lol jongin is more like the hyung to baekhyun

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Who really acts like the maknae?


Baekhyun: Minseok hyung sometimes acts alot like the maknae…

Xiumin: *hisses slightly* I will fight you Byun. You act more like a maknae then me!

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Baekhyun: NO!?!?! Sehun and Tao and Jongin do! *defense howl mode activated.

XIumin: *face palms, ears are flat against his skull* BEcause they are the maknaes??? Duh!

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XiuBaek: *fight pettily*

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EXO: We don’t fight. This is just their way of saying I love you. We promise.

Val: To be honest though they all act a little maknae ish dependng on their mood X3.

EXO: WE DON’T!!!! *will now try to fight me bye X3*

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Val: I did not know what to write for this one sorry!!!! 

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Hello bff! Today is my birthday! Can I request uri beloved Jongin spam (can be any sort, individually or with Baek, my top bias) pleaseeee! Heehee thanks! ~ Bff anon

OMIGOSH HAPPY BIRTHDAY BFF! For your birthday present, I shall spam you with KaiBaek, or more like Baekhyun being a cute hyung to Jongin!

First of all I love it when Baek made him laugh like there’s no tomorrow

when Baek said he choreographed a part of the dance in CMB LOL (I LOVE HIS LAUGH HERE)

making a serious Jongin smile :3

Lends his shoulder for Jongin

(and gives a little kiss)

when Jongin’s embarrassed >.<

when Jongin’s REALLY embarrassed

Lets baby Jongin play with him

tells scared Jongin the shark is not gonna bite

helps shy Jongin so that he wouldn’t dance alone xD

And holds his hand so that he’s not lost :3