lol jk i don't know tbh

simple-engineer  asked:

How old do you think Revali and Teba are? Teba seems easier to pin to late 20s maybe early 30s (comparing birb years to hylian years I guess) but I don't know about Revali? Considering he has a sort of rivalry with Link I would guess maybe 18/19, but he seems older than that like early 20s.

Tebas an old man lol. Jk
And we know in order to go up onto Lanayru you have to be 17 so I feel like Link was maybe around 17-19??? Perhaps even 20
And for Revali, I’ve been thinking about this a lot after realizing how short revali is and tbh I feel like he was still young??? I mean he’s HELLA short compared to the other rito and he either is just a really short rito or he was young and still growing into an adult rito??? Perhaps he too was in his early 20s (with the fact that rito probably have different growth spurt spans from hylians. I mean just look at the zora)
But that’s just my thinking about it ;u;