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JIKOOK/KOOKMIN: The Hyungs Edition

(DISCLAIMER: This is based on perception which is subjective and I am in no way forcing anyone to see these situations as I have. That doesn’t mean it’s right but it doesn’t mean that the perceptions are wrong or baseless either lol. How confusing is the reality in which we live. Ok enough of this psycho-sophical stuff!)

Jin & Namjoon

These two…mmm…..the expressions they have, things they say, their reactions and overall behavior. Let’s start with the freshest moments. Technically, Jimin spilled the beans but Jin decided to go into great detail about the situation confirming that Jungkook indeed bought a birthday gift for Jimin alone. He was highly offended lol. This isn’t the first time he has been offended by JK & JM’s bias to each other. The other time was in the last trio’s Eating Vlive. Jimin had hit JK on the arm for teasing him and Jin wanted to know why he didn’t hit him too. He made a hilarious big deal out of it too. Roll back to the BBMA’s where after watching Jimin (when JK said that he wanted to see Hobi’s abs that he should show for ARMY) turned to JK and addressed him while saying Jimin should strip naked for ARMY instead. Jin and Namjoon were watching JK for his reaction/answer expectantly. *Excuse me, how is that Jungkook’s concern?* Jin actually teasingly laughed at JK’s reaction/response. These aren’t the only times they have looked at either JK or JM expectantly or for an answer/reaction. Remember when they were watching their BS&T music show performance. Jimin didn’t do his shoulder “accident” and Namjoon said that they were all expecting it and he turned to Jungkook and said “Am I right?”, expecting confirmation from the resident Jimin stan. Also when they were watching the Not Today performance, Namjoon told JK that he was strong and he could feel how powerful he looked through the screen and Jin started giggling and watched Jimin. *I’m sorry, what does that have to do Jimin?*. Remember when Jimin did that “apology” for hit Jungkook with the Pokeball plushy and from a certain angle it looked like he kissed him. Well Jin was basically all of us. He was ShookJin. He actually highkey fangirled, like he couldn’t believe they just did that. Throwback to that Dope era fansign where we witnessed the Jeonlous. After Namjoon and Jimin had their moment, Jimin was trying to get Jungkook’s attention (Jungkook was clearly upset and not talking). Well when Namjoon saw JK’s behavior, he laughed. He was laughing at JK’s pain lol he was probably laughing because he thought JK was being ridiculous. There are other times where Nam/Jin just eyed them down.

Like (this) *Jimin’s thighs tho’*

And (this) exchange where they saw Jungkook caressing Jimin’s arm. Jin looks to Namjoon as if to say “Did you see that?” and Namjoon just looks away feigning ignorance.


When that BBMA moment happened he was laughing almost nervously. TBH he is the real MVP. He has to put up with them on a nightly basis. Let’s himself be shooed away by Jungkook. He had to deal with awkward third wheeling anytime Jikook was doing an interview/broadcast with him. (This) expression he had to JK checking out Jimin with a smile/smirk/grin was priceless. *I see you JK looking at Jimin’s ass*

His expression ft. Jin’s (when) Jimin and Jungkook decided that it was all fine and dandy to backhug and sway intimately

He also had to deal with rejection, such as JK snatching food out of his hand that he was about to eat and feeding it to Jimin instead. #SaveHobi2k17


Spills interesting flavors of tea. He says things like he thinks Jimin likes guys right after Jimin talks about liking Jungkook on a radio show. Says that the first thing Jimin does when he comes home is take off his shirt, throw it at JK and say I’m home. Tells JK that whatever he wants, Jimin will buy it for him, all he gotta do is ask. *Seriously is he appointing Jimin and JK’s sugar daddy or something?*. Other than his tea skills, he has neutral or smiling expressions and the occasional poker face towards Jikook. The one time I can remember him looking shook was that BBMA moment.


D.G.A.F.  Like seriously the only reactions I remember him ever having is changing the subject or a neutral/poker face. I think he’s rolled his eyes once or twice, idk.

(This) birthday Vlive for Jungkook was one instance where they all executed exasperated sighs and impeccable teamwork to change the subject when Jimin sat on JK’s lap and asked for a kiss.

I’m just saying. These guys know what’s up and Jin has some inside joke he’s running with.


(These) guys are Jikook/Kookmin shippers. I’m positive.

stop holding onto the past

larissapknight  asked:

Tina, I need some happy Lance in my life, and none of your furry bullshit better taint my precious son. (i'm totally joking, you can make lance a furry if you want lol)

Yeah ok let’s start with: “o boi I can’t wait to start yiffing 2day!” lance cheered.

Nah JK here we go.

Lance groaned for probably the fourth time in the past five minutes, and shifted position for the eighth. He was laying on a couch in one of the many rooms in the castle that didn’t have much of a use now that the crew was five earthlings and two alteans. This room in particular had become a bit of a lounge for the paladins, who spent most of their down time there.

“Ugh,” Lance groaned again, moving so that he was hanging upside down off the couch with his legs up on the backrest.

“Dude.” Pidge took off her headphones and glanced away from her laptop. “What is it?”

“Just you know, that feeling you get when you’re bored but like…nothing seems interesting…” Lance said, humming thoughtfully. “You know that feeling?”

“Executive dysfunction?” Pidge asked. “Yeah, sure, Hunk probably does too. Just try to force yourself to do something.”

“But like what do I wanna DO?” Lance asked, gesturing wildly with his hands.

“You want to taste test this,” Hunk said, striding over with a pan held in two gloved hands. “I found this fruit on T’lior that’s sorta like an apple, and I made a pie!”

“Whoa, almost-Earth food?” Lance righted himself quickly and beamed. “Lay it on me, Hunk!”

“I want some too!” Pidge closed her laptop and joined Lance on the couch.

“Yes, yes, I’m amazing I know,” Hunk grinned.

This game is hilarious
  • Motoki: Whatever you do, do not fall in love with any of these guys.
  • MC: Ok.
  • (10 chapters later)
  • Motoki: WHAT DID I SAY?
  • MC: Sorry! He was just so hot and we get along and we like each other.
  • Motoki: JK! I'm happy for you.
  • Why did he warn the MC at the beginning? If a romance is presented as forbidden, but then at the end, you go "LOL nevermind," was it really forbidden in the first place?
  • *scratches head*

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Ok bro, I'm going into the league to finish this game. I need to add one more bud to my team. I have a Lurantis, Mudsdale, Salazzle, Lycanroc (midday), and Decidueye. Who would you recommend I add??

That’s a pretty team! I’m choosing mine based on a colour pallette haha, so in your case, why not another pink pokémon?

lol jk, look this team planning site is really good, it lets you see the strengths and weaknesses of the team, it will help you make your decision much better than I