lol is shit

Man I cannot believe I stan a group that doesn’t have one visual hole full of actual amazing talented singers and dancers and rappers and all of them are so humble and giving and care about all of their fans and are actually the sweetest humans alive, damn Stan kings, Stan B.A.P

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tbh i hate Sam. He's too kind and loyal and always tries to do the right thing. And Dean, argh! What a beautiful, soft, caring, brave idiot. And Cas? OMG, don't even get me started on Cas! I couldn't hate anyone more for being the most courageous and dorky looser who would give up everything for the people he loves. Anyone who likes any of these three has something wrong with them tbh. But people who only hate 1? Come on my dudes, if you're gonna unstan 1, unstan them all.

haha yeah i hate them all. what a bunch of brave and caring assholes, how dare they!

Me with various respiratory illnesses: I can’t wait to move to Colorado Springs… I’ll be able to breathe easier with my asthma, and my mold allergy will be better, plus I won’t have to deal with the highest pollen counts in the nation. It’s going to be awesome. I wonder what else I can find out about it.

Me with astraphobia: FUCK FUuUCkFUcKfUCK


“ Onision Threatens ME With POLICE! Says I Threatened LAINEY! LOL!”
Joy Sparkle BS

Joy’s response to Greg and Lainey calling the police on her (again).

ok but like can we talk about lisas boots in the as if it’s your last mv like who is hurting her and what bet did she lose

Me: *publishes a one shot I’ve had laying around for two years that was the origin of a fic a lot of people have come to love. publishes a one shot that people have asked about. publishes a one shot that primarily focuses on about 3 hours of a story that literally spans decades. publishes a one shot where i specifically state that CL co-lead and are in a happy healthy marriage. publishes a one shot that shows a mother and son being close. publishes a one shot where in the notes ive made it explicitly clear is a one shot*

Someone: “Uhm this creepy and this family is sick. Why are you so obsessed? Why can’t you write what *I* want you to write?”

This made me laugh out loud cuz some of y'all will find a way to twist and complain about *literally* anything.


Drawing Progress with my Muse: Sara Ryder

So as some of you know, I’m trying to teach myself how to draw. The top left corner was my first attempt at drawing Sara (June 9th), and today at the ungodly hour of 4 am I drew her again (bottom right corner). 

I used references for the bottom two to get the angle of the face correctly. Excuse my half assed attempt at shading for all of these. Shading is a skill that eludes me, but hopefully with practice I’ll get it. The chibi was a shitpost I did for fun lol!

Kiss of life