lol jongup's face


“(A fan) asked me to do an impersonation of my members…I don’t think I’ve ever done an impersonation of my members before.” ( translation )

Guys my sister was looking at Himchan the entire night at the D.C concert. She would record Jongup (for yuh girl of course 😘) but just stare at Himchan… later on she ask who’s that (Himchan) and I go ‘That’s Himchan’ her face went 😮, the whole time she thought Himchan was Zelo 😂😂😂this girl.
Today we watched Skydive and as soon as she saw Himchan she goes 'I saw him’ 😂😂
The concert was almost a week ago and I’m still not over it. It really was the best day of my life and I have so much to say but can’t explain a thing!! 😫😫 Next year please hurry I miss them 🤧