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some self indulgent yooran for my deprived self

Seventeen as Game Of Thrones Characters:
  • S.Coups: Eddard Stark - a dad that can't relate to his children, lots of Honor™
  • Jeonghan: Petyr Baelish - swindle swindle like a spindle, owns a brothel
  • Joshua: Brandon Stark - saw something he wasn't supposed to & got shoved out a window
  • Jun: Jamie Lannister - likes 2 play with his sword
  • Hoshi: Syrio Forel - "Dancing Master", but he fights with a blunt wooden stick ..?
  • Wonwoo: Jon Snow - mopey emo boy w/ a good looking puppy
  • Woozi: Tyrian Lannister - small & rlly bitter about it, will try to fight you anyway
  • Dk: all that bright sunshine over in Bravos, probably
  • Mingyu: Ghost - the good looking puppy
  • The8: - Daenerys Targaryn - ready to fight 24/7, likes dragons a little too much
  • Seungkwan: Samwell Tarley - master of body gags, often scarifies own pride for comedic effect
  • Vernon: Bronn - Chill, just really along for the ride
  • Dino: Arya Stark - local child seeks revenge on the Adults

knight-commander puppy eyes

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threeunits  asked:

once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) Have a nice day :) 💖

“send this to ten of your favourite followers” WELL HECK I’m honored to be one of them.

01. My sense of self. I will first and foremost always appreciate who I am as a person and how I choose to go about things. I realize how hard it is to be proud and comfortable in who you are, and I love that despite that comfort - I’m willing to acknowledge that I have room to grow and become better. This allows me to be take responsibility for negativity, but also let go of it and flip into a positive lesson. On top of that - it allows me to be my whole self, and not fear the judgements of others because I’m comfortable with who I am and who I am slowly becoming. I don’t expect people to like it, so that thought also helps lol.

02. The trust that I have in myself. I know that sounds silly, but I trust myself to do what’s best in most situations. It may not make sense to others, which means the following actions may not serve the best outcomes. But I’ve found that I end up making things right even when I’m wrong. That confidence allows me to be as blatant as I am. It allows me to take life head on. I usually don’t realize how much I rely solely on myself and my own judgement for things. For the most part, I do well. If not - I learn better. It’s a lovely way to about life honestly.

03. Balance. Another silly concept. But I like to believe I have a good balance between being unwavering and open-minded. Between being stubborn and laid-back. Between loving who I am as a whole, but realizing that I could always be better. I used to think that I either had to be a pushover to be liked, but that lead to being taken advantage of. Then I used to think that being a hardass would be the better option, but that left a lot of bruises on myself and others. At this point of my life I think I’ve got it down to a perfect balance. It’s taken a while, but I’ve learned the concept of fluidity without compromising the basis of who I am.

04. The ability to read people. Again. Silly. But I feel like I read people so well. Within my family and friends I’m often asked my impression of someone because of these vibes I get. Haven’t been wrong about a “bad person” - be it physical perception or other varying forms of expression. From a different point of view, I’m able to utilize this deep thought to properly handle a situation. If I have a good understanding of you, I tend to overthink a lot and try my best to accommodate. Which is bothersome, but good within relationships.

05. Dissection. I love being able to pull apart a thought, a concept, a person, ect. - and form some type of analysis of it/them. I have no idea why but it’s a painless way to put my mind to work. Because of this, I feel like I have an elevated sense of appreciation for things. It can be negative at times, but not entirely.