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Hi! I was the one to ask for dirty talking Newt lol And I agree with you. It's hard to picture him say stuff like 'Fucking take it, baby.' lol Although I love the idea of that. A girl can dream 😉 but I love your headcanons so much!!! Can I maybe request something more canon then? Like, what do you think he'd say during sex? And be as detailed as you need 😬😬😬

You’re so lovely, anon. I’ll do my best!!!

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Ok! This is gonna be short, because I don’t think there’s a lot of talking Newt would do DURING sex. Lol I think he’d be pretty talkative before though, strictly from nerves, until it became heated enough and he’d shut up and just enjoy the ride.

-Newt enjoys his intimate moments with you.

-Even if it’s a quickie he takes pleasure in it, because nothing is better than being with you. So exposed, and just reveling in the soft touches, and playful bites you give each other.

-Newt and you don’t talk much during, but it’s the moment he first enters you that causes him to gasp out. “Merlin’s beard…”

-And as he slowly draws himself out, it takes everything in him to not growl out your name, over and over like a sacred mantra.

-Newt’s the type to never worry, panic, or lose his temper. He prides himself a rather calm, collected wizard.

-But, when it came to you, when he was thrusting in and out and bringing you both close to the proverbial edge, he felt that coil inside of him threaten to snap.

-And when you’re finally cumming, he’s nuzzling into your neck, whispering sweet nothings into your ear and practically begging you to call his name.

-“Please, Darling…just say it.”

-He’s never bossy, he just loves you overwhelmingly in these moments, and hearing you whisper out his name, it brings him over and into bliss. Because he knows you’re his and he is yours.

Sorry, it is so short! I made it to where I could actually picture Newt saying those things. Lol Hope you liked?!

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Avi..Can i ask something for, like, a future suggestion?(i just saw the bird list you made for main crew and i don't want to throw you off those things)Maybe TomMatt in the sence of Disney movies? Like..Aurora and prince Phillip..?

Ahh, that’s a really cool idea, actually! I could try a few different versions from different movies (it may turn out slightly sillier than anticipated tho lol). Imagine A Whole New World with Matt as Jasmine (with her outfit and all) and Tom as a SUPER annoyed yet slightly- smitten Aladdin. Or Can You Feel the Love Tonight and in the scene when they tumble down the hill and are laying on top of each other Tom’s like “get the hell off me.”

Or it could just be a pretty, mild scene like At Last I See the Light from Tangled lol

“Guess who made the team, lads!”

I had a Harry Potter movie marathon and couldn’t stop myself from drawing the boys in a Quidditch!AU *v*

  • Niall & Harry - Hufflepuff
  • Louis - Slytherin
  • Zayn - Ravenclaw
  • Liam - Gryffindor

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"Did I ever matter to you?!" With Luke or Cal

(I went with Luke babe! Thanks for the request :))

“We were once so good.“ You mumbled, playing with your fingers as you sat across from Luke on the couch, the calm after the storm resonating in your shared apartment.

This argument was particularly brutal. Nasty words thrown, harsh glares sent, and sarcastic snarls heard. How can something that was so good, turn into something so destructive?

That’s what you and Luke were. Destructive. It’s like the littlest things set both of you off and at each other’s necks. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He was supposed to be your one, you know? But now, now it felt like everything was falling apart. And the scariest thing was that you had no control over it.

None at all.

“I just have one question Luke.” You looked up from your hands to find him already staring at you, eyes surprisingly holding vulnerability and fear in them. Fear of losing you.

Did I ever matter to you?” You asked, genuinely curious as to what he would say.

“Don’t say stupid shit to me.” Luke harshly laughed at your question. “How can you ever think that I did anything but love you. Still love you.”

“We’re broken.” You said, standing up to leave. Once and for all. “And I don’t think we can fix this one Luke.” A tear escaped your eye as you proceeded towards the door. You were about to leave the love of your life.


But the door slam shut before he could get his words out. The words that could have made you stay. The words that could have kept you his. All he had to do was say those words, and you could have stayed.

I’m sorry.

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hi! i am leaving, so here’s an faq (future anticipated questions) to clear up any confusion!

where are you going?

anywhere but fandom!


three main reasons

1. i have no future in writing and i’m not interested in incorporating writing into my future [30% of the reason]

2. fandom makes me fundamentally unhappy [30% of the reason]

3. i have no self control and so it’s starting to have negative impact on my real life [40% of the reason]

why does fandom make you unhappy?

  1. the multiple wars over anything and everything
  2. blind worship
  3. hyper-sexualization of the 12
  4. average metal maturity
  5.  there are many big fish in this small pond of ours. and i’m getting tired of being hit in the face with their giant egos. my real life is also quite full of people with big egos, but the difference is that these people actually are quite successful and accomplished so i can actually stand it. (it’s not to say people here aren’t…but less are.)

wow i’m disappointed in you!

i know, i know. i’m pretty disappointed in me too. this is totally not the way i wanted to leave.

how did you want to leave?

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