lol junior skating

ted barton is too good for this world: jgp austria edition

On Anastasiia Gubanova’s FS: “From my perspective this is a great skater, and a growing young lady learning to compete through the ups and downs. Last year was a great year, she’s growing, she’s maturing, she’s still skating at a very high level. But you will not skate perfect all the time, it’s your ability to get through those changes in life and to grow up and to learn how to apply your top skills at pressure moments, and it’s a rollercoaster, no top skater doesn’t go through a rollercoaster, some longer than others. /…/ Don’t worry about this young girl, she’s good, she’s gonna get better, but it’s never an easy road.”

On Moa Iwano’s FS: “That was special. And not because of all the jumps. They weren’t all perfect but they were darn good. What was special was that when the music changed, and the emotion of the music changed, her facial expression changed, her body movement changed. She was patient, she understood all the emotions of that piece of music. It was beautiful. Completely captured me into that performance, just beautiful.”

On Elisavet Mulder-Stoupaki’s FS: “One of the good things about our sport - or really pretty much any sport - whether you skated well or you haven’t skated well, if you accomplished something, if you have a smile coming off the field or off the ice, it’s been worth it. Do it because you want to do it and you like it. She seemed to enjoy being out there and performing.”

(adding your favorite ted commentary to this post is encouraged, i only watched the ladies and missed a lot)