lol is that his name

Adrien as the Peacock Miraculous holder, part 5

I don’t have the plot for the AU since it’s crack but:

  • Adrien is a dance major, with a minor in martial arts.
  • His parents are more relaxed on his life choices. Gabriel is still a fashion designer but he’s not using his son as his model and gives Adrien more freedom. I said ‘parents’, therefore, his mother is present too.
  • Adrien’s appearance is roughly similar to his canon self, but older since he’s now in university. He’s between 20 to 22 years old. He’s tall, slightly muscular compared to his noodle size back then, but is still a noodle lol.
  • He’s still a shy person but overall is happier since no family conflicts to deal with. Again, the Agrestes are not perfect but they are more chill.
  • However, the headcanon of them being dramatic af is relevant.
  • The Agrestes are dramatically chill.
  • I realize this is Chillgrestes.
  • Here’s a name list.

In other words, ‘Adrien as the Peacock Miraculous holder’ AU is now part of Chillgrestes. Great, now I have to develop this AU because it has a plot!

The reason the bye bye man gets stuck in your head isn’t because the movie is like OHHHH DONT THINK ABOUT IT LOL it’s because his name is so ridiculously stupid you can’t help but be like ’ fuckin… bye bye shit fuck head’ if this guys name was like, Steve or George or even the killinator I wouldn’t even think twice but bye bye man is so dumb you just have to make fun of this asshole


Victor Nikiforov // History Maker ❉ 

God SEVEN-ZERO-SEVEN is Team Litten, of course.

someone said in the tags here, that Seven is def Team Litten and yes, yes, person i cannot find, of course he is!!!

mm/pkmn!au, with another RFA for Team Litten. already decided Yoosung will be Team Rowlet and Zen - Team Poplio.

So I think @lordminion has two new little Japanese fans?

During class today, two of my sixth graders kept yelling “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT!!” For some reason when we were reviewing English building names (hospital, bank, post office, etc).
After class they came up to me like “sensei! Sensei! Do you know dead by daylight?”
Me: “Yes”
Student A: “REALLY?! Have you played it?!”
Me: “No but I’ve watched it”
Student B: “you watched it? Does your friend play it?”
Me: “uhhh yeah. A… Friend (:”
A: “on YouTube?”
Me: “yeah”
Me: “UHHHHH yeah. My.. Friend is on….. YouTube”
A: “what’s their name??”

So I wrote down LordMinion777 on the board (they loved the name because they’re 11 and they love the yellow Minions) and were all excited about looking Wade up after school today. They thought it was AMAZING that there’s an American who plays dead by daylight!! Wow!!! (And he OBVIOUSLY loves minions, since it’s his NAME, so that makes him EXTRA COOL)

So eyyyyyy Wade say hi to ur two new Japanese fans. They’re really excited and cute and also can’t understand anything u say unless u ask them something like “What color do you like” lol (also sorry I said I was ur friend I was trying to act cool 😎)

I’ve seen people make these three friends and it’s so pure and wholesome that I just have to agree

therefore: casual hangouts~

They didn’t speak often, but Carver was always loyal. The recruits knew better than to insult his brother. / No one dared speak ill of his sister. - Cullen (from deleted DA Inquisition dialogue from here)