lol it's so funny :d

Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

mermaid makoto practice


Hello! So, I’ve decided to try out a challenge for a bit of a change. Created by Youtuber TheSimSupply, it’s called “Rags to Riches.” As the name suggests, my sim starts with absolutely no moolah (§0) and the basic goal is, well, to get rich! :D

So meet our heroine, Edie Ritch (im sorry i just had to haha). Currently, she’s living in a bare plot of land. With an empty pocket, there’s not much she can do but scavenge out whatever the world can provide her - mooching off food left by people at the park, digging for rocks and frogs, fishing, and napping on benches or sofas around town.

Follow her adventures as she uses her painting prowess and her plucky demeanor to soon open up an art gallery and start a flourishing business, and, one day, hopefully, reach her dreams of becoming Fabulously Wealthy.

Elena Rocio Ortiz.