lol jongup's face


Hi, friends~ I was tagged a thousand years ago by @daehnii @blurrredpages @daehyuns-lip-ring @lightning-loving @lulumonnie @bangstermoon and @happy-daes for various selfie things, so I’ll just be plain Jane and do the bias tag! (Hey how about the color-coordination though, light blue and soft brown in both mmhmm).

I will tag @mirrorworld-junhong @holyjongbutt @zeloswaffles @bap-time @roses-for-jongup @fae-hyun @anna-something @infamouskem @bapofficial @brainboxercheetos @bangyongguktigger @dontlookatmelikethatyongguk and @jongup-is-an-enigma! You don’t have to if you don’t want, of course.

Have a lovely day! *tosses sparkles*