lol is shit


-Frank blazes up almost an entire pound of meth and then miraculously becomes sober

-Carl is literally a fetus rotc Ian and I’m living for it

-V and Svetlana pound each other’s faces in

-Lip’s an asshole trying to get Charlie to relapse so he can slip back in with Sierra (dickmove bro ngl)

-Ian gets a pair of tits permanently inked into his skin (it’s gonna be hell trying to explain that to people lol)

-Frank’s actually acting like a normal fucking human (this bitch got a job and everything ffs)

-Lip gets bit by Sierra’s baby daddy’s dog trying to get rid of drugs

-A crack addict ‘uncle’(?) is after them for stealing his meth

-Liam’s socializing and making friends (yass)

-Franny is adorable as fuck

-Lip’s sober and speedracing to work (he’s gonna have some ripped ass legs by the end of the season ngl)

-Carl almost gets drowned to death by a crack addict

-Ian still hasn’t made any effort to see Yevgeny (this alone is enough to piss me off for life)

-They dig up Monica’s body to get to the 2lbs of meth (Jesus fuck and y'all thought the whole aunt ginger thing was insane)

-Liam is gonna be a sassqueen and im so prepared lol

-Kev has a cancer scare and the fam surprises him with titty pancakes

-Ian’s still going after Trevor’s bitch ass (cmon bitch be single ffs)

-oh yeah,,,and Sean’s back???

-Debbie’s bar hopping at like 16??? 17??

-Ian misses Monica (i didn’t realize how emotional that was gonna make me)

-Some creepo wants a lock of Debbie’s hair (😷)

-Lip’s eyeing a tattooed biker girl at work (i really don’t know what to think of this)

-Debbie’s sticking her child in a pet carrier for whatever reason

-Ian gets held at gunpoint (jfc)

-Liam seems to have an interesting fascination with death possibly?

-Debbie doesn’t bother to pick Neil up from off the floor smh

-Nobody can seem to call that 'escaped convict ex’ by his actual name (he has a name and it is mickey fucking milkovich #getitright)

-Fiona’s tenants are a bunch of asshole-ish cunts (except nessa she aight)

-Svetlana’s detained by immigration and might possibly be deported

-Ian’s weird ass ex boyfriend talks him into hooking up with complete strangers. cmon 'The person Ian should’ve never hooked up with’ (new name for Trevor? lmaooo) we don’t need a repeat of the shit that went down in s4 and 5

-Yevgeny is as cute as ever tbfh(if only Mickey could see him *cries*)

-Putin’s Paradise??? No words??

-oh yeah and Mickey’s still chilling in Mexico (hopefully sitting oceanside sippin on margaritas and getting a tan, he deserves it)

-and I’m clearly still bitter about 7x11

And that’s what you missed on Shameless

My therapist

My therapist tells me that I lash out at people because I’m lonely and I’m scared that they’re going to leave me. To which I say “I don’t even have a therapist you’re not real you’re just a figment of my imagination! So whose lonely now?”

Writing Thing That One Person Requested

hey hey hey it’s me again here with some unwanted writing. but my new favourite person requested it so here it is even though no one else anted it and no one cares about writers

but anyway if you left any sort of feedback like reblogging or sending an ask that’d be really great i mean i know no one will but why not mention it just in case one person decides writing is worth something

but without further ado i present: 

a story requested by anon

word count: 884

a/n: please look up what the names of everything means i put effort into them, even the name of a type of beetle

request: anon: “for a writing request maybe u could write about a girl and a dragon that like fight ppl together?  idk i came up with that idea for one of my books (it’s kinda stupid i know) but u never got around to writing it. obviously u don’t have to bc it’s a dumb idea but if u want to”

Jaromír’s bronze scales shimmered in the autumn light, reflecting the bright blue water of the Tyne river that I washed my blade off in, blood turning the water a dark crimson.

I stood, shaking my hands and dagger dry. Sheathing the knife, I looked to the position of the sun. It was barely above the treetops, sinking fast and lengthening shadows.

With a sigh of resignation, I walked to face Jaromír, looking into his eyes and gently scratching his snout.

“Guess we’re staying here for the night, Jaromír, it’s getting too late to do anymore hunting.”

He snorted, turning away and curling into a ball.

“I know you’re hungry, I am too. But you know what’ll happen if we’re caught again, and they’re really watching the skies around here. Dragons aren’t exactly welcomed around towns made entirely of wood.”

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