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hi i’d like to post this as an anon please? and i’m sorry if my english is bad, english isn’t the main language in my country (:

i know this probably isn’t as scary as other stories i’ve read in this blog but i’d like to share this cause this experience bothers me till this day

so about 2 or 3 days ago i woke up at around 2:30am and i felt like someone was staring at me, so i sat up on my bed and put on my glasses, when i glanced at the door (my bed is 2 meters away from the door, not a queen or king size, but just the bed) there was someone standing outside the door staring right at me (the door was slightly ajar), i thought it was just a dream and i thought i was experiencing astral projection so i bit my tongue and i truly wasn’t dreaming nor experiencing astral projection, but it was reality. the man i saw was about 5'7″, he wore a black shirt and a dark brown shorts and had a messy hair, i tried to saw his face but it’s all black, everything about him was black other than his shorts. i wasn’t sure if he was staring at me or not but there’s this feeling that told me that the man was staring at me, i was so scared because he slowly moved towards the door and slowly opened it, i tried to stand up but i couldn’t, but when he tried to came to my bedroom he was gone, just gone like i was just imagining someone was standing behind the door.

the next morning i told my sister about this and she said that she had experienced it too but in her case it was a woman with white dress and she was just standing beside my sister’s bed staring at the window and she was gone.

till this day i haven’t seen him yet but last night i saw a shadow of a man standing outside my window, but because i was too tired to dealt with it i just went to sleep.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 That sounds like a hell of a way to deal with spooky things, going to sleep.  Thanks for sharing the scares!


Enough with the suit already. It’s a badass suit, but I’m the one in the badass suit, so I should be the one to tell her.


I’m not ready for Silver to go dark and here’s why. I know there has been hella forshadowing since season 3 (Killing Dufresne, the “How good it feels” quote, his emotional/irrational state the last 3 episodes). He’s been pushed over his personal limit. Billy put him in a position of immeasurable power in which he really didn’t wanna be in. The tragedy is that despite the fact that Silver cares deeply about the people he deems closest to him, it was Madi who was the first person in his life to return that love and affection in equal amount. Not to say that Billy and Flint never cared about him in their own ways, it’s just he was a loner for so long, so by the time he joined the Walrus crew he was still deprived of affection, friendship, love etc., while Billy (through his pirate brothers) and Flint (through Thomas H./Miranda) already had experienced this. Also Billy’s definition of friendship has always been in the context of the pirate way/pirate life (undying loyalty), meanwhile Silver’s definition of friendship is a much more emotional one and something that surpasses the pirate definition of friendship. Billy only sees one way, one perspective, Silver sees multiple ones. Now his friendship with Flint is finally on a stable level, but don’t forget how much he sacrificed for it. I also believe Flint has become more likeable because he’s coming closer and closer to his goal. The taking of Nassau, the unraveling of the Revolution, sharing the heavy load of leadership with Silver, discovering he and Madi had more in common then he expected etc. all contributed to this. But watch anybody from his own circle trying to get in his way (Madi isn’t present to manage anyone anymore lol) and see how fast James McGraw turns back into James Flint.

Now Silver is STILL learning new things about himself, still discovering his identity, what he really wants out of life, which can make him UNPREDICTABLE. He’s never experienced a huge emotional loss like Madi before, so we don’t know how indifferent and dark that will make him. She isn’t there anymore to help/teach him how to deal with loss. But most importantly, Silver himself doesn’t know how badly this is gonna affect him either. The reunion with Madi and his convo’s with Billy did make him more and more aware about the fact that Madi is his greatest weakness. And that he in an ideal situation would take Madi away with him after all this war business ends to start a life with her in seclusion. But that doesn’t mean he knows how badly her death is gonna affect him after he passes his mourning stage, so how do you manage what you can’t foresee?

His strenght is his compassion, empathy, his intelligence. We know he’s very open minded for a white man in that world. He learns new and difficult skills pretty quickly, sometimes more quickly then he has control over (Like a superhero who’s just learning how to control their new gained powers). His weakness is his vulnerability, his struggle to balance his emotional state with his rational mind, stemming from his loner past. Madi on the other hand masters her emotional state perfectly and what we’ve seen from Julius until now, he does so as well. They are both clearly very experienced and as far as we know always have been a part of a community (Julius before and after being enslaved).

Now you got all these people who expect him to master in a very short amount of time what took others years. And again, in a position of power he didn’t want to be in in the first place, so he’s doing it reluctantly. I’ve noticed a lot people in the fandom can’t wait for Silver to go full LJS when he finds out Madi is still alive. For now Billy is speculated to be behind this. If so, by all means Silver, get her, get him, do your thing. But because we’ve seen the good in him, the geniune good, the man who cares about his crew, who physically and mentally sacrificed himself for his crew and even the man who wants to do right by the Maroon community and former slaves, the man Madi fell in love with, I wonder how Madi is gonna respond to his dark side. But I also wonder who Madi is gonna become after coming out of her own current ordeal. It was clear from the preview for episode 7 Hands is gonna continue to exert his influence on Silver, especially now when he’s at his most vulnerable. I also forsee a fallout between Julius, Silver and Flint about how to go about this Revolution. Julius, with good reason, is only concerned about the wellfare of his people. HOW is Silver gonna handle all this in his current state? Is he gonna go full asshole/indifference? Is he gonna take Flint’s side and tell Julius to just deal with it? We already know Silver has doubts about this war and now with Madi being gone he’s gonna care even less. What are the consequences gonna be for the people who depend on him now?

Unrelated, but still very related, do you guys think Flint already told Silver Rogers is responsible for inviting the Spanish? If so, than he knows Rogers is the one responsible for Madi’s presumed death. If he’s gonna go full on LJS on Rogers, I really wouldn’t mind😈😈😈. I guess there is where Hands is gonna come in handy as well.
More Time, Chapter 8

[It] was standard operating procedure to notify command when a captain of a starship died. While tragic for everyone else, they were responsible for making sure they were prepared for any legal, intergalactic, or other logistical ramifications. Losing a captain or above was frankly a hassle. Dianna hated that the loss of life was often treated like this, but she understood that someone at Starfleet had to be pragmatic.

This pragmatic duty however was not what found her wandering the halls, looking for Dr. McCoy’s room. She had kept trying not to keep tabs on the young captain, to not be like Pike, looking for proof that his father was in there somewhere, or in her case, a much older captain she loved hundreds of years ago.

Part of her brain told her she had only been sent three sentences, and only one of those attempted to explain anything. Perhaps he didn’t sacrifice himself to save everyone. Perhaps the report was wrong. Perhaps he was already in there and had no choice. He was not Steve and she should not be here.

But this side of her brain didn’t win, because a moment later she saw a sign outside a door that read, Leonard McCoy, MD, Enterprise CMO.

She didn’t knock.

On the table lay an unmoving Captain Kirk, who was, by all perceptible indicators, dead. The doctor was putting him into what appeared to be a cryotube.

“Excuse me, ma'am, you can’t be in here,” snapped Doctor McCoy.

“Is he dead?” she asked, a tear in her eye. She hadn’t seen Steve when he died, as the entire plane had exploded. She wondered if this is what he would have looked like.

i always forget that I’m attracted to James Norton until I see James Norton and then I swoon

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So my new English teacher this year is my favourite person on the planet right now.

She had the clock in her class covered with a black paper (It was a broken clock and my schools too cheap to replace them.) and someone in the class asked why. Without hesitation she said, “Because I’m going to put James Franco on it.” And we all laughed and that was it.
The next day, We walked into class and to our suprise, She had James Franco on the clock.
Later someone asked, “What time is it?”
Someone else said, “I can’t tell with Franco in the way!”
I said simply, “It’s Franco O'Clock. It’s ALWAYS Franco O'Clock. Why have a reasonable unit of time measurement when James Franco?”

It’s gonna be a great year.