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Miku’s 10th Anniversary Tribute

Day 06: Schoolgirl Miku.
Day 07: Original outfit: I drew her a simple/plain hoodie (nothing too fancy because I’m lazy).

While I was in chipotle, this guy that was with his girlfriend stopped me and told me that I had really beautiful natural hair. I said “thank you! ☺️” and continued to order but I over heard him talking to his girlfriend and is like “doesn’t she have really nice hair?” And I can tell his girlfriend was not fond of him swooning over me so she’s like “…Eh, yeah I guess.” he literally couldn’t stop talking about me for like 2mins. Confidence boost 😊

The Stable Boy - Kristoff x Anna

((I love this prompt but I went through SO MANY different drafts of it you would not believe, but finally it is finished))

HEY FRIENDS: This is rated for steam (as always) and suggestiveness but it’s…actually I don’t know what it is. A little fluff, angst, awkwardness, yeah-the usual. I hope you like it! PS it’s kind of long. 

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51 days of Riley

→ 51. Girl Meets Legacy

“I’m in the middle of a big mess with two of the people I care most about.”