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SKT T1 Nami - Fashion Concept…. SHE HAS LEGS … I drew Nami with legs. In I bought the skin and she just seems so sassy so I had to draw her getting caught taking a selfie. Thought I would draw a character other than Monster High in this style :) I plan to do some sketches to practice and flesh out her character a bit more :)

I love the red hair :) And her legs go on for days!

I will be doing some more Monster High soon I promise!!

Speedpaint here :


Listen to her story

Fairy pigeons?

edit: for those concerned about the colorful birds, I was able to find this:

They are dyed and fed a special diet. These are pigeons located in Pearl City Hawaii and the Humane society has certified that they are treated humanely and are not in any danger from the process that changes their coloring. Their keeper (Doug Beter) has been recognized by the humane society for his best practices and his care for the birds.


Because sometimes what you need most is an impossibly cute floof og a doggo who looks like an anime character magically brought to life running along like the happiest creature that ever lived.

According to his Instagram account, this adorable doggo’s name is Kobe and he’s a Pomeranian living in South Korea. But we strongly suspect he’s secretly a miniature cloud

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The cutest fox