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@lovingequalswinning replied to your photo: Shortaki Week Day 4: Tears/Reunion  Ok so, I…

I like the way you draw them as teens and the relationship timeline part of it too

Especially Helga’s look because sometimes people describe her with crazy style but I’ve also always seen her in between a tomboy and girly and I can’t picture her dying her hair etc so yeah I like how you do it lol

Aah, thank you! One of my favorite things about Helga is that she’s a mix of both. She wears pink, a dress, and a big old bow and is a giant romantic but she’ll throw down the second someone pisses her off enough, she’ll get down and dirty/play any sport, she spits and stomps and scowls, but she still chooses to look the way she does. And I like to keep that in in some way. 

I see the pink and bow retiring when Arnold moves (in my timeline and as u can see in the pic, he actually ends up with it but even if he didn’t it’d still be put away), as a way to start stepping back from having him consume her entire world. She goes more towards her favorite color, which I see as purple. Not to say she won’t still wear pink occasionally but it isn’t the main color anymore.

As for dying her hair, I can see it, I’m just not sure when she’d do it, but like, I’m sure she’d try it out at least once and keep it for a bit. 


Lol, I need to reinforce my ears, but this is my cosplay so far, I’m done with my beard, I keep finding beads and stuff to deck out my hair with and I refuse to them Haha! My big cuffs are curtain rings that I got from Anna’s linens. And I glued on my beard with double sided tape because I didn’t buy my sprit gum yet Lol I’ll take a picture of my jacket and tunic soon. I have pictures of one of my dwarf costumes, but I don’t like the angles and how I look lol. But maybe you all aren’t as critical as me lol. I might post them later.

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I love ur art, and what would you think if your Bee!Chloe outfit design might have influenced the canon? I p sure I've seen ur designs before I saw the recent canon. T'was just a thought I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK ksorry

Thank you so much!!! I based my Bee designs off of this image:

After that, I tweak based on any new info that’s leaked. So, I definitely don’t think I had any input on their designs. I don’t even think I’m big enough for anyone at Zag to see my stuff. Although, that would have been amazing lol. 

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Prompt: Rhett and Link are cave men. They are the first cave men to paint on the walls of caves. They paint a love story, but cannot form true speech, so when there's a misunderstanding in the love story, there's a fight between them. A bison comes into the cave and both men must resolve their differences to fight him, for he is a demon bison who can drag them to an underworld. Also there's birds.

I’m so sorry this took me forever to get to! I hope you’re still around :-S but LOL!!! This prompt though OMG XD forgive me, I can’t really write crack but here you go! I didn’t do justice to the demon part I’m sorry.

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u should consider making a char page or a family tree for the newcomers(like me) so we understand who is who, i really want to read the story but it is too big and i am lazy lol

plsss. if you really wanted to be filled in then you’d just readddd ittttt. i was going to make a char page ages ago but i’m just not dedicated to the idea enough. like sure i’d love to have one but am i going to look for a theme and take pictures and all that jazz for a separate page.. nah. i barely open my game enough as it is ;-;

but sdkjhfds.. honestly if you want to read everything in order just go here. it’s all terrible and cringy and the editing is atrocious but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i used to have an actual tag for my things but i’ve removed it long ago so now i just have the normal ts3 tag. if you put chrono at the end it will give you everything in order. 

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Little Bits of Happiness (Part 4) 

lol. Well Izuku is the best and worse kept secret of Yuuei… so small reveal probably 

Read Part 1 (The best and worse kept secret of Yuuei)

Read Part 2 (Shouta visit Inko’s grave)

Read Part 3 (MOAR Pictures)

  • When Izuku is (finally!) old enough to come to Yuuei, there is a frenzy in the staff room over who gets to be his homeroom teacher. 
  • Too bad Nedzu already picked Shouta fourteen years ago. (It was the only way to prevent the future bloodbath. Shouta always has first dibs on Izuku especially after the fight over who got to take Izuku out for his first ice cream cone.) 
  • It doesn’t matter where Izuku places, Shouta is his homeroom teacher even if he has to give up the covenant spot of Class 1-A for it. 
  • People mourn and cry. 
  • Izuku is just a little embarrassed. Just a little. 
  • The less said about the entrance exam the better.
  • The first day of class is… interesting. 
  • Yeah… interesting, let’s totally go with that. 
  • His classmates don’t really know what to make of Izuku. On one hand, he seems really familiar with well… everything. None of the exams or tests surprise him, he knows all the shortcuts in campus and seems to know who all the teachers are (beyond fanboy facts). On the other hand, he’s kinda cute and adorable and awkwardly weird. 
  • Until one day, Izuku falls asleep during lunch and most of the girls instantly whip out their phones to snap a cute picture of Izuku sleeping. (no one notices that their sensei does the same thing too) 
  • It turns out Izuku reflexively smiles in front of a camera. 
  • It turns out that after a month of picture taking the girls have safely accumulated enough pictures to make a photo album. 
  • Izuku is horrified. 
  • Half the of the guys are jealous of Izuku. The other half wants to know if they can get a copy too. 
  • One morning, before the start of class, Uraraka shows off her design for the photo album. It featured the first picture the girls took of Izuku sleeping on the cover and is labeled “Volume 1: Sleeping Beauty”. 
  • “You’re planning on more than one volume!?!” 
  • “Well it’s only a month into a school year, so yes.” 
  • Before Izuku could protest that maybe the rest of the class should be in the photo album, Shouta walks into the classroom. 
  • Shouta who takes one look at the cover and the sheepish look on his students’ faces. 
  • “Uraraka.”
  • “Yes sensei?” Uraraka squeaks. 
  • “If you want it to be in numerical order, the photo album should be volume 43 and the title Sleeping Beauty was used for Volume 12,” Shouta said in a dull tone as if he was discussing the weather.
  • The entire class stared at him before all eyes turned on Izuku. 
  • Izuku shot his father a look of betrayal. How could he?!

So I totally forgot to tell everyone that I have a Redbubble store I opened back in September! 

I have these images up so you can order them on things! I want to add more HxH and Jojo ones, and I want to add more for other fandoms I like such as Magi and Yugioh! So stay tuned~

Also, if there’s a picture I drew in the past you would like to have available as a print or something, let me know and if the file is big enough I can add it!

when the woof headdress too big for the gotdan head

Messages and Spinners!

Hey everyone! Wanted to do a quick update. So the contact me part of the site, if you put in your email in wrong I won’t see the email apparently. I kept getting these emails that say email integration problem and then it gives me the persons email. So make sure you put it in proper otherwise I’ll never see anything :(

And the spinner cubes! I’m STILL waiting on getting in my rainbow one to make sure it looks just as awesome as the picture. So once that gets here I’ll do the big preorder thing since like I said before…china….it’ll take likely 4-6 weeks for them to get to me 🙄 But at least they’re fun lol. If there’s enough people that want JUST the solid color ones I could probably get that going so those can get on their way here.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

TAG secret santa for @dreamsrunfaster who requested:

Incarnation: TAG. Something warm and gentle for the soul - surprise me :)

There are eight nights between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Enough nights for each inhabitant of Tracy Island to pick a theme for a movie marathon. The order changes from year to year, traded and negotiated in a flurry of small favours and minor bets.

Only two things are constant. One, that the 29th of December belongs to Grandma (it is the perfect distance between Christmas and New Year, and if you let me have it, Virgil says he will make a pudding); and Two, that at some point they will all end up crammed onto a single couch, even though the lonuge has more than enough seating for the lot of them.

i literally went to episode one to see the ‘before’ picture of jillian for her weightless surgery and like… it wasn’t even that impressive of a weightloss? lol 

like her before picture looks like me. and i’m not that big. not enough to warrant a trip to Tijuana to get a surgery but then again I’m not rich

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Hi this is a stupid question but I saw you bought the banlaine books, do you read Japanese? I wanna get them but I can't read them , so I don't really see the point. Do you think it's worth it ?

I can’t read a lick of Japanese lol. Even if I can’t understand, there’s still exclusive pictures in there that I enjoy and I’m a big enough fan of BanLaine I want all the merchandise I can get of them just to have them, y'know?


For some reason people are sending me pics of their little dicks. It is unlikely that i will post any of them. If i need to see a little dick i have my own.
Now if you have a big cock please feel free to send me a picture. i like to be compared to real cocks.
All you other losers are welcome to enjoy my blog but your pics are being rejected unless they are clever enough to amuse me.

i do appreciate rejection so you guys should thank me lol.

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My guess is that Sorrowful and Immaculate Kent avoids the FB tagging thing not only by turning off that setting, but also by never ever having a Facebook profile picture that's actually him. It's just happy tractors and headlines all the way. Am I close?

okay TO BE FAIR he does probably have the farming meme corn prices raccoon as his profile picture for A REALLY LONG TIME

but also i have had facebook tag some REALLY WEIRD THINGS as being me, or people i know, so honestly if superman got tagged as clark kent lois would probably just screenshot it like “lol” and then everyone would have a good laugh about how fucking dumb facebook is for confusing CLARK with SUPERMAN geeze facebook fix ur algorithms

but also supes’ eyes tend to show up really weird in closeups

and clark’s glasses are REALLY thick

(not that bad but enough to distort his features)

so even without taking precautions it’s probably not that big of an issue

For PR, timing is everything.

The beginning of Hedwig consisted of his character exclusively kissing females followed by the first ever – in five years – kiss that was specifically for the cameras.. They seemed to do their job well, because it convinced people enough that he is super straight with a long-term girlfriend… Except for those of us who actually understand how publicity works, or as they call us, delusional.

And then we had that wonderful couple of weeks full of Daisy out in full force doing publicity without any sexuality questions and with no beard to damper our mood. He was so happy and gay. He was kissing male porn stars who he seemed to know, and mostly men. He kissed Rebecca openly on the lips which no long-term girlfriend would ever be okay with. This was right after that beautiful blind item that made us truly hope that we were turning a corner because everything was going as planned.

But everything changed after the porn star situation. We all called it when we said that now the “girlfriend” was going to swoop in for a couple days, which she did. She followed Darren around with his gay friends, where PR told his said friends to Tweet about “his lovely girlfriend”, as they politely did. They know how this business works. That weekend wasn’t terrible but it did its job. All the gay stuff was erased with just a little bit of straight stuff.

AND THEN… dun dun duuuun… Chris Col-fur happened… On his birthday… And it never stopped and it only got bigger and it’s obviously implying something that the fandom can’t quite figure out what it could be, but either way, it’s completely crisscolfer and even some haters freaked out over the shout out. It took longer than we thought but the beard finally arrived as a Smurf at the Tony’s. Coincidentally, it was apparently the same weekend of their seventh? Sixth? No, fifth anniversary, which went again but even more holes into the strange relationship they have going on. 

I guess PR must have known that it wasn’t making a big enough  impact for them, so COINCIDENTALLY AGAIN, someone “hacked” the beard’s “account” to post a bunch of pictures that I haven’t seen and I am avoiding with all my might, but I hear that they are awkward? Go figure. Anyway, everything is going along with PR’s plan, at least for the gullible people who wants to kiss Smurf’s ass.