lol it is like this since yesterday though!

Here’s something funny.. since I left my manager has full on ignored me, like, I’ve seen him a few times and he just looks past me or like me and Ryan come in and he’s like ‘omg hi Ryan how are you’ not acknowledging my presence lol. Yesterday we got a drink from Starbucks and he wrote Ryan on both cups 😂 even though I ordered mine and was stood right there. I worked for him for 2 and a half years and he was lovely to me. So petty. He said to someone that I’d only left ‘indefinitely’ too and I was like mate, it’s pretty definite.

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it's been months, too. last year all the articles about louis always pushed DAD DAD DAD but almost nothing since the birthday. what really caught my eye though was that dan didn't mention him yesterday. he and the sun are all over little champ but it's like everyone forgot freddie existed after the birthday

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// HEYO! :D Here’s my version of the Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around! I got several admin asks as well, so might as well knock out two birds with one stone! 

Fun Facts & Q&As under the cut!

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Birthday weekend has been memorable and physically draining lol. The weather this weekend was amazing though! Went to Pike Place Market yesterday since the sun was out and the breeze was really nice, it almost felt like Spring. It’s still a little cool here but that’s just how I like it. Sunny but cold.

I’m starting to feel a lot better this week and trying to learn to calm my nerve better. With all the scholarships I’ve applied for and waiting to hear back and all the assignments and papers due this and next week, I really set myself up for all the stress and anxiety. Plus the fact that I’m trying to make the Dean’s List for the whole school year is really pushing myself to the limit. But this just means I qualify for more scholarship opportunities.When you a broke college student, merit scholarships be life. Literally.

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Hi, I really enjoy reading everything you write, be it fanfics or thoeries, they are really thought through and well written <3 If you don't mind answering, how do you think a reunion (if any happens anyway) between Shizuo and Izaya (canon-wise, y'know, with wheelchair and all) could go? (My personal headcannon is that Shizuo becomes a detective like he wants to and has to work with Izaya xD). I would love to read your thoughts :D

Aww, thanks! ^^ Reunion canon-wise, I actually have the same headcanon as you! I think Tom thinking about Izaya being Shizuo’s detective partner is foreshadowing! At first I was like ‘haha no way’ then I remembered Izaya is an information broker and it became ‘omg that’s actually possible’ xD

‘Cause if you think about it, it’s Izaya. He has connections, he would be able to make Shizuo a detective. And since he has admitted to himself Shizuo is human and sees him as human (yes finally!) he’s definitely interested in Shizuo’s human potential. If Shizuo told him he wanted to be a detective, he would be able to arrange that easily. Not to mention he’s been in (unrequited) love with Shizuo for so long and Shizuo is finally asking something of him, I don’t see any reason why he would reject Shizuo’s wish lol. Here the one human he’s in love with is asking something of him for the first time in like, what, a decade? He’ll do it in a flash~

Of course there’s the side of his love being his equal too. In the past Izaya became a villain (and maybe a monster) to stand on the same level as Shizuo, to be the one to stand up against his monstrous strength. I think it would be fitting if Shizuo tried to ‘grow as a human’ as he has expressed to Tom, to be on the same level as Izaya as a human – especially considering Izaya is a very intelligent man. Izaya too would want his lover to not be lacking intelligence, to be able to communicate on his level, so Shizuo becoming a detective has benefits for him as well.

Izaya always aims for what he wants, if he wants something to happen, he’ll do everything to get it, he’s assertive in that way so even if Shizuo can’t love him back, I don’t think he will be satisfied not being by the side of the human he’s in love with. And if he can help detective Shizuo and be his information broker, why not? That would mean Shizuo is reliant on him for information, that Shizuo is dependent on him and he has power over him that way. It’ll be exceeding his expectations.

And if Shizuo does become a villain and criminal in SH, it would be fitting. I think if that happens, he will most likely leave Ikebukuro, because how can he work in his debt collecting job after he himself became a criminal?

“Ah, yes - ‘a tiger dies and leaves its skin; a man dies and leaves his name’… Have you heard of it?”


“Shizuo-kun is exactly like the tiger. If he dies, the hide on his body… That superhuman strength will be revered as a legend that once lived; it’ll be exaggerated in rumours, and most likely it’ll become an urban legend.”

Shinra was as excited as an elementary schooler who had found an exotic bug, and in the same way, as if his elementary school friend was that exotic insect, he continued.

“Yes; not just rumours, but an urban legend that once lived! The human Heiwajima Shizuo might even, after death, be complete as an existence surpassing humanity.”

Remember in volume 13 Shinra said to Izaya Shizuo is like a tiger who will leave behind its skin when he dies, that if he dies, he will become a living legend. That could be foreshadowing as well – perhaps not actual death, but his departure from the city. If Shizuo leaves Ikebukuro, he is no longer in the city, his existence is gone especially if no one knows where he went like Izaya did. So in a way, he will finally ‘die’ as the Monster of Ikebukuro. Especially if he becomes a villain and shows his true strength as an ‘existence surpassing humanity’ (just like when he knocked the crane tower away with his shoulder alone) before he leaves. And then he really will become just an urban legend that once lived in Ikebukuro.

Shizuo will want to atone for his crimes as well, and what better way than becoming a detective and catching criminals? He’s going to need to build a new life, a new name, and it’s possible with information broker Orihara Izaya on his side because Izaya is in love with him. He may also want to ‘make it up’ to Izaya once he’s learnt Izaya’s loved him all throughout the years and was alone so he wouldn’t mind taking care of Izaya in his wheelchair, whether he returns Izaya’s feelings or not.

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Why I think Furuta is a Clown (+ Kaneki Ken seen by the Clowns, because I ramble a lot)

Obvious spoilers for ch50.

I know we’re all still doubting that Furuta = Souta, even though the “Sorry MM-san” is a huge hint, since only someone from the Ghoul Restaurant would know that it is Tsukiyama’s pseudonym, but I’m not even going to consider that Furuta is Souta in this post (even though I’m thinking it’s indeed the case because of the mole (at the same place as the heart on Souta’s mask and Uta likes moles lol) and the hair).

No, what I found the most interesting and what I want to focus on are his words.

First of all, is Furuta a ghoul or not? 

Technically we can’t give a precise answer to that because we have no proof that he is a ghoul yet. However what’s really clear is that he doesn’t respect his coworkers at all.

-> So if he’s a ghoul, as many of us theorized since yesterday, then that would make sense he doesn’t give a damn about ghoul investigators, right? Especially one as crazy as Kijima I believe, which is why

…He’d step right on his ex boss without a single care in the world.

Then when he attacks Matsumae, he says…

“You’re nothing but a murdering cannibal. That’s what you all are.”

Tell me, if we still believe that Furuta is a ghoul, then the words he just said to Matsumae are technically meant for him as well… And yet he said “you” not “we”.

-> So maybe he’s a human then? But in that case, why would he throw his coworker at Matsumae mercilessly before stepping onto Kijima’s dead body? 

After all, doesn’t he clearly show despise to both Matsumae (and what she’s fighting for) and his coworkers with his actions and words? 

So maybe “That’s what you all are” isn’t only meant for Matsumae’s side… 

Maybe it’s meant for Matsumae and Kijima (hence why he’s stepping on his ex boss at the precise moment he says these words) and the two sides of the battle that they’re representing in this arc, aka the CCG vs a Ghoul organization once again.

Yeah, because TG is about that endless battle between humans and ghouls, with Sasaki as the main guy who is a part of both sides (thanks to the Clowns haha) but still unable to live happily in such a destructive world. 

Back to Furuta, him showing despise to both the humans and ghouls fighting this endless war (because his words are implying that he sides with neither even though he has to be one or the other in the first place), reminds me of…

…Uta’s tattoo : “I cannot live with you, nor without you.” 

That’s all about the “equilibrium” once again (and remember that we still can’t say if the Clowns are a part of V or not) and Uta is a Clown, which is why I think Furuta is a Clown as well (now is he a ghoul, is he Souta or not, I guess we’ll find out later).

In case you didn’t notice, the Clowns don’t favor any side of this war: they eliminated Rize three years ago, even though Aogiri needed her badly for their goals but they more or less fought alongside Aogiri against the CCG in the Auction Arc (not that I think they were really allied but my point is that if they choose a side it’s only temporarily). 

Also, Uta never minded the humans’ company (see the chapter of the TG novels with him and Asa) and Itori collected a good amount of info “regardless of whether it’s about humans or ghouls” according to TG ch34, so that’s further proof that Uta’s neck tattoo is really revealing when it comes to the Clowns’ philosophy and the fact they haven’t chosen a side between ghouls and humans.

Because, if you think about it, what did the Clown ever say about themselves or their goal? Well, I think a good summary would be that sentence of ch143 : “The ones laughing at the end will be us, the Clowns”.

And yep, they like fun things, they tell jokes, they’re the reason Kaneki suffered so much before Uta said in the end that “tragedies aren’t popular nowadays” and, while it feels like a huge slap in the face, his words are not really surprising because the Clowns like Kaneki (in their own way of course, probably because he’s so very interesting).

And why is that? Why is Kaneki (and not Sasaki, careful there) such a “special customer”, why are the Clowns so enthralled by him to the point that they’d want to see him survive through suffering, even though “tragedies aren’t popular nowadays”?

Because they like to laugh? Nah dude, more than that it’s because Kaneki Ken/Sasaki Haise is the biggest proof ever that the world Ishida created is the most ironic joke of all times.

Because, the Clowns eliminating Rize was the reason Kaneki became a half ghoul, and as a result, according to Yoshimura, he has a place in the two parts of the world and so automatically he has to have a place to belong to in the two sides.

Isn’t that supposed to be great? Especially for our MC who fears to be left alone?

…But Kaneki/Sasaki has always been struggling for happiness without ever reaching it, even though he’s supposed to belong to both sides of Ishida’s world…

So, isn’t that ironic? A boy who can choose to live as whoever he wants to be but who can’t manage to be happy no matter what.
That’s both the biggest joke ever and a huge proof that something is clearly wrong in the world.

Hence Uta’s tattoo.

Hence Furuta’s despise to both Matsume and Kijima.

Hence Itori collecting info on both humans and ghouls because they’re observing both sides (okay I’ll stop).

Hence maybe even why the Clowns are “the Clowns” because they’re the neutral party of this war, watching the ghouls and humans killing each other, while they just laugh in the background because they realize the irony of this world when the others don’t and it’s just too funny. 

I’m not saying the Clowns are anything close to good, especially since Kaneki/Sasaki struggling so much is always their fault in the first place, but he’s the actor on their stage (because they created him) and he’s their way to prove to the two sides how mistaken they are.

And that’s why for now it’s more or less true that they’re the ones who will have the last laugh. At least for now, because no one is enough of a threat to have the upper hand over them for the moment. 

Conclusion? I really think Furuta is a Clown (and maybe he’s Souta) and now I’ll wait for Ishida to prove me right or wrong. 

No idea whether that made sense or not, but thanks for reading all that if you came to the end.

Hello~ yesterday I reached 2k (*´▽`*)thank youuuu to everyone I follow for being wonderul~ I love all your posts ^^ Even though I only talk to some I can always see how nice and funny people are from their tags LOL since we use them quite liberally xD

And thank you to my followers ahh it makes me happy that you’ve stayed with this blog (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ tbh I have a surprise for you all~ oooh Ashley what is it? well, it’s an anime merch giveaway! sorry if you don’t like the anime merch, it’s just some stuff from previous conventions. But I thought if anyone would want it since it just sits in my room they could probably put it to more use than I do xD so here it is if you want to enter~


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Oh boy, it’s been a while

Uh, this is admin speaking yea, still alive, sry about that lol

Well, aside from me being a lazy bum, my excuse for the lack of updates is that there’s a lot of stuff going on in my life rn, and so I don’t have as much time as I used to have in the past, and though it doesn’t look it, some of these things take quite a while to make (I obviously mean the longer ones), ahh… 

Same goes for hella-san, in case you’re wondering.

Imma try and get this going again. rly. i love it here orz


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Glenn Rhee in TWD 6.03- Thoughts

I’ve gotten many asks this mornng around the TWD 6.03 spoilers info and Q & A posted by @thespoilingdeadfans so am sharing my thoughts in one post and keeping everything together. 

While I am certain the Q & A info is what we will see on screen, I don’t think Glenn is truly dead.  

I think AMC is pulling a redo of what we have seen in past seasons with first Merle, Carol & Judith, but not Beth.  It is simply a stale gimmick which I hope will make better sense and play out better once we get the full context in later episodes. 

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hey i was just wondering if you had an nsfw blog or if you don't do nsfw art?

Okay soooo I saved a nsfw screenname for myself just in case I get too shy but so far there’s nothing there and all nsfw draws I’ve posted are already here in my nsfw tag, although there are several drawings on my blog I don’t consider worth tagging like this, nbd. Sadly though the nsfw tag is few and far between since I get a bit nervous. It’s odd because I’ve openly posted my explicit fic on ao3… but I feel like visuals are a different experience, or perhaps I’m more worried about the judgement of my art than of my writing. I’m not sure if you’re reacting to the exr wip I posted on instagram yesterday or not (which hopefully eventually I’ll make real and post here) lol but so far any art I’m too shy to post on this blog is not posted anywhere (but trust me it exists, michellicopter​ and I have another collab complete with dicks). I do want to do more nsfw and in fact my secret unfulfilled desire is to be a really amazing erotic illustrator but I’m worried about how people feel about things, especially because everyone has different experiences and different interests when it comes to sexuality and bodies, etc. (But I’d hope that people who don’t like to see nsfw things already block nsfw tags in the first place so maybe it’s okay.)

Anyway anon unless I say so otherwise anything of that nature will still be here when it comes to fruition. Also anyone else, feel free to reply with thoughts on nsfw art if you like, if that’s something you want to see or feel strongly about or anything like that.

(bringing that one back just for fun, the hogwarts au innuendo drawings post is here.)