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HEY SO this is probably a weird question and I'm sorry if it is but I love to write Lance and I don't know the Spanish language very well so I usually just imply when he's speaking in Spanish. But I was wondering if there were any universal sayings/proverbs you guys have? Like if I want Lance to get philosophical in a conversation, he'll say something he's always been told all of his life, and he'd probably say it in Spanish since the meaning likely doesn't translate as well in Engilsh ;;

here’s a good list of cuban idiomatic expressions; with both what it is in spanish and what it means in english

this is a “writing spanish for non-spanish speakers” post i made a while back

and here in my FAQ i have some more links to writing spanish and info on cubans

i hope these are helpful!!!!


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.



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snowconeskywalker replied to your posthave i mentioned how much i hate obi wan/satine

spill the tea i wanna hear

fairyisle replied to your post:have i mentioned how much i hate obi wan/satine


it’s just a poorly written ship and only serves to advance obi wan’s character development while minimizing her. her death occurs for the sole purpose of contributing to his tragic backstory as if there haven’t been enough female characters who died for that same reason

also they’re both gay as hell and satine and padme are in love so


hey i hope u all had a wonderful day!!!! u are worthy of recognition & deserve to hear how cherished & loved u are!!!! be sure to take care of urself n nourish ur body, ur very important n u conquered another day!!!! i knew u could do it!!!! i cant wait to see u conquer more!!!! i love u!!!!!!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I'm fine, so please stop assuming whenever a woman says she's fine it MUST mean the opposite, because that perpetuates the notion that women are inherently dishonest and manipulative.

What about a Sormik Highschool AU with jock Sorey who plays quarterback and is a natural athlete for outdoor sports, is super good in history and fencing and plays the violin.

Then you have Mikleo who is a talented ballet dancer and figure skater and is head of the archery club who plays the piano and is also good in history.

They suck in other subjects but they pull through every sem thanks to their ‘tutors’ and sorey and mikleo are just never apart.

And when someone mocks the indecency of the jocks, mikleo would be the first to elaborate their hygienic routine and hardworking attitude and if someone mocked the dancers or any of the arts students, sorey would be like “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A BALLET CLASS?? I SWEAT THE SAME OR MORE IN AN HOUR WORTH OF BALLET CLASS THAN I DO AFTER A GAME”

And whenever mikleo comes by the locker rooms to pick sorey up, he’ll break down everyone’s injuries and how to heal them and the team slowly sees why sorey loves mikleo so much he’s so caring and thoughtful and he even made them drinks during the finals. Likewise, when Mikleo lead the ballet show and he couldn’t find an appropriate partner, sorey would gladly step in and his team came to their practice to laugh at sorey but instead they were at awe at how difficult ballet actually is and how mikleo still kept going even after sorey was lying on the floor exhausted. They never questioned Mikleo again.

And after seeing the dedication and smoothness of sorey’s moves as mikleo’s partner, the arts department started being more mellow with the jocks and there’s just this mutual understanding between both parties and its all good because of sorey and mikleo.

I love them so much help
(Also they are volunteer librarians so that they can read and borrow books with benefits lol)