stuart bc i'm pretty dad up his ass but the you need to write fbi agent!stiles!!! -kenzie🌹

Lol we know how far up his ass you are kenz. Because you are canon otp with Stuart. But you will get fbi!stiles for sure. I already have everything planned!

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Lol on kenzie's snapchat there are loads of pictures of her fans holding signs about kenz, and one of them had one of those things where u do a word for each letter of their name to describe them so they were like k-knowledgable(????) e-energetic n-nice z-Ziegler (???????????) i-inspiring e-excellent. I can't get over the fact they put Ziegler in there??