lol it took me the series finale of this show to talk about it

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p10-11)

The second part of the episode commentary by Mitsurou Kubo! I have now fixed it with all the italic & bold parts as in the magazine (in the magazine they are actually bold & bolder). If you have any questions please send me a private message and I’ll reply when I have some time.

You can find the first commentary about episodes 1-6 here.

Just a note: when she quotes lines from the episodes I’m not using any of the “official” English translations, I’m translating them as I would translate them myself, so they might not be like you are used to hear them, but I think you will understand which lines they are anyway.

The translation is under the cut because it’s long.

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SasuSaku best explained

“ People constantly say Sasuke never changed or treated her well and act like she just took his abuse constantly and never stood up for herself. She was legitimately preparing to kill him at one point. And right here when finally, after everything they’ve been through, all the tears, everything she’s done and grown through because of her love for him, he apologizes to her. And she breaks down because she knows it’s sincere. But she tells him “you should be, you damn idiot”. If you think Part 1 Sakura or even first arc of Shippuden Sakura would’ve EVER said that to him you’re wrong. That’s growth. She sees him as a person and an equal not an unattainable prince she dreams about and obsesses over. Sasuke grew as well! He learned the truth about his family, he flip flopped on his life’s philosophy over and over again, and he finally had his huge confrontation with Naruto they always wanted. In the end, he married her. Which to me means he sees her as a person and an equal now as well. Whereas when they were kids he found her constant idolizing and affection towards him annoying and had to be cruel to her because she’d interpret anything else as an invitation to join him on his path of self-destruction. It’s actually a really well-developed and mutually respectful relationship if you’re mature enough to notice how they both had to change perspectives and reevaluate the other’s place in their lives in order to make it work.“


This is describes their relationship completely, I don’t think anyone could have put it any better than this.

By the way, before I start admiring just how amazing this is, this is a YouTube comment I saw, I didn’t even know that someone could manage to describe their relationship in one easy paragraph, well I have, but at least not with a hate comment following it.

Before people even begin to try to say, “Well Sarada isn’t Sakura’s daughter,” please look at this:

This is at the very end of Naruto Gaiden, where Karin confirms that Sarada is not Karin’s daughter, she’s Sakura’s daughter. Even Kishimoto explained this. Even if it doesn’t end up being brought up in the animated version of Naruto Gaiden, it’s still cannon that Sarada Uchiha is Sakura’s daughter. Kishimoto even pointed out that he had purposefully tried to give them similar facial features and he tried to give them similar personalities with only a little bit of Sauke’s mixed in (even though she seems to be a perfect mix of both her parents).

Now that we’ve got that confirmed, let’s talk about this.

Firstly, why are people acting as if Sasuke left for no reason whatsover?? This is why he left:

Sasuke isn’t leaving the village because he just decided: 

“Well, lol I don’t want to raise my child or have anything to do with my wife so I gtg”

This guy left because he actually ended up feeling immense guilt for what he did. He feels guilty because all Naruto, Sakura, and even Kakashi showed him was love and he returned the favor with pure hatred. Yet, none of them ever stopped believing that they could set him on the right path. Even when everyone else did. All of them still hanged in there until the very end. Just because Sasuke didn’t yell or get angry like Naruto, or cry or punch something like Sakura, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings.

He just tries to keep a calm exterior, but you can’t convince me that their hasn’t been any character growth their since Shonen Jump or the beginning of Shippuden. Because there was lots of it with Sasuke. Just because it wasn’t as visible as it was with all the other characters in the series doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

Now, for those who dislike SasuSaku, I don’t blame you the ship was written sort of vaguely, we never really got to learn exactly how Sasuke felt. But Sasuke himself is a very vague person, and he’s come a long way with that. Even though he’s still fairly vague about how he feels.. But Sasuke and Sakura have a different type of love, it’s not going to be as straightforward as NaruHina, InoSai or ShikaTema. Honestly even BoruSara is more straightforward than this one and it isn’t even cannon. But they still love each other, those shallow, niave people in the fandom who probably barely even know what love is, or have never experienced it (in a romantic way) probably may not understand, but their are some of us who do.

Also, even if you dislike the ship, why constantly complain about it? Let people ship what they want to ship. I don’t necessarily ship ShikaTema (despite the fact that I love them both and Shikadai) but I don’t go on full-on rants about how I hate it. What’s done is done, Kishimoto wrote the series the way he wanted to, and that’s the most professional thing he could’ve done. What you can rant about is if you don’t like something in Boruto. You probably will not have too much effect (especially being a Western fan), but Kishimoto isn’t done writing Boruto, if there is something you want to prevent then it’s not too late to prevent it.

We probably can never bring Neji or Jiriya back, we can’t change Sakura’s character, we can’t take back what Sasuke did, we can’t watch Naruto’s parents be the most awesome grandparents in history, we can’t see Tsunade finally get together with Jiriya. Even though Kishimoto is more than likely going to write this how he wants, stop dwelling on Shonen Jump and Shippuden, what we should do is let Kishimoto know what we liked and disliked in episodes, if we like characters or not, if we think this serious has been good so far. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t mystically travel back in time and rewrite the whole entire series, (we’ve seen what’s come of that, *cough* TTG/PGG *cough*) if you’re in the fandom again, you’re in, if you’re out, you’re out, but you can’t keep holding everything back because you’re mad at how Naruto and Hinata got married or you don’t like that Tsunade became Hokage. It’s over, it’s done.

Not only that, people keep using the ship as an excuse to bash Sakura’s character since she’s no longer “useless” like she was in the first place (even though, personally, I never thought of her as useless) so they’re mad at her for still loving Sasuke. They’re also mad because she thought of Naruto as a brother instead of a guy she wanted to date.

I know this sounds cliche, but you don’t have control over who you fall in love with. I’m sure after Sasuke did what he did Sakura wanted to love Naruto, or anyone else besides Sasuke at least, but she was always focused on trying to lead him in the right direction, just as Naruto was. Then she had to prepare herself to kill the guy she has loved all almost all her life at one point, and although he did so many things wrong she still can’t do it, because it’s hard to bring yourself to kill someone that you love:

And as the comment stated, Sasuke grew as a person. He’s no longer the boy yearning for revenge, he’s now determined to protect every single thing he loves. Just like Naruto, Sasuke doesn’t really have a chance to spend time with his family because he wants to protect anyone at any cost. Now, I’m not saying Sasuke deserves father of the year award for neglecting his family although it is accidental, but Naruto doesn’t either.

Even after all this time: 

They they’re still determined to prevent anyone to feel the pain and loneliness they felt all their childhoods, that’s why they’re always protecting the village. To stop it before it comes, and to try to let those people know that they still have at least the smallest bit of comfort.

And as the comment states, as the series progresses Sakura learns that Sasuke isn’t her perfect, enchanting, prince charming. That he has flaws, just like anyone else. Back is Part I she’d always speak highly of him, she’d always compare him to Naruto in the most negative way and she only seemed to ever care about Sasuke and nothing more. But as Part I progressed she began seeing him as an equal. That’s why she was determined to become as strong as Naruto and Sasuke, so that she could establish that not only to them and everyone else, but within herself.

If it weren’t for Sakura, who kept loving him throughout everything, he probably wouldn’t have cared about her feelings, but Sakura’s feelings actually moved him. He tried to show her that he didn’t care so she’d stopped loving him, because he didn’t know why or how she could love someone like him. That’s why he wanted to make her think he was legitimately trying to kill her, he wanted convince her and himself that he didn’t care. But he actually did care.

I get that it isn’t easy to understand, but these two love each other, it isn’t just one-sided, and we’ll probably see more evidence as the Next Gen series continues:

(If you have any argument or any sort of disagreement, and you don’t think you can comment without talking rudely I won’t reply or anything, I’ll just delete your comment, reblog or whatever, no matter how long it is, that is only if you don’t come in a respectful manner, if you do then I’ll probably respond or just let you comment it or something)


**warning: this was supposed to a cute quick post about Nalu but I ended up getting too deep on Natsu’s side of things woops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

If you ever have doubts that Natsu and Lucy love eachother in the more than a friend type of way just remember drunk Lucy gets all blushy and excited & has hearts all around her because she thought there were 2 Natsus

call me crazy but I’m pretty sure you don’t react like this to people that are just your “friends”

you don’t just get heart eyes for anyone aight like she’s so in love 

also I’m not even going to began to talk about those bedroom eyes she gives natsu from time to time but here’s a post on that:

remember wayyy back when Levy and Juvia tease Lucy about liking Natsu and Lucy responds with:

then fast forward to now

like she’s not even denying that she’s head over heels for him  hello
I really feel like at this point for her she realizes that she does indeed love him 

As for Natsu, for someone that is super expressive and speaks his mind, he doesn’t really show the same signs Lucy does. He hardly gets embarrassed or flustered, has no problem getting super close to Lucy’s face, or even seeing her naked except in the chapter 438 when Lucy’s towel fell off lmao he was hella caught off guard
It’s obvious that he does have a soft spot for her but is it the “more than a friend” type of way? Of course I could dig up anytime he’s been super overprotective of her, when future Lucy died and he cried, when he tried to kiss her bc Asuka was wanted them too, or even the time that him and Lucy fought Kain which people like to think is when Natsu realized he “loved her.” 
but I’m only going to talk about 3 moments (realistically 1 which you’ll see but I thought the other 2 moments were kinda significant) in particular that make me believe that Natsu does see Lucy as much more than a friend:

When Natsu dug up a rainbow sakura tree for Lucy when she was sick

Ok so this moment isn’t necessarily me trying to prove Natsu was/is in love with Lucy especially since this was still in the early episodes and I’m one of the few that believes they barely even acknowledged their “feelings” once Natsu returns from his one year training mission after Tartaros 
but can we just talk about how ROMANTIC this was?? and they both didn’t even realize it? Natsu straight up dug up a huge ass tree, put it on a boat, and sent it Lucy’s way because she was too sick to see them herself. when will your otp that’s actually canon ever

Natsu letting Lucy wear his scarf

OkAYY also with this one I knowww it’s just a cover and not even in the actual story BUT I still think it’s important because Mashima put it there for a reason!!
Natus’s scarf, the thing his deceased father made him, the thing he treasures so much that he neverrr has it off even when he’s swimming, the thing both Lucy and Gray made sure to get back to him because they know how much it means to him, THE THING HAPPY CALLED LUCY A MEANIE FOR BECAUSE SHE ACCIDENTALLY TOOK IT OFF WHEN SHE WAS TRYING TO KICK HIM OUT OF HER BED and now she’s wearing it 
idk I feel like Mashima putting this is his way of showing us just how much their bond together has grown

When Natsu thought Lucy died

Alright so out of all the Nalu moments in the entire series I feel like this is the one where we truly see just how important Lucy is in Natsu’s life. Remember Zeref revealed that they were brothers and that if he were to die, then so would Natsu. Natsu was going to attack anyway until a crying Happy stopped him saying that he didn’t want him to die and Natsu basically agreed to temporarily retreat.
Fast forward to the moment Natsu thought Lucy was dead, he cries and then END is awakened. And the first thing he wants to do is finish off Zeref. 
Natsu KNOWS that if he kills Zeref, he will die as well but at this point he doesn’t care because he thinks Lucy is dead. But really think about this. Natsu, the person that is always telling people to not give up and more importantly to LIVE, too not DIE for your friends but to LIVE for them, was basically heading into a suicide mission. way to be a hypocrite natsu lol
“You can’t stop me anymore! No one can!” that line really got to me because I feel like it just shows how hurt he was. He really didn’t care about what would happen to him anymore, where not even Gray could reach him.
He didn’t want to live in a world where Lucy didn’t exist.

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Thoughts Going Through My Head During A Court of Wings and Ruin (SPOILERS...OBVIOUSLY)

2. Feyre being a master of all her powers makes me so happy
4. Shit Jurians here
6. New characters? Oh shit they’re Daemati. They’re going to know what she is.
7. It’s only fitting that Feysand was in the cabin when Calanmai passed… :)
8. Alis sees through the bullshit, I love it
9. Feyre so manipulative, I love it
10. Yo, she’s really messing with Tamlin’s mind
11. fuck…get the children of the blessed out of there
14. “A Portrait in Snares and Baiting” LOL
15. Tamlin really falling spectacularly into Feyre’s traps
16. They’re revealing their plans WAY too easy, Feyre
20. Shit, Feyre get out of THERE

24. Shit it’s his brothers
29. “I missed you, too” Awwwwwwwww
30. MOR
33. RHYS

34. Finally, she’s going to see her sisters
35. Lucien BEHAVE
36. Oh shit, Elain
37. What happened to Miryam and Drakon?
39. Cassian is so fucked man… he is SO in love with her
40. What is Nesta?
41. I am living for this bantering during dinner
42. Yes! Feyre’s going to learn to fly
43. Cassian breaking my heart a little when he talks about why he’s mad at Feyre…
46. What the hell did Cassian see down there?
47. Shit they’re going to free the Bone Carver
50. WHAT IS NESTA?!?!?!?!!
51. Haven’t heard Ouroboros since the immortals series LOL
52. Shit I think Elain can see the future
53. “So I went fast” LOL
54. Yes, Feyre stop with the matchmaker…for now
56. Shit, no, Rhys what are you doing
62. Shit, the Ravens are here. See that’s what Elain was talking about
63. See, now Feyre gets it
67. Find the firebird
68. Lucien my baby
69. Shit, they attacked Adriata
73. Yo, Tarquin, you need to NOT cuz they’re on your side. THEY’RE YOUR FRIENDS
75. Wait, what does it mean that she sees her child and he’s a death-god?
78. Nesta! ❤ also Nesta and Rhys being on friendly terms is everything
80. The bets! Sarah J Maas is the best with her squad-throwing-bets scenes
82. I love Viviane already
83. I have a feeling Tamlin is coming
84. Tamlin is here
87. Wait, they’re actually going to work together?
88. Oh shit, she just revealed her powers to Beron
90. LOL Helion wants the three of them. I’m crying
91. Also, a bit late but openly BI AND GAY CHARACTERS I LOVE IT
93. What does Nesta feel?
96. Bryaxis better come thru

98. Waaaaaaaaaait… Jurian’s on their side????
99. What the fuck Tamlin???
100. Why did he go back though? I thought he was on their side?
107. SHIT
115. Ohmygod Feyre already planning out potential baes for Mor
116. She’s going to face the Ouroboros
117. She’s seeing herself right? Cuz she’s a wolf
118. I was RIGHT
119. Okay this speech is beautiful but like I AM SO SCARED RN
121. Ohmygodtheycame they all came
128. OH





134. Oh my god Tamlin
135. RHYS
136. AMREN


Warnings: This is a long post!

It will contain SPOILERS of the new Steven Universe episodes if you have not watch them and don’t want to be spoiled please DO NOT READ.

So hum… No one wants to say anything about this part of the text Ronaldo sent to Steven? 

Keep in mind that this post is only hypothetical please :)

Ronaldo is well known in the community for his theories and words often becoming real later in the serie.

Just an example:

A few episodes later,we were discovering the kindergarten:

We can also say that this character has sometimes (if not often really), been used to represent the fandom.

Koala Princess is a serie that Ronaldo likes to watch. 

So let’s say we are Ronaldo (damn) and Koala Princess is Steven Universe.

If we believe Ronaldo’s message, the 2 characters Koala princess and Kangarufus kiss at one moment in the serie.

If we pretend this is another prediction from the show hinted by the crewniverse, who could they represent in Steven Universe?

 I want to say that at first I just took it as a way for the crewniverse to annoy Steven (who was waiting for Connie’s text messages) and a way to amplify how much he misses Connie. 

And it could only be that in the end, but I thaught thoses messages coming from Ronaldo, it was a little odd how his serie was all he was talking about, no other subjects like he usually does and I found it a little too convenient 

With all that’s been happening to the ships (and by ship I mean Steven/Connie, Lars/Saddie and Peridot/ Lapis) in Steven Universe since the end of season 4/ begining of season 5,being appart, fighting and separating,  I thought why not a reconciliation kiss?

But if it is indeed foreshadowing, let’s not forget the texts doesn’t say it’s a reconciliation kiss witch means it could still happen after they reunite.

So let’s see the potential candidates I could think of :

-Steven and Connie:

 The first ship that came into my mind during this bomb was Steven and Connie of course. Steven being the main character of the serie and Connie being his pretty obvious love interest. Connverse is considered by many as the most likely to become canon (if not secretly already ), they even have their own fusion made of love =)

During those episodes as you know, Connie is mad at Steven, she is also disappointed because he put himself in danger forgetting their promise to work and fight together. 

She leaves upset. 

Follows a few weeks where Steven thinks she is avoiding him, not responding to his texts and calls, instead receiving annoying texts from Ronaldo. 

But as you know at the end of Kevin Party Steven and Connie finally have a talk they needed and have a beautiful reconciliation.

 (I don’t know if I’m waiting for a kiss between them I like that innocence the crewniverse is trying to mantain for them but I don’t know if it’s just me but lately I had the impression they started to lose some of that innocence, they’re growing and they have gone through enough dangerous things to be more mature)

-Lapis and Peridot: 

Yes Lapis left. 

Yes Peridot is hurt

. But I found some interesting things while I was searching for potential character ending up kissing. 

 So I got a little curious about the serie Ronaldo was constently texting about and decided to dig a little. I found interesting parallels between Ronaldo and his girlfriend and Lapis and Peridot  as weird as this may seems…

 Ronaldo and his girlfriend like the serie Koala Princess just as much as Peridot and Lapis like Camp Pining Hearts.

 Ronaldo lends Jane his dvd and when she wants to return it in the episode Restaurant wars, she witness him faking a love story with Kiki to stop the argument between the Pizzas end the Frymans. 

She ends up breaking up with him. And that’s where it’s interesting. I went to his site Keep Beach City weird were he talks about all sort of things.

Ronaldo seems to like seing his girlfriend as Koala from his anime from what I understood  and calls her his “ohime sama” (his Princess),   and that’s where we start to have an interesting but weird parallel with Lapis as Koala/Jane and Peridot…well as Ronaldo XD lol (Please don’t take this post too seriously ok? XD )

It’s interesting to note that in his blog, he took a picture of Peridot  before her redemption with her limb enhancer and thinks she is part of an eco-terrorist group who came to rescue zoo and he warns zookeepers among other animals to “protect the koalas”

So like I said at one moment his girlfriend breaks up with him and on his blog Ronadlo starts to describe what he is going through and he uses some interesting sentences in a way that reminds me of Peridot’s way of speaking and seems to make a parallel with what happened in this Steven bomb between Lapis and Peridot.

- “If anyone needs me I’ll be at […] where I’ll be crying” (replace the place by Steven’s bathroom…)

  In back to the kindergarten we find Peridot in a really poor state, extremely depressed even if we don’t see her crying. I don’t know what she did to the floor though it may be a little too much to be tears but it still was made to give that impression and to add this depression feeling if her body was not enough)

- “ I wish I had some sad music to listen to at work “ (In the same episode we see Peridot listening to some country music.)

 It is interesting to note than in his blog Ronaldo says that he doesn’t have sad music to listen but since he had ghost game music and that ghosts are sad he will listen to this music instead, just as what Peridot is listening can not really be stated as sad music in my opinion but she still listen it.

- “ You know what?  I’m over her!  I’m over [Jane] and I’m over LOVE and I’m over any sort of human companionship.  I’m just going to be single forever and dedicate all of my time to my research, and my book, and to building a giant robot that I can pilot into space WHERE THERE ARE NO FEELINGS! “ 

(Replace Jane by Lapis here)

During the episode back to the kindergarten Peridot is so depressed that Amethyst and Steven decide to help her cheer up by focusing her mind on something she likes. And that’s what she is trying to do, dedicating her time on planting flowers and trying to grow life in the kindergarten to keep her dark thoughts away.

To Peridot’s big disappointement it doesn’t work in the end. Her negativity comes back right away and she lets her anger out.

 Ronaldo’s outburst is parallel to Peridot’s one in Back to the kindergarten when she lash on Steven and Amethyst after being disappointed and frustrated by the impossibility for her to bring back life to the place.

 “Well I don’t know why I’m surprised?I should have known not to have hope. It’s not going to work! It’s never going to work ok?!? I feel just great now that I know that nothing’s ever going to get better! Everything is just ruined forever! We can’t get an y of it back! Not my home, not Lapis, and not this carmmy planet either! We might as well traw it up in the garbage and toss ourselves in it after because that’s all there is, hopless trash!”

- “ Who am I kidding? I need you [Jane-chan!!!] Please, come back to me!

Please, come back to me! Without you, I’m like a Super Sentai Sugar Glider without a gliding membrane! I’m like the Walkabout Warrior without his talking digeridoo! 

  To quote Prince Joey in the Koala Princess OVA, Koala Krisis Down Under: “You’re a ridgey-didge sheila. And Bob’s your Uncle if I don’t think you’re ripper.” Which I think means you’re cool and I like you a lot. “

(Replace Jane by Lapis) It’s easy here to make a parallel with Peridot’s feelings after Lapis left and her behaviour after this event, her being hopless and wanting to do nothing except listening music.

 I’m not really sure about the last sentence but (appart from the Bob which his Lapis’ nickname as we all know), it reminds me when she tried to convince Lapis to stay and fight “I think we can win, I think YOU can win” , trying to put all the faith she have in Lapis’ strenght and chance of winning in that sentence. 

Interestingly “Bob is your uncle” can be used  to say your success is guaranteed/ it will be done and sorted/ resolved, paralleling Lapis and Peridot’s broken relationship and the war Lapis is so affraid to be caught in.

If we believe his blog, Ronaldo seems to  make up with Jane “beach city back together”. As I’m writting this Lapis and Peridot still are away from each other but I’m sure they’ll talk and everything will be better and as Ronaldo and his girlfriend, their relationship will be stronger after. And I can’t wait to see their reunion it will be emotional and powerful (maybe also kind of dramatic?) in my opinion.

-Sadie and Lars: 

As I’m writting this Lars of the stars has not been released yet. For the moment Sadie is worried sick for him on Earth and Lars seems to have become the captain of a ship called the sun incinerator and his crew are the off colour gems ^^

Lars and Sadie’s relationship has always been tumultuous, and ambiguous. First co workers then friends/lovers but never stated explicitely as a couple. Lars’ attitude toward Sadie didn’t help but all the hints pointed to them going out together. 

We already saw them:


 hanging out,

 we know they play video-games, 

go to the cinema and do horror dvds night and Sadie’s mother pointed to her sometimes going to adventure with her boyfriend.

That was before him coming back to life and fleeing Homeworld with the off colours, but it makes them on my list for a potential reuniting kiss.

-Ruby and Sapphire: 

Well there is not much to say really.

 Considered as THE couple of the serie, not wanting to defuse and staying a perma fusion,  often seen in harmony with what appears to be an healthy relationship. It came as a shock for me when they unfused because of their disagreement the first time. But all couple have their fights.

We already saw them separated and reuniting with a kiss and a fusion so it would not surprise me if we saw it again. Especially since during those last episodes Garnet seemed to act in a strange way as if their mind was not as coordinate or something was bothering them. Did Garnet/ Sapphire saw a future danger? Or was she just a bad actress there? XD

We already saw her like this, each time when Ruby and Sapphire could not work together. “For a fusion to work you have to be in synchronization”.

We saw Garnet like this against her first enconter with a forced fusion, Sapphire and Ruby taking control of Garnet’s words one after another and not together as it’s normaly the case, almost ending up unfusing from the shock and sadness.

We also saw it during their fight in the motel they were so mad against Pearl that they ended up arguing and, not being in harmony anymore, unfusing.

Something seemed to bother Garnet, will she unfuse? Will Ruby and Sapphire argue again and reconciliate with a kiss like they did before?

-Ronaldo and Jane:

 Urgh if this is indeed a foreshadowing another option would be to see Ronaldo and his girlfriend ending up kissing themselves. To me the most boring option honestly and I couldn’t care less if this happened XD Sorry for those who might like it. (But I do like his girlfriend)

After all  Ronaldo like to see his girlfriend as Koala from his anime serie so why not?

-Nobody: Because yes nothing says this was a foreshadowing and I admit I just want to see more kisses in this serie. 

This post was just a shitpost witch I hope you have not taken too seriously ^^ And this kind of post are my way to cope with what happened with Lapis and Peridot. ARGH!!!!

So who will kiss the girl in the end?

Ugh I spent way too much time on this… Sorry if some things doesn’t make sense here maybe I’ll edit it later I don’t know.

English is not my language so I apologize for the errors in the text.

my everything l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

a/n: kinda short but I really needed to post something. I’ll hopefully by able to finish the first part of a Hogwarts!Shawn series soon <3. Hope you enjoy it.


prompt: Shawn & (y/n) get in a fight hours before she’s badly injured shooting her new movie. (I shamelessly included Tom Holland on this, im sorry lol)

Originally posted by illuminateshawn

Everybody knew you and Shawn were together.

It had taken one sneaky paparazzi to capture you holding hands while you were hanging out four months into the relationship.

Both your agent and publicist, more strictly than Shawn’s, had warned you that being seen with him was going to be bad for you, more importantly, your career, since his large fanbase was mostly teenage girls who didn’t care to think twice before going on Twitter and start speeding rumors about yourself, jeopardizing your career.

So it was safe to say your entire team was pretty bummed when the news got out; telling you off because you weren’t able to keep it a secret for at least a bit more time. Even Marvel, who you were shooting for at the time, were mad because they didn’t want one of their new recruits to have a damaged reputation.

All of this had happened almost a week ago; exactly on the same day you were visiting Shawn on the last show of the North American leg of the tour, and the two days you were supposed to spend together to relax before he had to fly to LA for the VMAs and you back to Atlanta to keep filming.

Long story short; the Boston show was a nightmare.

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I Thought We Already Weren’t PART 3 (Peter Parker x Reader Angst)

Request: anonymous asked:
Ooh I love angst!! Can you do something where the reader has a huge crush on peter but he likes Liz and he asks her out on date and he asks the reader for help with everything so she basically plans the whole thing for him and he keeps saying things like “wow ur such a good friend” and out of jealousy she asks Flash on a date and they start to go out and Peter says he’s not good enough for her and they get into a huge argument and deicde it’s better if they stop being friends…

Word Count: 1,772

Warnings: angst… lot’s of it 

A/N: So wow i gotta admit this one’s gotta be the saddest i think out of all the parts haha sorry (not sorry) and hey, if you want, it hurts more if you listen to ‘Amnesia’ by 5SOS (just a thought, if you’re into feeling rly sad whilst reading this). But wow thanks so much to all those who’re enjoying this request-oneshot-turned-series! I’m soooooo glad you guys are loving it cuz i’m having such a ball writing it! ❤️❤️ So anyway I think I’m gonna be doing one last part after this, cuz i have such a great way of ending it, i think but more on that later ;} (also i didn’t edit or proofread this really so sorry for grammar lol)

again, anon, if you’re out there THANK YOU for this request ❤️❤️

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“Helloooo? Earth to Peter…” Liz summoned Peter from his deep thoughts about what Flash could possibly try to do tonight to ‘wow you’. He jerked his head toward her, off his propped up forearm.

“Sorry,” he stammered. “What were you saying again?”

“I was just asking what you got for number four ‘cause my equation looks different from yours…” Liz looked at him with concern. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

“Hm? Yeah yeah, no yeah I’m good,” he squeaked. Crap he thought.

“Are you sure, Peter? Because you’ve been—”

“Liz, I’m fine,” he snapped. She withdrew a little, eyebrows still furrowed with worry. Peter immediately regretted speaking so sharply; he knew she was only worried and wasn’t trying to be annoying. But every time he was with her he felt guilty. He would spend the entire time in her company trying to force himself to not feel that way, or at least figure out why; but he just couldn’t.

“Okay, come on,” she grabbed ahold of Peter’s wrist firmly and led them away from their library table.

“What—where’re we going?”

Liz led them up the stairs, through the science wing, up the narrow fire escape stairway, until they finally hit open air. She leaned back on an AC unit, and even though her arms were crossed, her face was soft and expectant.

“Look, I know I’m not supposed to push and stuff if you don’t want to tell me what’s going on,” she began. “But, Peter, you gotta give me something! You have to talk to me.”

“W—What?” he stammered. “We are talking, what do you mean I don’t want to tell you what’s going on? Nothing’s going on…”

Liz cocked her head at him, “Nothing going on? Peter, you haven’t been yourself lately, and it’s making me kinda worried.”

Peter hung his head. The last time he had a conversation about him not being himself still stung potent in his mind. The last thing he wanted now was for this discussion to end up like the last one.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been myself lately,” he pleaded. “I just… honestly just… I… I don’t know what’s going on with me, like I’m trying to figure it out but I just can’t and—” Peter faltered when he saw Liz’s eyes. The worry was hidden behind a deep sadness that he didn’t even know could be seen through someone’s eyes. “What?” he shakily asked.

“I know what’s going on with you, Peter,” Liz whispered. “And I think you know it too, but you don’t want to admit it. God, this sucks,” she muttered. She glanced up, blinking rapidly, trying to put back the tears that were forming against her will. “But that’s what makes you all the more so… so… so good and this so fucking hard.”

Peter couldn’t even speak. He could feel his old friend, guilt, clawing up his stomach and latching onto his chest. He knew what was coming, and he knew why, but he didn’t want to believe it. Part of him wanted what was coming too, but not like this. No, this was going to hurt too much.

Liz took a shaky breath, “I know you haven’t been hanging around Ned and (Y/N) as much. I know you and (Y/N), had like this… this falling out kinda thing. I know you haven’t been the same since that. I know you see me differently now, even though you try so hard to fight against it and not show it, and for that, Peter, thank you. Because I know that that’s so hard to do.

“But I also know how you look at her—don’t feel guilty; you can’t help it. You know you can’t keep a secret to save your life. It’s also just one of those things no one can help or hide. I’ve seen the way you look at her, Peter. It’s okay,” she uncrossed her arms and gripped Peter’s shoulders. His eyes were welling up as well, no matter how hard he clenched his throat or bit his lip. “That way you look at her, Peter? You used to look at me just like that, when you thought I wouldn’t notice. Well, there was less sadness in your eyes then, but considering all things now…”

Peter regretted that what she was saying was true. It was every little thing that had gone through his mind these past couple weeks, but refused to truly believe. He wished it didn’t have to be like this. There had to have been some other way this could’ve played out where no one was crying, where no one was regretting anything.

The only thing he could muster out was a small, “I’m sorry…”

Liz pulled him into a hug. For the first time in weeks, this one didn’t feel empty. Peter didn’t feel distant or like he wanted it to be over so it wouldn’t feel awkward. This was a hug he didn’t want to step away from because it felt real.

“I know,” she whispered. “But I don’t want to be part of the reason you’re not happy.” They stood there, softly holding each other for what they knew was probably the last time. “I just regret not asking sooner. I can’t imagine what it must be like, carrying that around with you all this time…”

“You don’t deserve this,” Peter mumbled into her hair. He felt her exhale a chuckle.

“Yeah, but,” she pulled away, looking down, “life isn’t really about deserving, is it?”

Peter echoed her movements, anxiously twiddling his fingers as Liz began to walk back to the exit.

“Just promise me, you guys’ll both figure it out, okay?” she called back. Peter looked up at her, forcing himself to nod. Liz’s lips pursed into a bittersweet smile, and she turned and shut the door behind her, leaving a physically, mentally, and emotionally numb Peter.

Sightings of Spiderman had doubled within these last few weeks, and the crime rate dropping by nearly the same amount. Many were applauding his productivity, wondering how Queen’s local hero had become so efficient and driven lately.

But you and Ned knew why. It was his distraction. Like those Flash dates had been for you. At least Peter’s was more constant and fulfilling than just your two hours every week.

It wasn’t like the hot air balloon lunch upstate wasn’t completely distracting, or the early screening of some new movie Flash was into (seriously impressive, you had to admit). They worked, but just for a short while. And once you really thought about it, you found that you felt worse afterward than you did before. You were just reminded of how you were trying oh so hard to forget the main reason you were doing those dates in the first place. It was like how you try so hard to forget something that you end up having it come to mind more.

Once Peter and Liz ended things, it didn’t stop your pain. But it did make you realize what you were doing was pointless. So you ended it. Not like Flash cared much anyway. But why make Peter suffer anymore than he was already. He didn’t need the weight of seeing you with Flash, added on to his guilt and sadness from Liz, crushing him more. 

“So what do you wanna watch now?” Ned asked, scrolling through the menu.

“I’m cool with anything really.”

As he selected ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’, he passed you the popcorn bowl. “So… have you talked to Peter yet?” he tried to ask lightly and casually.

You sighed, “You know I haven’t.”

Ned turned to you, his voice dropping into a more serious tone. “I think it’s about time you guys face this head on, you know? Confront it. Confront him. Well maybe not confront him, but at least talk to him—”

“Honestly, Ned, I think I’m just gonna feel a whole lot shittier if I do that.”

“Well I can’t keep being the mediator between you two! Honestly I always feel like I have to evenly split my time between you two, running from one end of school to the other just to hang with my two best friends, who don’t even want to talk to each other!”

“You know you don’t have to do that, Ned.”

“I know but I do anyway. ‘Cause I love you guys and if I can do anything to help you guys be happy, I will! So, that’s why I’m saying you guys need to talk.”

“I don’t even know if he’s ready, you know? To talk? I mean it’s only been like what? Two weeks since, you know… That’s not that long—”

“Pretty sure he is now.”

“‘Pretty sure’?”

Ned glanced up from his phone. “Almost positive,” he assured.

You stared at the floor, contemplating whether it was worth it to or not to reopen that wound. You knew you both knew that you had hurt the other. What you didn’t know was whether you were ready to admit why. Why you were hurt in the first place, why you hurt him in return.

Suddenly the bed lurched as Ned leapt off of it, jerking you out of your head. “Sorry, I uh—,” he stumbled to shove his feet back in his shoes. “—I gotta go, I just remembered my mom set a new curfew, so… yeah.”

“What?” your brows furrowed. “Since when?”

“Since now, apparently?”


“Sorry, (Y/N)! Enjoy Ferris Buller without me, I’ll see you Monday!” he sped out your door.

“Okay…? Bye?”

As your front door slammed shut with a loud BANG, you pulled out your phone and texted Ned to let you know when he got home. Reading the clock’s display of 10:41, you found it odd that Ned would suddenly barge out like that. You figured you could interrogate him on it back in school, so you laid back and started to scroll through your phone. As early as it was, you found yourself dozing off. Your eyes had just fluttered closed when—

*tap tap tap*

You bolted up, eyelids heavy, not sure if you had really heard it. Grabbing the remote, you shut the TV and listened again. Nothing. Beside you, your phone buzzed and you read Ned’s message.

You up still? it read.

Yeah why???? you replied.

No later had you hit the send button did you hear the window tapping again. You were sure it was real this time, and your body automatically responded faster than your mind did. Throwing the curtains back and raising the window, your heart beat up to your brain. You had no idea where this was going to take you. As you saw those fluffy brown curls amongst the scarlet and blue, your breath caught.



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Prank Wars - Part 1: So it begins

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Chris Evans, Ellen DeGeneres, random journalists, Sebastian Stan,

Pairing: Chris x Singer!Reader

Warnings: Don’t scare your girlfriend??? None really lol.      

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: This first part is written for my all time favorite Marvel writer’s Cards Against Humanity challenge. If you love Chris and/or Seb and their marvel characters be sure to go check out the amazing @emilyevanston

My prompt for her challenge was: Poor life choices and it is highlighted in the fic - though I also kiiiinda used it as a theme for this entire series. Part two will be written by @blacktithe7 so look out for that one. If you want on the series taglist follow the masterlist link which will take you to our taglist doc.  

Thanks a billion to blacktithe7 for betaing and writing this series with me. I love you girl, and I love we finally found something to work together on.


You felt absolutely horrible as you stepped out of the car onto the red carpet. You saw the faces of every journalist turn to shock when they saw Chris. The flashes instantly went crazy. Well, they always were on the red carpet, but it seemed as if they were all aimed at you and Chris at the moment. You had done your best to help him cover his eye, but the rapidly forming colors were still very visible, especially in the harsh light of the many camera flashes.

You felt horrible enough as it was. The journalists shouting at Chris asking him what happened didn’t make you feel even the slightest bit better.

Poor life choices,” Chris smirked at a few of the journalists, wrapping his arm around your waist, giving your hip a small squeeze. “I’m fine baby. Quit worrying,” Chris whispered in your ear before pressing a kiss to your cheek. You looked up into his blue eyes just as he sent you that million dollar smile of his that never failed to make you weak in the knees. “Besides, it was my own fault anyway,” he spoke softly making you smile and shake your head slightly as you remembered how his eye had gotten to be so colorful.

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Pretty Little Liars 7x20 Til Death Do Us Part - Thoughts

I literally just finished watching the finale and A-List Wrap party right now. I have not seen a single comment about the finale, I don’t know how it was received, at all. Sorry if these comments are just reinforcing what everyone else has been talking about for the past several hours, because again, I have no idea what everyone is saying. Here are my thoughts! 

- It did not feel like a series finale to me and I cannot pinpoint why. I felt the goodbye scene at the end was not strong enough. Sasha said that they had to keep re-filming that scene because she was crying too much when she said “this feels like the end of something” - well, I think they went with the take that had not enough emotion, to the point it felt like a regular line and it lost its power. Not just this line, but in general, I never got a sense of “farewell PLL” from this episode, unfortunately. Not saying it’s a bad episode, but, I didn’t get that sense of “thank you and goodbye Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, Alison and Rosewood”. 

- Marlene said that there is one question she cannot wait for fans to find out, but she can’t tell us what this question is without telling us who AD is. What the hell could be this question?



- I’ve always said Pretty Little Liars is a two-part show: half a romance show, other half a mystery show. They really demonstrated that tonight, by having almost a very equal divide between the romance and mystery. The entire first hour was romance, and the entire second hour was mystery (plus farewells). The first hour, I was shaking my head. “This is not good. Not good at all.” Sure, there were some cute scenes, like Emison’s proposal, but there was too much fluff in the first half. The second half, it really kicked off. 

- So, my theory ended up being so damn accurate, what the hell! I can’t believe it! Even though Spencer’s twin was my foremost suspect going into the finale, I still ended up being shocked, because of the simple fact that they went with it almost exactly exactly exactly how I said! Not just the who, but also the why! I even got the name Alex Drake! 

- Okay, so I got the part wrong about the twin having helped Charlotte play the game from season 3 onwards. And honestly, that is my biggest complaint about the finale: AD started playing the game after Charlotte died, period. Again this is my biggest complaint and this is where the finale fell flat for me. Technically, PLL could have ended with Charlotte’s reveal in 610. Everything we got with Alex Drake’s story, was purely an extension because we got renewed for more seasons. I just know there will be people saying “ugh I’m so mad that AD has no connection to pre-time jump” and yes I fully agree, and that’s my biggest complaint too… but my response is: weren't the extra 2 years nice? Sure AD is irrelevant to seasons 1-6A, sure that is incredibly underwhelming and no where near as good as the fan theories… but we got an extra 2 years of PLL in our lives because of this extra, final A story? I’m grateful? #alwayslookingforthepositiveside

- I do not understand Ashley’s comment. Quote “you finally get to find out who A is, who’s been torturing us for the last 7 years”. Girl… it was just a month or two, in Rosewood time. 

- Am I the only one who never really felt a sense of danger, or intensity? Weird, since it’s the series finale, and literally anyone could’ve died. It’s not like we had another season, and I knew Spencer was safe from dying. Yet, I never truly did feel like Alex would win the fight. I can’t take PLL villains seriously for some unexplainable reason.

- I really liked the flashbacks that explicitly showed us the scenes where “Spencer” was actually Alex. That was great. I wanted more flashbacks to earlier seasons, however. (I did appreciate that they played some music from the pilot, though!)

- THANK YOU MARLENE for not doing another Charlotte reveal where A sits around crying all episode, trying to make us feel sorry for them. Sure, Alex (nearly said Twincer!) had a sad story, but she embraced her sadness, and it fuelled her anger to take over Spencer’s life. That was really good. I loved seeing Troian walk around with an axe. Bless. 

- I was surprised we didn’t hear of Radley (as a sanitarium). Honestly, thank god.

- I think the motive is the strongest we’ve ever had, of all the A’s so far: Alex was so jealous of Spencer so she wanted to break up the girls, yet her threats only made them closer. Therefore, she decided, “why break them up, if I can just become Spencer?” That is so evil and I love it. 

- I EVEN CALLED IT that there will be a scene where someone holds a gun to Spencer and Twincer, and they have to prove who the real Spencer is. I LOVED that! 

- I have a feeling that once I finish typing this, the first word I’ll be seeing people use to describe the motive is cliche. Especially the above mentioned scene about not knowing which Spencer to shoot. It is a bit cliche. (”I’m Buzz Lightyear!” … “no, I’m Buzz Lightyear!” Toy Story 2.. anyone? That’s where my mind went, lol) An evil, jealous twin is a tad cliche. I can’t defend that. But within this world of PLL, it worked well I guess. 

- Sorry Troian, I wasn’t too convinced by the British accent unfortunately. But my gosh you slayed the rest. WHY COULDN’T WE GET AT LEAST ONE SCENE WITH TROIAN IN THE HOODIE!? That was a real shame. I get that it was set one year later, but… still, Alex should’ve wore the hoodie for a scene or two. For satisfaction’s sake, and it’s also just iconic for PLL. 

- SHOUTOUT TO A FOLLOWER OF MINE WHO MESSAGED ME AFTER THE AIRPORT SCENE IN 715 SAYING THAT TWINCER SOUNDED BRITISH. HOW DID YOU GET THAT PART TOO!? “Are you going someplace?” sounded very British, I agree, but I never picked it until I was told to listen for it. Genius.

- We even got it right as to who Wren was shooting: Twincer, so that she can look like Spencer. Gosh, is there anything we didn’t predict?

- Bethany who? Eddie who? Seriously though, I’m going to spend hours editing my unanswered questions list. We got a lot. You can say whatever you want about the finale, but you can’t say we didn’t get answers. Like, c’mon. If you’re saying we didn’t get answers, you’re the type of person who complains over nothing and is just impossible to please. Every word that came out of Alex’s mouth was golden. We had rapid fire Q&A with Alex and Spencer. I’m not saying this finale answered 7 years worth of questions; I’ll probably find some unanswered things once I start going through my list. But… You. Can. Not. Say. We. Got. Zero. Answers. I hope that when I finish this post, I don’t see people spreading such stupid negativity. 

- Wren died? How? Why? That was unnecessary. This finale really lacked a major death. I wanted to say OMG to at least ONE thing, and unfortunately, I couldn’t. Not one thing shocked me.

- Am I the only one who thought Wren’s involvement seemed a bit forced?? What are the actual odds of Wren running into Alex at a bar in London? Seriously? But whatever. I’m so glad he played a role in this, and a damn big one too. 

- So ALEX was the British person Mary was talking to on the phone in 701!!!

- I loved the scene between Alex and Charlotte!!

- I found it really really random that Alex started messaging Mona 1 year later. They had just moved on and all of a sudden Alex is back to start to reveal herself. Maybe I’m forgetting something because that was just weird.

- I was disappointed that there wasn’t a major reason Alex took Ezra. I was waiting for them to reveal a mind blowing alliance between the two but then it slowly became obvious that he had just been kidnapped and wasn’t on the friendly side with Alex. 

- Melissa’s mask was just pointless. That was pure fan service to MelissA theorists. (And also to throw us off for a bit.) And I knew Melissa wasn’t AD since there’s no way they’d reveal Uber A so randomly at a picnic like that. I knew it was a mask.

- I got dollhouse vibes when Spencer (or Ezra?) said “we’re still underground”. I thought that was creepy!

- Seriously… they make reference to the mums getting out of the basement, without actually giving us an answer??? “Do you remember how we even got out of there?” said Veronica. It would’ve been better to leave that dialogue out completely. Teasing fans over something they’ll never get, is far worse than acting like it was just forgotten. 

- Did Veronica know that Spencer has a twin, since she made a comment in 4B about not knowing who is coming down for breakfast; Spencer or her evil twin? They really made it out as if no one knew about Alex.

- Wren is the father of Emison’s baby!? That was so subtle, the way Alex said it. WHY!? That makes no sense. I’ve noticed that this show is really big on “who” but not so big on the “why”. I’m just going to assume that Wren was the only male she had “access” to, to pull off the stunt, so she used Wren simply out of convenience. That’s all I can think of.

- So Ezria got married, Haleb is having a baby, Emison is engaged with twins, and Spoby is??? I was really really shocked actually that one ship is still left up in the air. It’s not a sad ending, but it’s not happy either. Maybe that’s the one thing that doesn’t get answered that Marlene was talking about.

- That last scene with the recreation of ‘that night’ should NOT have been the last scene of the entire show. If Freeform wants to launch a spinoff, fine, go ahead, but how dare you cut to the end credits after that scene. Call me fussy, but I call it passion. The final scene of the show should have been Mary and Alex stuck in Mona’s dollhouse. Cut to the credits after that closeup on Alex (Which, was brilliant by the way, and aligns with Janel’s comment of Mona having her own unique happy ending.)

- The wrap party was boring. Just saying. It should’ve been the 6 liars (yes Mona too) with Marlene, sitting in Spencer’s barn, talking about the making of the finale, any questions that couldn’t get wrapped up, favourite episodes, etc. I finished the finale and thought “it’s okay, I still have one more chance to farewell the show since the last scene didn’t do it for me!” and nope, this third hour was no better.

- FULL CIRCLE HOW??? Can someone name one thing that happened, that can be classified as “full circle”??? In my mind, full circle means Alison dying and the girls having a sleepover in the barn!?

- Overall, this is how I summarise the finale:

It did not feel like a finale. The first half was boring, even for a series finale. The goodbyes were not strong enough, and I did not feel like I properly said “thank you” and “farewell” to my favourite fictional characters ever. The scene with the girls at the end was far too short. The AD reveal was very predictable for me and other dedicated detectives, but I think other fans across the world will be pleased since it wasn’t actually that obvious. The motive was great. Troian slayed. But, coming from a person who also has a non-rhotic accent (Australian), I felt put off by Alex’s accent. The final scene was just stupid, I’m not watching a spinoff - the final scene should’ve been Mary and Alex. We got a shit ton of answers, but, as I’ll soon see when I go to my list, I don’t feel like it was everything. But absolutely, most things, yes.

In 3 words: slow, predictable, fun. 

Here’s my theory where I correctly solved Alex Drake

Here’s my farewell letter

Ground Control

A/N: hi, everyone! this is my first time writing/posting and i’m really nervous about it. also, forgive me for any errors, my first language isn’t english so there might be something wrong even tho i proof read it lol. BUT i hope you enjoy this little story. it was (kind of) based off of the song Ground Control by All Time Low, anyways, enjoy! xx

Feedback will be greatly appreciated!

word counting: 2,494

Originally posted by harrysimpact

Harry didn’t mean for this to happen. At all. But by the time he realized, the damage was done. Y/N also never saw it coming. Both of them just got so lost in their own little worlds they forgot about each other. Forgot to talk, forgot to look at the signs, forgot to listen, forgot to love. Sure, they would still say good morning and goodnight, ask each other “how are you” and make small, really small conversation. But what about real conversations? He couldn’t remember the last time he’d asked her about her day and vice-versa. Undoubtedly, the love was still there. It would be a lie to say they didn’t love each other anymore. It was just dormant, if we can even put it like that. But by now, both of them stopped feeling loved and that could certainly lead to their own destruction.

Truth is, they were falling apart, yet none of them felt the need to take a good look at what had happened to them. Sleeping in the same bed now felt cold. Living in the same house now felt like living on opposite sides of the world. The distance was growing bigger by the minute and the minute Harry realized it, he did not know what to do. Does she not love him anymore? Does she not care for him like she used to? Ugly thoughts were scaring him away and confrontation was never his fortitude. However, no matter how hard he tried to find other solutions for the problem, he didn’t. He couldn’t. They had to make contact. They had to talk. They needed it.

Harry didn’t realize how much he’d actually missed Y/N. He got so caught up in his own job now working as a solo artist and actor that he failed to notice a lot of things. The way Y/N’s eyes hanged tiredly from her face. The way she always seemed to have a frown upon her features. What happened? He wouldn’t have known. He couldn’t. They hadn’t had a proper, real conversation in weeks.

Y/N, on the other hand, failed to see the signs. They hadn’t hugged each other in so long, yet the thought didn’t even cross her mind. They hadn’t cuddled in bed in so long, yet she didn’t even notice. Any of it.

It’s not as if she didn’t care for him anymore. She really did. God, how much she did. But her job was taking over her life, she was letting it take a toll on her and even if it was just by accident, it still happened. She thought everything was okay, for she hadn’t had a reality check on how everything was falling apart and how urgent it was that they had to do something about it.

Losing Harry has always been one of her greatest fears. Just the thought alone of that happening, of losing the person she loves the most, of being taken away from the most caring, gentle and loving man she would ever meet was enough to set her off the edge. But it didn’t. And she’s sure it would’ve if she hadn’t failed to realize what Harry had now full acknowledge of.

To say Harry was feeling a wreck was an understatement. He had been bottling up his feelings and emotions since the day the distance begun without even realizing it. He was now overthinking anything and everything. He was so certain she did not love him anymore he kept putting off his urge to talk it out with her days on end. Wasn’t it better to be around the one he loves, even if not being loved back, than not be around her at all? Sure it was for him. He was slowly but surely putting himself down with some very, very unfair thoughts. He just hoped to have her around for just a little longer, until he couldn’t hold it in anymore. Even though her presence felt cold, it was still there, and it was enough for Harry for now. Of course, he knew it would get to a point it wouldn’t but, for now, he just wanted to make sure she was still there.

On these last few weeks after his big reality check, he began to notice how unbothered and well she seemed. She acted like nothing had changed and as if nothing had happened and it bothered him. So much, it was beyond words. How could the one he loves with every ounce of his heart and soul not care about the distance in between them? Now, if he wasn’t 100% certain of her lack of love towards him, he was now. Harry could not take it anymore but what was he supposed to do? Break up with her? With Y/N? The one person he saw a future with? The one he saw a happy life ahead with happy, healthy children? He was hopeless, as well as helpless. It could go two possible ways: either they’d break up, or either they’d work it out. However, he didn’t put much faith in the second option. Harry had no idea what he was going to do but he knew he had to do something.

It was late. Almost 9 pm when Y/N got home. Harry had been impatiently waiting the whole day for her to return from work. He was determined that tonight would be the night they’d talk this out and he’d either leave with a broken heart, or he’d stay with a heart yet to be fixed.

Y/N rushed herself into the house as quickly as possible to be sheltered from the cold weather outside. She took her coat off and was surprised to see Harry sitting on the couch, starring at her.

“Oh! Hi, Harry, didn’t know you’d be home already”, she said with a slight smile hanging from her lips. Harry’s heart was beating so fast from anticipation of the conversation they were about to have, but he knew it couldn’t go on like this any longer.

“We need to talk,” he said. The minute his words reached Y/N’s ears she knew something was up. Nothing good ever came from those 4 words being said with a tone like the one he used. She hesitantly walked over to him, sitting beside him, yet keeping a good amount of space in between their bodies. Harry mentally broke down at that. Why did she feel the need to keep her distance even in a situation like this? Why does she feel so far away? He couldn’t bare whatever this was anymore. Whatever they were anymore.

“What’s wrong?”, she asked sweetly once she saw the sad expression splattered across his face.

“We need to talk. And I mean, really talk.”

Y/N let out a chuckle, “yeah, I kinda get that part, silly. What about?”

He gathered all the little courage he still had in him and asked the question that has been dreading to be asked for weeks now:

“Do you not love me anymore?”, once she heard him, her whole world came crashing right to the ground. They’ve had had so many conversations in which the two of them opened up and shared their biggest insecurities and fears; shared the little bits of each other no one has ever seen before. One of Harry’s was losing Y/N; having her fall out of love with him. He’d told her countless times how she was his life and the reason he sees this chaotic and messed up world as a better place. He’d always tell her how she was the light that gave him guidance and purpose. He’d even mentioned once that a life without her would be a wasted life not worth living. She couldn’t believe her ears. She couldn’t trust them now. Why was he asking such an absurd thing to her? After all, it was his Y/N, his love, his companion, his best friend. Does that question even make sense?

“Harr-, H, love, where is this even coming from?”, she asked after silently sitting closer to him and taking his hands in hers.

“Just answer the question, Y/N. Please, I can’t do it anymore, I-”, he said with watery eyes. And at that, she knew he’d be crying in no time.

“Do what anymore? Harry? What’s going on? Are you hurt? Did anything- Of course I love you. Why would you think I don’t?”, Y/N’s eyes were watering by now. She couldn’t bare to see the love of her life hurt like that.

“You just… You haven’t- you have been so distant. I have been so distant. I don’t feel your love on me anymore. We haven’t shared a hug, a kiss or even a conversation with each other in so long. We haven’t. I know you probably don’t want anything to do with me anymore and I understand but-”, he rambled on but she quickly cut him off.

“What? Of course not! I want to be with you! I am with you, aren’t I? Don’t you think that if I didn’t I would have left long ago?”, she was frantic by now, “Harry, please you have to believe me. I love you with everything I have. Please, tell me you know that.”

Silence consumed them after she stopped talking. Harry was in no conditions to talk right now. He had been emotionally exhausted for so long and now that he was finally confronting the situation, he felt like he needed to sleep for a whole week straight. He was so tired. So tired of feeling alone even when he wasn’t. Just, so tired.

He finally gathered up the little energy he still had in him and started, “I’m sorry but I just- I don’t know. I don’t know about your love anymore. It feels like I just can’t find my way back to you, love. How am I supposed to feel? To think? We gotta make contact, pet. We gotta do it to make it. I don’t know how to, though. I don’t know. I just-”, he was rambling by now and she knew he felt hopeless.

“Harry, my love,”, she began, pulling him in for a hug. The minute they were cuddled up to each other, he started crying harder. How could he not? After weeks of not getting any sort of affection from her, after weeks of not touching her? She knew he had been extremely affected by the distance she, now, only took acknowledge of. Y/N could clearly understand now why he was feeling the way he was. She started to think back to when this all started; to when her boss promoted her and she just got so caught up in her duties. She realized now how unintentionally cold she has been towards him. The lack of hugs, kisses, conversations, and even love they used to have and show to each other all of the time.

Harry was too scared to make an effort, however. He was being observant as well as distant, and she, now, saw that too.

“H, love. Look at me”, she said, putting two fingers under his chin so he could be eye level with her. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were feeling this way. I had no idea of what was happening to us and, now, I understand the distance you’re talking about,” she sweetly put her hand over his cheek, which only made him lean on to it and cry a bit harder. “I was just so caught up in my job but making you feel like I didn’t love you anymore was never my intention. Never. I love you. So much that not even words or actions could express it enough. You make me the happiest woman in this world and I could never thank you enough for it.”, she was fully on crying now too, and Harry only held onto her tighter, for fear that she might slip away somehow.

“I love you so much, love. I’m sorry I doubted you but I was just so scared”, he said sniffling a bit. Although this conversation was going better than he expected, he was still worried. She was being beyond sweet towards him and not even Harry himself could understand why he was scared to ask the question that was on the tip of his tongue.

“Do you think we could work through this?”.

Y/N halted her breathing for a second, unsure of what he meant. After a few moments, she understood. He was feeling insecure still but she had never been this certain in her life.

“Not only do I think, but I’m also certain we can and will work through this. Our love is so strong, H. We have been nothing but good to each other. We got the universe on our side. Always. I love you”, she said leaning in for a kiss on the lips.

Harry smiled so big. He couldn’t remember the last time he used those beautiful muscles on his face to do such thing. He and Y/N were okay. His Y/N. In fact, they were more than okay. Hearing those reassuring words of hers, feeling her touch, her kiss, her breathing near his neck after she pulls away; feeling her love again was enough to heal him from every pain, every harm he’s ever been put through. He never felt such peace on the inside. He hadn’t lost her. Y/N was still his to wake up to every morning, to sleep every night with and to love him through everything.

At times like this he wonders just how lucky he got. How can someone as beautiful and loving as Y/N even exist? She truly is one of a kind and the fact that she ended up with him makes his insides all warm and bubbly. He has never loved or admired someone as much as he does her and the feeling Harry gets every time she’s around, he never wants it to go away. He’s always thought that his love for her was too big to be understood, so he partially kept it to himself only, for fear he might scare her away.

Little does he know that she feels the exact same towards him. It doesn’t matter how many times she tells him how special he is to her or how beautiful are the feelings he causes her to feel or even how much she loves him. She knows it’s as big and as infinite and as endless as the universe. And that’s why she’s so sure the universe will always be on their side. They love each other way too much for any harm to come their way.

Harry breaks her little trance with a kiss on the forehead and sighs happily, “I love you too, pet. So, so much.”

thank you for reading x


Tease - Enoch O'Connor imagine - request 

request: Omg can you do a teasing Enoch headcanon? Or a slightly dirty one? You don’t have to if you don’t want to of course but I’m just curious 😂


a/n: this is the storyline/thing i thought of so here it goes ehfjhfgu i hope you like it. i tried to make it dirty or whatever you call it, but idk if it worked ://// and i’m going to sleep now bye :) hope you liek disss

“y/n, do you want to play ball with us?” millard called out. i turned around, my skirt whirling around me along with my hair.

“uh… what kind? like football or…?” i ask.

“yeah, like football.” hugh replied. “i mean, if your skirt won’t bother you.”

i paused. my skirt. i shouldn’t play football while wearing a skirt that only reached a little over my mid thigh. but i’m too lazy to go change. i really want to spend time with my semi-new friends.

ugh, let’s just not care and not jump too much. not like anyone ever pays attention to me wearing skirts. i’ll play.

“yes, sure.” i said after thinking through it. “my skirt absolutely won’t be a bother, don’t worry.”

i walked through the garden with hugh and millard and horace - who was supposedly the judge or something. we divided into two teams, but mine needed one more person. since enoch - my grumpy best friend - didn’t want to, i took bronwyn.

enoch sat under a tree while we played, he said he’d help horace with judging (a/n: lol i hate how this sounds but sfhsjdfhsdjf dying) - i didn’t think there would be needed any help.

we played a few rounds, me and bronwyn won three times while hugh and millard won two times. it was fun, playing with them. hugh cheated a few times, but it didn’t change much in the scores. all the while, i was just being a sore loser at football - i couldn’t play at all, i’m horrible at football.

i fell over, tumbled and there were only two times out of a possible infinity of my skirt flying only slightly up. but luckily, nobody saw that from behind, and we only laughed it off with the others. all except for enoch, who held an even more serious look on his face - if that was possible. he was always deadly serious and annoyed.

“i can’t anymore, sorry boys.” i said, holding my stomach as i tried to catch my breath from all the running and kicking.

“please y/n, just one more round!” millard whined, hugh joining after,

“i really can’t.” i said, shaking my head with a tired smile. “i’m going inside to rest a little.” i spoke and turned around to go to the house. after a few steps, i heard enoch say:

“i’ll come, too.” in a rushed voice. i looked around my shoulder and he was already catching up with me. i looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. “i need to talk to you. in my room. alone.” he said, taking my arm in a slightly firm grip.

“okay…” i said.

with enoch holding my arm, we walked into the house and walked up the stairs to his room, which basically was also mine. for i spent the half of my time in there, with him.

enoch pulled me inside, shut the door and pushed me up against it. “what do you think you were doing back there?” he growled with his face so close to mine i could hear his breath on my nose.

i furrowed my eyebrows at his question. “what?”

enoch did his iconic groan and pushed me harder against the door, earning a soft yelp from me. one of his hand was on my hip. what was happening!!

“playing the game, with your skirt flying around.” enoch said. oh, SHIT! “couldn’t take my eyes off of you. and it felt so annoying to just watch you, knowing there were so many more things i could do.”

“w-what things?” i stuttered. he was really giving me major confusion right now, what was he talking about?! “what do you mean? i don’t understand what’s going.”

he chuckled, looking away. after a short moment, his eyes locked with mine again. “how can you be so clueless about your own behaviour? you were teasing me, y/n. and i do not like that.”

“teasing?” i repeated.

“oh, for bird’s sake.” he rolled his eyes.

“uh… what are you going to do about it?” i asked, ignoring his comment. enoch grinned.

his hand traced up my side, giving me ultimate shivers all over my body. this touch felt so surreal, unknown. nobody had ever held me like this. his eyes were intently watching mine as i was looking back into his orbs, waiting for something to happen.

enoch’s eyes diverted from mine when he lowered his head and slowly put his lips on mine. when our lips met, it felt hungry, lustful, dangerous? was he kissing me? is this what kissing felt like? why was he doing this? we’re best friends!

oh, but it felt so wonderful. it was my first time… doing this, i didn’t even know what to do.

enoch pulled back and looked at me watching him. why did he do that?! that felt so… yes!!!

his eyes held regret and disappointment. oh, no, no.

i put my arms around his neck, hesitantly, and pulled him closer before he could go anywhere.

“c-could you… do that… again, please?” i asked quietly. enoch’s facial expression immediately changed and he grinned. instead of answering, he dove down and connected our lips again.

bliss, utter bliss.

i would have never imagined us kissing, but this - i bet - was better than any fantasy.

i gained my courage and finally kissed him back. he smiled into the kiss and pulled me closer by my hips. and then his hand slipped down to my bum, giving it a light squeeze, as if not to scare me off or something. i gasped and it gave the perfect opportunity for him to kiss me deeper - and with tongue.

wow. where did he learn this? how was enoch such a professional? maybe he wasn’t a professional, but to me he absolutely seemed like one.

his lips then disconnected with mine, making a whine come past my lips. but he moved down to my neck to pepper that with kisses. his lips were looking for something and after a few seconds i think he found it. he kissed a spot on my neck and that made me shiver and release a small whine that sounded a little like something else.

“have you any idea what you’re doing to me?” enoch groggily said, looking me into the eyes. i smiled.

what was he doing to me? he was making me feel every type of way, my my…

“can you show me?” i suggested. enoch’s face did an emotional flip and he nodded. his lips then kissed mine again and i kissed back, showing him i felt what he did, whatever it was.

that day totally changed my world.

Girl, I guess {TVD 8x16 Review}

OK guys, this is the last time I will have to warn the TVD fandom about writing in real time! Here it goes: You all know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time which means if I make any mistakes at the beginning of my review, I might have rectified them at the end. This will include: anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. It will most likely reference other TV shows including Kdramas and may include observations of the show’s anti-blackness and racism. Are you ready? Let’s. Go. 

1. That SC kiss is still awful. Slow-mo it all you want guys, it’s just going to accentuate how awful it was.

2. Kinda salty that the hotel’s wifi isn’t much better than the data on my phone.

3. Seriously, Vicki and Kelly being in hell makes no sense.

4. “The magic was too much for her” HOW THOUGH? Bonnie did way more strenuous magic in freaking season 2. LIKE?

5. “No no no no no”, Stefan is panicking that Bonnie might be dead and Caroline’s just like, Oh. I know we all talk about how Paul has checked out but what the fuck has Candice been doing?

6. So like why is Elena in a random ass wood in a random ass white bed? Is this what Bonnie’s world looks like? Because I thought it was a rundown Mystic Grill.

7. Nina’s wig is AWFUL.

8. How would Elena seeing Bonnie make Elena think Bonnie is dead though? Like, isn’t it just that if Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up? Who said anything about meeting each other in a random ass forest before Bonnie dies?

9. So Elena doesn’t even blink an eye when Bonnie tells her “I can be with Enzo now”? Like she just accepts that her friend is going to die to be with someone who was an enemy when Elena was awake?

10. How does Enzo have the power to bring Bonnie back to life? Is Enzo an angel? LIKE? Rules DO need to exist, Julie.

11. The look of relief on Stefan’s face when Bonnie wakes up is so nice to see.

12. Vicki, stop talking. I also like how no one has tried to tie her up to keep her from ringing the bell. Just because you can’t kill her doesn’t mean you can’t contain her.

13. “I can’t go back there, you don’t know what it’s like” because the show literally hasn’t shown us anything.

14. How predictable is it that the DE reunion is really a DK reunion, oh! Like season 1 when he thought he was kissing Elena! CLEVER. Like 100 anons came into in my inbox like, I bet it’s Katherine, the moment that reunion aired. Well, at least Damon realized it was Katherine this time, you know, after hugging her and being all, “You’re both OK.”

15. It is so tacky they made her say, “Hello brothers.” Like omg, why isn’t it over yet

16. So Katherine is in Elena’s dress. Is Elena just naked somewhere? And she straightened her hair, like how much time did she have to do this?

17. “Her PHYSICAL body” I do miss seeing Paul and Nina onscreen together again, that “so over it” attitude is very reminiscent of season 2 and the delivery was hilarious.

18. Although this Katherine is a little off, she actually seems a little more unhinged, like the way Nina says, “the devil” in that tone and “Why do you think he wanted you? Because I  wanted you. DUH.” Like this is probably the first time I’ve been like so you’re crazy.

19. I don’t know why but Stefan is making me laugh so far. Damon is all “Dammit Katherine” and Stefan’s HAD IT, he’s just like YO let me stab this bitch “We gotta find, Elena, let’s go” and he LEAVES. Like he’s ready to go into battle. It also makes me feel like it’s Paul rushing to finish a scene like, “It’s the last episode, Ian, let’s GO.”

20. CAROLINE. VAMP SPEED. Walking down the stairs with a teddybear all chill and shit.

21. This is so low energy, Alaric and Caroline should be yelling at the top of their lungs, like if you want me to believe this is life or death then the characters needs to be amped, they need to be scared and frenzied, this feels like any other fight in any other episode.

22. Alaric, seriously, demote Caroline to Auntie because that’s how she acts with those twins anyway.

23. At least Katherine took the time to dress Elena in a shirt, a cardigan and jeans. It’s very thoughtful of her.

24. Me at Stefan’s face when he sees Elena on the ground:

25. So Katherine’s hair is suddenly curly again? Does she have superpowers?

26. Oh great. The fact that Katherine said Elena would choose Stefan over Damon just confirms that Elena will in fact choose Damon over Stefan. Just had to spit in the SErs’ faces one last time, I guess.

27. Lol watch Katherine actually be Silas getting into everyone’s heads and voicing their deepest fears. Again.

28. I want to feel something about this SC scene but I’m legit bored. “Please, please don’t make me leave you, please,” was sweet. That’s about it.

29. Like I’ve seen Stefan emotionally distraught at having to part ways with Elena:

and I know SErs are upset over the “I love you so much” but it’s not this:

30. It really doesn’t feel like the “world” is coming to an end, everyone is actually pretty chill. Like the season 2 finale of Buffy was the world ending (again) and everyone is freaking the fuck out:

and this is just like, Elena is unconscious, Matt allows Vicki to ring a bell that will bring hellfire and there’s the slowest evacuation in the world. We don’t even see randoms freaking out in the street. Whatever.

31. Of course Bonnie is staying behind.

32. “Downtown Mystic Falls”, I mean I guess. As the crow flies? WHO WROTE THIS. You are NOT in Lord of the Rings.

33. So I’m confused about this plan, Bonnie is going to redirect hell fire through the tunnels away from MF into hell … so these tunnels lead into hell? Bonnie knows where hell is? The fire won’t destroy the tunnels?

34. Aw, Paul is acting! But yeah his speech to Damon is meh because Damon doesn’t deserve shit.

35. Considering that vampire blood can’t work on people who have ingested the cure, why would compulsion?

36. Why would I care about a Donovan family reunion?

37. So Grams is still around even though the Other Side is gone?

38. Bonnie pulled a Gandalf. “You shall not pass.”

39. Sorry, it was supposed to be a powerful scene but like nah.

40. So a bunch of black women who I’m guessing are the Bennett clan are pushing the hell fire away to protect a town that does not acknowledge their existence. Mmkay.

41. “He’s the better man, he’s the right man.” LOL EXCEPT NOT. HOW? Because he was FINALLY willing to sacrifice himself after almost two centuries?

42. He probably whispered something about loving Caroline to Elena.

43. I feel like I’m supposed to be sad that Stefan is dead but like I’ve seen this coming for a while.

44. LOL Magic School/Hogwarts where Jeremy teaches, this is SO BAD.

45. I’m sorry but these “peaces” just look like individual prison worlds.

What an AWFUL series finale, like it was SO BAD. I can’t even, I mean it’s laughably bad but like THIS is how you’re ending a supernatural series? WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? Nothing happened! Stefan sacrifices himself to make sure Katherine’s in hell when the fire comes but he dies when the fire goes through the tunnels so why wouldn’t Katherine just be dead if they kept her tied down in the tunnels when the fire came? And then Caroline and Alaric open a boarding school for magical kids in which Jeremy teaches for absolutely no reason and Klaus is a donor because why not and Vicki finally achieves nothingness except nothingness is peace with Tyler somewhere even though Tyler basically treated her like trash and the Other Side is gone so how they’re still watching the living is beyond me. And then Bonnie travels the world and that somehow makes her happy as if she hadn’t traveled before. Matt got a bench, good for you Matt. And Elena goes to med school and has a happy life with Damon we don’t see and then they die and each of them spend their peace not with each other and it ends. Like … why tho? How does this make sense as ending? I should’ve been drunk for this. Plus side is, Stefan has still only called Elena the love of his life.

Fics I’ve written since Sherlock series 4 aired:

In light of it being Sherlock positivity day, and also because I need to update my Guide to (My) Fics page anyway, I thought I’d make a post. I understand how hard series 4 rocked our fandom and how a lot of people felt the need to stop reading fic or found themselves unable to read ir or create it. That’s totally fine, I get that. But my (self-appointed) duty in this fandom has always been to fix: fix Reichenbach, fix series 3, and I’ve been continuing along those lines with series 4. Here are the fics I’ve written since series 4 began to air: 

1. These Four Walls
Posted: January 3rd, 2017
POV: John
Pairing/rating: Gen (background pairing of John/Mary, hints of John/Sherlock), mature
Length: 1,590 words
Summary/notes: Written after The Six Thatchers aired, this little story is just a look into what John must have been thinking during the episode. Just as after series 3, my fixing had to start with John, whose behaviour I found incredibly problematic throughout this series. This is just a little look at his frustrations and feeling of entrapment during TST

2. Exile
Posted: January 4th, 2017
POV: Sherlock
Pairing/rating: Gen (background pairing of John/Mary, hints of Sherlock/John), mature
Length: 4,247 words
Summary/notes: Also written after The Six Thatchers aired, this story goes with These Four Walls. It’s Sherlock, after John has pushed him away following Mary’s death, descending into a pit of despair as he contemplates having failed John and thereby losing him forever.

3. Where My Demons Hide
Posted: January 10th, 2017
POV: John
Pairing/rating: John/Sherlock, explicit
Length: 13,825 words
Summary/notes: Written after The Lying Detective, this is the first story I wrote wherein John apologises to Sherlock for his behaviour during that episode, specifically for the hospital beating. This story also shows John going back to Ella and trying to work through his feelings regarding Mary’s death, his own drinking, what to do about his child, and Sherlock.

4. A Satellite Out of Orbit
Posted: January 15th, 2017
POV: Ella
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, mature
Length: 6,512 words
Summary/notes: Also written after The Lying Detective, this story is a companion story to Where My Demons Hide. Told from Ella’s POV, it shows her meetings with Sherlock as he descends into drug use and despair over John, and his obsession with Culverton Smith. However, it bridges the first story and shows Sherlock and John coming in together afterward, too. I had such fun writing Ella in this little series!

5. Now That the Dust has Settled (We Can See the Stars)
Posted: January 13th, 2017
POV: Sherlock
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, mature
Length: 4,352 words
Summary/notes: Yes, so I wrote this one before A Satellite Out of Orbit, but I wanted to post those two together! This is the second of the three stories I wrote between TST and TLD! I had no idea what was going to happen in TFP, but I wanted to write something that was vague enough to gloss over those events and show a potentially happy outcome for Sherlock and John anyway, just to give us all a smattering of hope for the future despite our dread of TFP. We all thought that either Mycroft or Rosie might die in TFP, so I left out any reference to either one of them completely in this! It was written deliberately aiming to still function regardless of what happened in TFP, and I kind of think it still does, if you don’t ask too many questions about Rosie’s location, lol.

6. A Case for Domestic Propinquity
Posted: January 29th, 2017
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, explicit
POV: Sherlock
Length: 32,370 words
Summary/notes: My first post-series 4 fix-it! After His Last Vow aired, I sat around trying to digest it for about an hour, and then I buckled down and started writing Deductions of a Lesser Mind, which is a John POV, and I then posted the following day. But The Final Problem left me feeling so flat I wasn’t ever sure I’d want to write again.But I did. It took me a few days to get going, but this story is my first of what I can only assume will be MANY attempts to fill in the holes and fix the wrongs of series 4. This story focuses primarily on the after-effects and damages of series 4, rather than trying to unravel the mysteries of the events themselves. It focuses on getting Sherlock and John together at last, what to do about Rosie, how Sherlock’s family is doing after everything went down, etc. It opens with Sherlock and John repairing Baker Street and with it, their friendship. It also contains one of my favourite first kisses. 

7. Hell Hath No Fury
Posted: March 4-6, 2017
Pairing/rating: John/Sherlock, explicit
POV: Vee Holmes (Mummy) and John
Length: 53,170 words, 3 chapters
Summary/notes: If A Case for Domestic Propinquity was about mainly getting Sherlock and John together, this story was meant to go back to the series and dig into some of the inexplicable events therein. Divided between Vee Holmes (Mummy)’s and John’s perspectives, it’s almost a dual story that eventually joins. Vee’s parts look specifically at the Holmes family history: what, exactly, happened to Sherlock as a child, who or what Victor Trevor was, how the memory drug TD-12 is related to all of that, Uncle Rudy’s role in it all, and how all of that effects the current situation. John’s story looks at he and Sherlock cautiously rebuilding their domestic life together, all the while feeling as though they’re being watched. They are, and while working on a string of kidnappings around London, Rosie is also taken – by someone who is not as dead as she should be. It’s a complex, complicated plot, and devastating in places. Some parts of it hurt to write. Nevertheless, it ends as it should.

I wrote this story for my friend @totallysilvergirl, one of the absolute rocks and mainstays of my life.

8. From the Bottom of the Well
Posted: May 7th, 2017
Pairing/rating: John/Sherlock, explicit
POV: John
Length: 36,079 words
Summary/notes: My next point to tick off on my list of things to address regarding series 4 was the straightwashing of Sherlock Holmes via Irene Adler, and the imagery of John Watson being chained to the bottom of a well was just too perfect to resist. This is the leitmotif of the story, with John suffering recurring nightmares about being in the well again, all the while feeling the parallel keenly as he watches Irene Adler re-enter their lives and attempt to seduce Sherlock beneath his very nose. This is a story about John Watson learning to break his own chains at last.

9. Bridging the Ravine
Posted: June 11-13, 2017
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, explicit
POV: Sherlock
Length: 58,931 words (3 chapters)
Summary/notes: After all the previous fixing, I wanted to take a little break. I’ve never deliberately written a known trope before, but this one time I thought I would indulge, and wrote a going-undercover-as-a-couple story. In this story, Lestrade gets Sherlock and John to go undercover at a retreat centre that offers relationship counselling for same-sex male couples. My newest kink since series 4 aired has been to get these two some therapy, so this was a lot of fun! I loved creating the retreat centre, Ravine Valley, and I loved making these two finally talk! Honestly, I can’t think of the last time I enjoyed writing a story as much as this one! Between the spa services, the five-star chef’s menu, the physical setting, etc, it was just a nice world to be immersed in. Plus, I wrote a record number of original characters for it! I was really pleased that people liked them so much, too! There were, in total, 21 OC’s in this story, about 14 of which were fairly important to the plot! Fun times. I particularly adored writing the first kiss in this one, too! I’m currently writing a sequel to this.

So there you have it! It’s been rather difficult to be a fan of BBC Sherlock since series 4 aired, but we’re still here, we’re still writing and creating and meta-ing and talking and that’s a beautiful thing! <33333333333333333333333

Ok like I said in my last post, today we’re talking about this cinnabon right here

Originally posted by volleygifs

SPOILERS FOR CH261 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok but for real, the newest chapter has hit me in all my Ryuu-chan feels ok? So without further ado..

Tanakaaa! I swear Furudate-sensei sure took his sweet time giving us a Tanaka-arc showing us how much he’s grown as both a person and a player. In this chapter, however, we get to see the outsiders’ perspective of him. Sure, we know he’s a great player who is capable and reliable on the court, but the spectators/other teams don’t see him that way. In a way I can kinda understand this though. Just think about it; the other starting players are capable players in their own right: the geniuses Kageyama and Nishinoya, the reliable and strong Daichi and Asahi, the calm and collected Tsukishima who was able to block the freaking Ushijima Wakatoshi, and the wild card with endless stamina Hinata with his super freak quick. With this kind of lineup it is easy to overlook someone like Tanaka. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s not weak. 

He has shown himself to be great at both offense and defense, being an all-around player (like Daichi and Asahi - who aren’t switched out the whole game unless for extenuating circumstances), and his mental strength is top-tier. Here’s the thing though, the other teams are so busy trying to counter Hinata and Kageyama’s quicks, being pressured by Tsukishima’s blocks, trying to avoid both Nishinoya and Daichi’s receives and being on the lookout for Asahi’s spikes that the spectators are kind of driven to be on the lookout for these things as well. Here’s the thing about sports, if the players make it seem like something - either a skill or a play or a rule - is more important than another, the spectators will follow the flow of the game/players’ reactions so they also become too aware of these skills. 

My point being, since Tanaka is often overlooked by the opposing teams (not because he is weak - but because the rest of Karasuno are their priorities to stop/avoid) the spectators get the idea that  he is not a crucial part of the Karasuno lineup. As a player myself, I can assure you that this is often the case, no matter if all of your opponents are strong or above average individually, there is always that one or two players who you’re extremely aware of because they stand out amongst their teammates. Unfortunately, I believe that is the case for Tanaka. No matter how good of a player he is, his teammates capture their opponent’s attention and try to focus their plays around them, leaving Tanaka in a place where he is strong enough to be a starting player, but not enough to be considered a huge threat by Karasuno’s opponents.

Also, in the panels above, the spectators are saying that Tanaka hasn’t been doing much this game and that sometimes happens. Although Tanaka has been doing his fair share of plays, so has the rest of the team. And again, as a player, I can relate to the fact that you’re not on your top game 100% of your games, some days just aren’t your days if you get what I’m saying.

And here it is again. Tanaka being targeted by their opponents isn’t anything new. Oikawa did this during their match too. It isn’t rocket science, you always aim for the weak link of a team so they fall apart. In this case, Inarizaki is also trying to bring Karasuno down by aiming for Tanaka - the seemingly average player in the current lineup. It’s an awfully effective strategy and I can see where Inarizaki is coming from; during this match Tanaka hasn’t stood out, therefore he is the weak link, pull him down and he’ll drag the rest of Karasuno down with him.

I’m not saying this always works, but most often than not the player being targeted notices they are being targeted. This puts so much stress on a player, knowing the ball is coming towards you is one thing, but being able to react every single time the ball is being aimed at you is a different story. Also, knowing you are being targeted leads to the player realizing that their opponents think they are weak, talk about pressure am I right? But then..

This is honestly kind of a bittersweet panel for me. It shows Tanaka’s mental fortitude by him not backing down from the challenge, that he won’t back down from a fight and I love that side of his character. But this also shows that Tanaka knows. He knows he is constantly being targeted. He is aware that other players view him as the weak link. I can’t imagine what that would feel like for him, he isn’t being taken seriously by his opponents. But yet he smiles. He knows all of this, but he’s willing to prove them wrong. But then what happens? Nishinoya received the serve that was meant for him. Yet again putting his teammates in the spotlight while Tanaka is in the background..and how does he react to this?

He sucks it up. He realizes that his opponents are aiming directly at him because they think he is weak and has the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong. But then that chance is taken away from him. This is the first time we see Tanaka doubting himself if I’m not mistaken (if I’m wrong do tell me). He thinks he’s being lame during this game. And although Nishinoya took the chance for him to prove his worth to both Inarizaki and himself, he’s not resentful. He doesn’t sulk about it. He clenches his fists, sucks it up, and praises Noya’s receive. This says so much about his character and his sportsmanship and it’s pretty self-explanatory in my opinion.

And then the final panel! Call me a nerd (lol) but if this isn’t foreshadowing I don’t know what is. And as I said in my last post, I am willing to bet my heart and soul that Furudate-sensei has something planned for Tanaka in the next chapters. Whether it be development or angst I’m extremely looking forward to it! I absolutely love Tanaka’s character! He’s such a great person on and off the court and it has been shown throughout the series how much he cares for his teammates and everyone he knows in general.

In conclusion, Tanaka is about to have major development and I just hope Furudate-sensei goes easy on him. He deserves the best.

We Got Married: Again

We Got Married: Again
[Sometimes new opportunities were in the form of old lovers │Simon D]

Initially when your company had recommended you go on We Got Married you were wary. It sounded like way too much of an investment and commitment, but the more you thought about it you welcomed it. And your manager did quite the good job convincing you that this was good for your image.

Your whole image was going through a revamp. You recently left your old company and this was your big chance to debut as a solo singer. To give the industry a taste of who you really were and not the concept your previous company had assigned. That sharp tongue, tough girl was too much maintenance to keep up with. All of your moves, and words were almost too calculated and precise. And that just wasn’t who you were.

You loved your idol days but this was finally something you were doing for you.

And the idea of meeting someone that show producers thought were compatible was pretty exciting.

You sat anxiously as the producers and writers interviewed you for the show. “When was the last time you were in a relationship?”

Giggling you mulled it over. “It would have been about six years ago?”

“Really? You didn’t date at all?”

“There was never any time” you looked down. “We prompted a lot as a group and even after our dating ban, I focused on my solo career.”

“At what age do you want to get married?”

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AWM 2017 recap

Things I saw at AWM today plus some bonus content I was informed of by other attendees of the event (roughly in chronological order):

Cinderella Girls

- I know next to nothing about this series except that Rin and Uzuki and that Love Laika duo are popular yuri ships lol.

- I already forgot their setlist OTL sorry I’d probably remember if I listened to some of their songs again. I think they performed 5? STAR, GOIN…uh…

- They pretty much spoke Japanese the entire time and were impressed that the audience seemed to be following along well despite that.

- They did a live skit or something? They showed clips from the anime(?) for each character and had them read a script live. Was pretty cute.

- Lit songs of the set list: YES PARTY TIME (is…is that the right title lol I just remember screaming those words a lot), and of course their closing song Onegai Cinderella.

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Beauty & the Beast

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A/N: so remember when i mentioned rereading the Lunar Chronicles and got inspired to write fairy tale aus for wanna one. well, here’s the first installment of  the “Happily Ever After” series!

Pairing: Wanna One’s Daehwi x Reader

Genre: fairy tale!au, fluff, slight violence

Warnings: slight violence

  • Everyone in the city knew of Lee Daehwi, probably the prettiest boy to have ever graced the Earth
  • Just a sweet boy who works in his family’s flower shop
  • Always has a different flower tucked in his lil shirt pocket depending on the mood
  • One time he had the flower tucked behind his ear and everyone just cooed bc wow what a cutie
  • On the other hand, there was you, probably the most infamous underground fighter in the city
  • You pretty much spent your days at the gym, punching away at the worn bag
  • Sometimes people will catch you at the rundown auto shop, grease streaked across your cheeks and sweat staining the neck of your white tank
  • The best part is the tattoo that’s on your right bicep of a wolf entirely done in lineart
  • Half the city gets scared when they catch a glimpse of it, but it’s aite, as long as they don’t bug you too much

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What We Created (8)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 2,406

Warning: fluff, a whole bunch of fluff to make up for the angst :D

A/N: A better and longer part lol.. sorry the crap that part 7 is. The part where Sebastian and the reader kiss in bed is totally from a Stalia scene. I couldn’t resist! It was so cute! 2 parts left!

What We Created Masterlist 

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My feelings on the PLL Finale

This is the post I promised about all of my feelings about the finale and the show, now that it has come to a close. I don’t have many good things to say about it so I am warning you now before you start reading. If you enjoyed the finale and are the kind of person whose mood (and in turn opinions) can be affected by those of others if they don’t match their own, don’t read on. Unfollow me, because a lot of what I post or reblog from now until I stop using this account will not be positive.

I envy any of you who loved the finale, as I mentioned yesterday, because this show has been really close to my heart, and I wouldn’t want to be the person who ruins those memories for you because I know how easy it is to change your mind about how you feel about something if everyone (or at least the majority) around you doesn’t feel the same way as you. If I were you, I would guard my feelings fiercely (if I were content with the finale) and keep away from all accounts that might make me second guess my views. However, if you are interested and can tolerate diverse views, or if you share the same frustrations as me, you’re welcome to read on!

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The Strange Ones (Part 1)

Summary: A highschool AU where people are aware of mutant existence. For a long time you thought that you would be living a normal life, but it all takes a turn for the weird when the Maximoff twins start going to your school. There’s something strange and mysterious about them, everyone can tell, but you’re more than intrigued. And Pietro could say the same about you, but there’s something holding him back. Sooner than later that something comes into light, as Pietro can’t keep his distance from you for very long.

Pairing: Mutant!Pietro Maximoff x Reader; ft. Mutant!Wanda Maximoff

Words: 2,224

Warnings: None, some minor fluff

A/N: Hello there friends, dolls, printesas 😉 Welcome to the first installment of a Pietro series that I’m pretty excited about. As always, I am a bundle of nerves since it’s the first part. Take it as an intro to the whole thing, but I promise that things will get interesting. I mean if you read Old Souls then you’ll know lol. Please enjoy! I love my speedy babe.

All other parts Here

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