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Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)

Let’s be real, Arin and Dan meeting Alex and Ryland would just be a bragging competition about their Platonic Life Partners™

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pls use this ask as an excuse to rant about taakitz when you are not busy, i need that in my life

@inkedinserendipity (just so u get the notif) 

so i’m trying to write but its not happening so maybe its TIME FOR ASKS aka all you’re getting tonight is stream of consciousness/taakitz headcanons cause thats where i AM in life that is to say: have not left my apartment all day, has said one word to a physical human being, been thinking for the past 6 hours about my art project and stressin’ but anyway, that’s a me update, lets talk about taakitz.

so im of the firm belief that taako never meant this to be a real relationship. i think he kind of like, did the first chug n squeeze date thing to fuck with kravitz? not badheartedly, or like, outta malice, but he did want to unsettle the hot goth dead boy.

but then. the date is really nice? and krav asks him stuff and seems to actually give a shit about the answers which is still such a novelty for taako, and like, huh, he wants to see the guy again. that’s a surprise. that’s wild shit.

so they schedule another date. and then another. and all of them go really well? and taako’s been going through with all of these with the mentality of “ok this is fun but it doesnt matter a ton” and that actually helps him get pretty close to krav because all the info he gives up about himself, the closeness and emotional info, it doesnt matter, right? cause this isnt going to last. and thinking about this as a temporary/casual sitch makes this like…okay. its cool that taako is being himself, as long as this doesnt matter, right?

kravitz, on the other hand, is haplessly charmed by this incredibly weird, dramatic, fun dude, who seems to have no goddamn fear about dating the grim reaper, who asks him about his day and jokes about killing necromancers and its like, a good joking, right, it’s like, he gets it, he’s seen shit. and kravitz hasnt dated in a LONG time. centuries, probably. and he’s like….utterly baffled by this turn of events. like, taako keeps calling him? asking to hang out? they have long stone of farspeech conversations at midnight cause taako doesnt sleep and neither does kravitz, and for the first time in a while, he’s doing like, alive person things. eating breakfast. taking showers. mundane shit like that, early morning in thb’s apartment, and kravitz doesnt remember the last time he’s woken up in someone else’s bed. i think kravitz gets real serious about this real fast.

other things: kravitz being like, semi-reasonably concerned that taako is a squish wizard “shit my boyfriend keeps almost dying like all the time” and being semi-reasonably concerned that taako feels like this is the only career option for him. taako being like, completely unconcerned with the fact that he’s literally dating the grim reaper. kravitz awkwardly running into merle and magnus doing the walk of shame from taakos bedroom. kravitz running into lucretia on the moonbase and lucretia internally being like “holy FUCK of course when taako gets a stable relationship its the fucking grim reaper

so this happens and kind of goes like this and then the events of story and song happen which are real fuckin dramatic all over and i think like, a month after everything is over (or maybe this happens before, idk) taako like, realizes hes in love and has like a minor crisis over it. which would make for a pretty good fic that i’m never going to write, taako realizing that he’s in love with his boyfriend, ha.

anyway i think they stay together forever, its great.  

but yeah! it’s a good ship. i like it a lot cause its like two people who have no idea how to be people in a relationship kind of figuring it out together. i think there’s a funny dichotomy where kravitz is very blunt about his questions and taako is alternately really honest where he doesnt realize that hes being really honest, and really cagey. i think thats got that GOOD drama/angst/lol potential.

other good concepts: barry and kravitz comparing notes about like “ok does yours do that too?” and kravitz asking lup if “is this a normal taako thing or like, not”

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hey!!! Would you happen to have any HQ (or at least higher quality than the music video on YouTube) pictures of the scene in the gypsy music video where Stevie is dancing with the 3 girls and they are holding hands dancing in a circle around her? I know it's weirdly specific lol but it's inspired a new tattoo I want and I need a good reference pic. Thank you!!!!

Hey Chloe, I’m afraid I can’t help you, I don’t have any pictures of that particular scene, only screen caps.

There’s an extended video on youtube with decent quality, you’ll get 1280x720 caps:

I hope someone else can help you, and good luck with the tattoo. I think it’s a wonderful idea. ♥

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Hello! I’m totally in Love your agent au series! I’m thinking maybe you could do a drawing of the first photo they took as they merged, and they put Thomas and Alex together in front of Washington and everyone’s smiling except them (if looks could kill lol)... just that haha, keep your amazing work up! Hope you have a great day<3

Oh that’s such a good idea omfg <3 If I have time I’ll try to do it, it’s a lot of people to draw but I love them 

and THANKS <3 I hope you to too

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Hopefully the Trash Hoes™ die this season. Like literally noBODY LIKES THEM. Jadis *tried* to make advances on our mans and another one *tried* to kill Michonne. And also they suck at fighting. I mean, they can shoot and punch but in 7x16 they were quick to leave. I was like, “No no hunty, if you got the balls to shoot my mans then you got the balls to fight.” Annd they gotta be musty like *worse* than Daryl because I swear they wear the same stuff every time we see them. i can’t with

I cannot find a single lie. Starting with the fact that literally nobody likes them! I still can’t figure out how they sat in the writers’ room and thought, “Yep, this is a good idea.” Like, did they try and come up with anything else? I’m pretty sure an extra ten minutes thinking about this would’ve done them (and us) a world of good.

Anyway, I hope Michonne gets to whoop Jadis’ ass just for trying her, but Rick better be the one to kill her.

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💕 for any YoI pairing that you'll like~

@joey-wingster giving me free reign like this is NEVER a good idea LOL! Thank you for trusting me with it though :) I am going to go with Sara and Mila in this, because I have only ever written them as a background relationship in Be my chef, Yuuri. Let’s see how this goes!

Send Nerd Kisses to Write to Make Her Blush

The lights in the hotel room were still dim as Mila slowly opened her eyes, a calm smile spreading over her face. She wasn’t alone this morning, and the thought of her current bed mate made her smile with ecstatic happiness as she curled onto her side to snuggle into Sara’s back.

All of the boy skaters had ventured off to the pool in the early hours of the morning, their dares being shouted with loud competitiveness. They had failed to realize that Mila and Sara had slipped away, the convenient amount of alcohol being shoved at Mickey by Emil aiding in their escape.

Every part of the night had been perfect. They had bolted the door to Mila’s hotel room, giggling as they took their smuggled bottle of wine out onto the balcony. Despite the existence of two lounge chairs, they had snuggled onto one, Sara braced between Mila’s knees, head resting back on Mila’s chest as they discussed every random topic that came to mind. It was rare, this time alone, and their limited quantities of it had kept their relationship squarely in the confines of friendship despite their matching desires for more.

Their first kiss had been after the infamous Sochi banquet, when Yuuri Katsuki had thankfully garnered all of the attention for himself. At the peak of his drunken seduction, Mila had caught Sara by the elbow and pulled her into the hallway, stealing a kiss as they hid together in a darkened alcove. They were both breathless when they returned to the banquet, discovering Yuuri and Chris spinning on a pole and avoiding the scrutiny of Mickey’s watchful eyes.

Last night had been different though. No one had come looking for them and they were able to take their time, enjoying every part of each other. Mila smiled at the memories, wrapping her arms around Sara’s waist to snuggle her closer.

“It is still early,” Sara whispered sleepily, twisting in Mila’s hold to face her girlfriend. Their smiles matched as they rubbed their noses together, morning breath forgotten as they pulled each other close.

“Let’s not get up then,” Mila smiled, placing a grazing kiss over the tip of Sara’s nose and on each cheek. “Good morning, beautiful,” Mila whispered, dipping her head to kiss Sara properly as her girlfriend giggled.

As they melted back into each other, letting the rest of the world continue to exist outside of their cocoon, Mila knew that this was exactly what she wanted for the rest of her life.


hahah the new episode was great and Ruby’s new costumes saved my day. And the song!! Simply beautiful episode.

Sorry for the crappy edit as the idea struck me at 1 am and it was too funny lol :D

See you next edit, guys!

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1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

Oh jeez. Always. A l w a y s. I have one fic that’s been rattling around my head since I joined the fandom but I didn’t know if it was a good idea because it is so so so very messy. Like, there’s concubines and court intrigue and plagues and sabre rattling and several major character deaths and it spans nearly a decade and I leave no character untouched by it.

Back in the beginning, I thought that perhaps it was too dark for shoujo.

Now? Well.. it seems like my readers don’t take too much issue with me going dark. lol. Now it is just a matter of me finding the time to take on this monster.

Thanks for asking! :D

In mythology, Artemis is the goddess of hunting, forests, mountains and animals. Her virginity was important to her, and she only surrounded herself with virgins.In astrology Artemis can show where we are perfectionist, and where we wish to preserve purity. Though let’s not forget that Artemis is a huntress, and she likes a good chase. Meaning that she likes tempting the idea of being very sexual, but she likes to tempt her strength as well, meaning she doesn’t tend to let herself fall into intense sexuality. So people with a prominent Artemis (conjunct sun, ascendant, midheaven) put their purity before most things, translating tho them being very picky when it comes to choosing a sexual partner. They need them to be completely trustworthy, with pure intentions. These people are not the types to go sleeping with any hot person of their preferred gender that they see. People with a prominent Artemis may not marry, but they still surround themselves with plenty of comrades. They also tend to care for children whilst also not wanting any of their own. But most importantly they have a great appreciation for nature and animals, they have a great way with them, although may be picky with which animals they actually like surrounding themselves with. Artemis in the draconic chart can show us the way in which we expressed out childhood purity, and can also show the way in which the soul attempts to perfect itself. If you believe in past lives, Artemis in the draconic chart can show the virtue we tries to preserve and fake from our past lives. I say fake because if we think about it, Artemis is the goddess of purity and animals, yet she also a huntress. Kind of contradictory, huh? In a synastry/composite chart Artemis can show where the other brings purity into our lives, and how you perfect one another. 

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How did u get to be such a good writer? i Love your fics!

Omg anon! This ask has flummoxed me – but in a nice way. I’m really flattered by it and feel honored, but there’s a part of me that resists it and wants to just demure my way out of it. But I’m going to resist that. LOL.  

Well, okay, I started writing in high school. (I’m 43 now, so that gives you an idea of how long this business has been going on. ;) ) It started, actually, because I loved romance novels (which is its whole other story, being that I was closeted and had no idea there was any queer content out there, etc.) Anyway though, I started writing my own. I was 15 and had no idea what I was doing, and I wrote 120 pages longhand (on legal-sized paper), and this thing got passed around the school and read by I don’t know how many people. LOL. In the end, I had people sign my yearbook, “I hope you finish your book!” and these were people I had only a passing acquaintance with and that I had no idea had read it. O_o

The next year, my junior year in high school, I got into poetry and wrote some really bad stuff. But I had a great teacher who encouraged me, so I kept at it. I got really into my lit class my senior year and decided I wanted to major in English in college. When I was 38 years old (long story there), I graduated with an undergrad degree in contemporary lit with a minor in writing. But somewhere in all that time in between, I discovered fanfiction.

I wrote my first fic in 2000 because I was afraid the show I was obsessed with watching wouldn’t handle an upcoming story arc the way I wanted it to, so I decided to just write it myself. I know that if I went back and reread it, I would cringe my way through and maybe not even make it to the end. But it was a start, and I think that’s really the moral of the story: START. Don’t you dare stop yourself before you get the chance to practice. Start, start, start. Don’t even wait. Just go.

Honestly, that’s how I got to today. I had the desire to write, I loved doing it, and I just kept at it. Over and over and over again, for years. It helped that every time I wrote, I had positive feedback, even when vast improvements could be made – because vast improvements can still be made. It’s wonderful when you can get in touch with a good teacher or mentor, or friends who share your interests, or a writing class to receive con crit (or just evil naysaying, which can still teach you something even if it’s just how to defend your own work to the death). Getting positive feedback at every step of the process is sort of a miracle, but I don’t think it’s something that happens magically, rather I think it can have the chance to happen when you seek it out, which requires a vulnerability that’s scary.

Anyway, I guess my answer is that I love writing and always have, and I’ve just never stopped doing it. I’ve learned a few things along the way that have made my writing stronger, and I still have a lot to learn and plan to write my way better for a good long time.

Thank you for the ask, anon! I so appreciate it! I’m so happy you enjoy reading what I write. That’s such a good feeling, so thank you for that!

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not to speculate but do you think martin really might be bi ? he always gives me strong non straight vibes and we know next to nothing about his personal life except the fact that he has a wife so like ... what do you think

Well, we’ll never know for sure unless he tells us, of course. He could be one of those rare, mature straight men who are just very comfortable/confident in their sexuality, that they have no problem expressing themselves about, let’s say, other men’s attractiveness. I dare say this open-minded attitude is pretty common in Sweden, though, thank the lord, so it could simply be a cultural thing. Men should be allowed to find other dudes good-looking without immediately having labels thrown at them.

It’s either that, or he’s bi because, well… dude says some Gay Shit™ and he seems to enjoy the idea of Tyrelliot like… suspiciously much lol? Not to mention he seems to wanna, uh, smooch Rami. Real bad. He’s pretty reclusive even here in Sweden, though. I don’t have much on him but I don’t think he’s ever directly talked about it? Jfc I want him to play gay in a movie or something so bad, though, I would DIE.

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i have a problem where i want a boyfriend but the idea of dating someone who isnt the characters/celebs i ship myself with is... not what i want lol its so sad i want cuddling and sex and happy good times but i dont really want to put in the effort of finding people and getting to know them and dating them i just wanna throw myself into a full fledged relationship with rick ahhh!! (also i feel like ive never really seen anyone whose “my type” irl (or one of my many types))

its difficult !! I only end up dating people I’ve been friends with for a bit. anything else is… weird….

but i get what u mean!!!!! fictional characters are……… special

Find out about people tag!

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I was tagged by both @aveo-amacuse and @cmmas-l. Sorry guys, it took me a minute! Thanks for thinking of me. :)

Nicknames - I was referred to as Velma quite a bit in Middle School, but I’m not sure that counts. It wasn’t really a nickname I wanted. For the most part, I’ve always been Rachel. Of course there are name variations like “Rach” and “Rachilli” 
Gender - Female
Star sign - Sagittarius 
Height - 5′1 Dx 
Sexuality - Pansexual (but often I will say bisexual to avoid questions) 
Hogwarts house - JFC, I have no idea. Probably a Gryffindor/Slytherin borderline. I’ve gotten both on the official Pottermore exam. I’ve also taken a buzzfeed quiz that made a good argument for me as a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw. I find identity too complicated for stuff like this lol. 
Favorite animal - Lion. I like cats, I loved the Lion King, and when people teased me about my big poofy hair I told myself it was a lion’s mane. 
Average hours spent sleeping - 6-8
Dogs or cats - Cats! But dogs are lovely too. The ideal is a big ol’ doggo and a couple of kitties. 
Number of blankets I sleep with - Generally just the one, I have a very warm comforter, and I live in the South so it’s rarely gotten cold enough for two blankets since global warming 
Dream trip - New York, at the moment. It’s the most achievable and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I also want to go to London and explore Europe some day. I like to day dream about getting my PHD in London, actually.
Dream job - A best selling author who never has to worry for money 
When I made this account - Spring 2014?? I think? 
Why I made this account - Because I was already checking out tumblr on ifunny all the time and had a few blogs that I would regularly check out. As it says on my page “I succumbed to the sweet seduction of tumblr.” 
# of followers - 292, but quite a few of those are porn bots and I’m sure a few are inactive. 

Now I’ll tag….

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Shout out to @myblog-aboutnothing. I know her pretty well already, but if you want to try your hand at this, go for it! 

redbeanfilling replied to your photoset “So, a lot of people have been saying that they appreciate how much…”

wow this is amazing! I suspected that some mapwork had gone into afterdrop just because of the sheer specificity - and it’s really wonderful and shows up in your work. thanks for sharing this bcs it gives us such a good idea of the scope of the land!

For sure, I’m glad it was interesting!!! I got the area around Niigata mapped out, too, LOL–I might post that, too, after a couple of chapters! XD

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