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When Steve first brings Bucky back to the tower, everyone is… weary. Sam remembers fighting him in DC, Natasha remembers him from the Red Room, Clint remembers the horror stories and ghost stories from SHIELD, and everyone is tense. They’ve seen what the Winter Soldier could do, had done, and they weren’t sure how to behave around him. His dry sarcasm, the way he lurks in the shadows, the way his face always looks like he’s thinking of 20 different ways to murder you, and even the fact that he doesn’t talk much make pretty much everyone nervous.

Except Tony.

Tony, frankly, thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen. He laughs at them when they jump because Bucky has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He makes Batman jokes when he finds Bucky standing in shadows. He doesn’t let Bucky’s silence or murder stare intimidate him, he just keeps talking to Bucky in a one sided conversation (Tony talks enough for two people anyway). When things gets too tense, Tony always seems to be there to defuse it. He makes jokes, he flirts, he laughs at Bucky’s dry, dark humor responses the few times he does talk. He acts normal around Bucky, the same way he did Bruce that first day on the Hellicarrier, and makes sure to always engage with Bucky when he’s in the room. Bucky doesn’t always respond, but he doesn’t give any indication that he doesn’t like it (eventually he even stops tensing up when Tony fleetingly touches his shoulder or his hand).

One day, when Bucky’s having a bad day, low on sleep with too many bad memories in his head, Tony comes in full blaze, his usual energetic self. Usually Bucky seems ok with it, but today for some reason it appears Tony’s ability to never shut up is grating on his nerves.

“Stark, I swear, if you don’t shut up I will fuckin’ shank you.”

It isn’t really said with much force or malice, more like the annoyed plea of an overly tired person, but the whole room still freezes. They’re heads swivel back and forth like they’re watching a tennis match. Natasha’s hand moves towards her hip, and Thor makes a move as though he’s getting ready to restrain Barnes at any moment.

Tony is frozen in place as well, but instead of a look of fear or apprehension, his mouth is turned down in a frown, his brow creasing in that way it does when he lets himself show open concern the team.

“I’m sorry,” Tony begins, voice soft. “Not a good day, huh? You look tired, cyborg. You know what you need? Pancakes. With a lot of syrup. And chocolate chips. And stupid television. You and I are gonna watch stupid television. You ever seen Austin Powers? Well get your ass ready, Buckaroo, because you’re about to.”

Tony goes off on a rant about making sure they have enough stuff to make pancakes for two super soldiers and a god, running around the kitchen and grabbing the things he needs. Bucky seems to relax a bit at the table, shoulders losing some tension, and he nods at Steve’s concerned look to let him know he’s ok.

A couple hours later, when everyone is in the living room having eating their fill of sugary pancakes, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is playing on the TV. Bucky and Tony are sitting next to each other on the love seat, not much room between them, wrapped up in giant fluffy blankets. Tony is whispering things to Bucky, weather they’re talking about what happened in the kitchen or Tony is giving a running commentary of the movie, Steve doesn’t know. But when Tony leans his head down to rest slightly on the edge of Bucky’s shoulder, Steve is pretty sure he’s the only one that sees one side of Bucky’s mouth tick up in content half smile. He turned back to the movie, knowing his friends were alright.

I had a dream that HQ season 4 had come out but there weren’t any announcements so only a few people had noticed but hadn’t bothered to tell anyone?? what


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

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Thoughts on Shingen as a romance option? He's my favorite but even I didn't like the love that much between Shingen/MC :(

Like some people might come out here and Kill Me for this but I really don’t think Shingen needed to be a romance option in the first place lmao

I really don’t think he’s at a place in his life where love is ever going to take precedence over war for him. Shingen is a dying man and he’s really just trying to see if he can make sure his clan gets out of all of this in one piece. He knows he’s old and withering away. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–his relationship with the MC is really contrived and feels very one-sided. 

I think Shingen would’ve had a stronger story as a father-figure. I know it’s his Big Trait to be like Smut Lord #1 but like… I feel like I don’t see nearly enough stuff about Shingen in regards to family. It’s honestly been written as such a big part of his life within his narrative–his clan is literally what comes first and foremost for him, always–and I feel like we just don’t get enough of it? He goes so far out of his way to take care of everyone under his roof and like… I want to see more of that? Why can’t we? LMFAO

(If we’re going all out… like really, all of the lords probably could be married already, but I feel like Shingen definitely would’ve been married for a long ass time now–he’d have had plenty of kids already, likely just a bit younger than Yukimura (and lmao if we’re going by history he’s got a lot of bastards, too). Or even if he doesn’t have an official wife (concubines, anyone?)… Why don’t we get Kiku as his daughter, since she was in real life? In Saizo’s story you’re told that they’re really very close despite only being an uncle and niece, and Shingen overlooked her education himself. LIKE HE’S IMPLIED TO HAVE PRACTICALLY RAISED THIS GIRL! Fuck the whole uncle/niece bullshit, give me father-daughter scenes with Shingen and Kiku. Fuck.)

Anyway, ramblings aside, I don’t feel like he’s going to get any satisfactory development in exploring emotional intimacy or learning to love someone in a romantic capacity at the point MC comes into his life–like damn, if I’m in my late 30s-40s who gives a fuck??? LMFAO–and if we want to have seen any of it, it should’ve been done in his younger years. I really hate how they write Shingen out to be kind of immature in some senses (implied to have had plenty of sex but never kissed a woman, never held a baby, doesn’t understand physical boundaries) while also still trying to make him seem like a mature, experienced character, so I really think he would’ve needed that development when he was still growing up. They’re so wishy-washy with his character and I can’t stand it lmfao.

I also think it would’ve made for a stronger narrative if we got to explore the family dynamics he would’ve had with say, a wife/wives and children, because he would ultimately not be struggling through his illness alone (besides just Kansuke, anyway). I feel like it would’ve been way more satisfying to see how that took a toll on people he’s already close to and trusts (and could you imagine? Being married for years and knowing your husband is inevitably going to die? And all you can do is watch? BRUH), and more importantly, it’s not something he’d be able to hide from any of them. And listen, if they’re already trying to make Shingen adopt MC (TIRED OF THIS PSEUDO-INCEST SHIT VOLTAGE!!!) then why not just make him do it? Let her learn to be a noble, let her find a close and fulfilling familial relationship with the man who decided to take her under his wing. I would’ve loved that? God. But I also know this is an otome, so like… I’m not getting this any time soon LOL.

tl;dr I don’t think MC can really do anything for Shingen at the point she comes into his life within the story and that kind of makes the romance option for him a bit pointless.