lol islanders

I have decided that my favorite thing about Black Sails is that according to this show, the treasure–the notorious treasure from a literary classic that has been adapted time and time again, that created most myths surrounding piracy including buried treasure and treasure maps–is actually Anne Bonny’s portion of stolen gold converted into a cache of portable gems by her girlfriend.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s “please don’t include women in your book” son must be rolling over in his grave, and that pleases me.

Ooh, I’ll bet it’s almost time for the gang to make an appearance.

Establishing shot of hang gliders… promising!

Cut in close… wonder what–




…I mean, wow. Even Shag and Scoob don’t seem too sure about it.

Cut to… eh? Wait, what?

Are those… are those sniper crosshairs?

Well. That accelerated quickly.

…eh? What was that flash?

Oh… it was just Velma taking a photo? Phew, that’s a lot more–

…wait, and her digital camera has only one real button, and records photos that look nothing like the scene looked when she took them?

This is gonna be a looooong couple weeks.