lol jk i didnt


Happy 25th Birthday to Everyone’s Favourite Meme Lord, Daniel Howell!

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Do we have any sort of explanation to "ohmygod i just kissed lauren"; "JK NO I DIDNT LOL"? because i saw it a few times and a lot of cs blogs are saying they saw it in their own eyes but idk too good to be true

I saw it. But I don’t know if it was a fake, a hack, or just Camila being mila and it got taken out of context or its legit and all my hopes and dreams came true along time ago I was just too paranoid to believe it was real. 😂

I’m here to expose @tugophelly for coming into my home, spending five minutes on guessing when my birthday is and not getting it right, promising me an artist that draws dirk but couldn’t bring up the content, and denying my offer of water so now she’s gonna show up in a desert completely dehydrated

But she also gave me this wonderful button so all is forgiven

Reminder: All your faves are trans!!