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story of my life would a pair of murder husbands tell their child how they fell in love?

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Hey! Could I request a Scenario for Shiro where his S/O helps bandage up some minor wounds and maybe it gets an little Smexy ( If ya catch my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

OK, I’m so so sorry this took so long! I was like halfway through with it when my computer decided to freeze up and crash on me before I saved. I was/still am pissed.

But here we are. Just a little NSFW.

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willam: calls trans men women

willam: makes a horrible comment about how trans men cant be men just by “cutting their tits off”

willam: says if trans people dont disclose their trans-ness, theyre lying and theyre required to disclose it on the first date

willam: says for trans women to be women/trans men to be men, they need bottom surgery

willam: doesnt fucking see trans men as men or trans women as women

yall: u guys willam is just learning!! hes just a 30 year old man who has never met a trans person and has never had an internet connection and isnt familiar with the lgbt community!!!!!!! cut him some slack!!!!!

gabrielle: by the gods…! you are beautiful.

xena: yeah. and you are drugged.



wth the hell this is one of the shippiest things i have ever ?? SEEN ???

Hey whats up i kinda hate when people use the phrase “at the very least, they are bi” or anything similar to that it feels weird and makes me feel like ur saying bi is somehow less gay/the least gay or that we are “less than”

Writing Tip (that nobody asked for)

Lemme tell y’all about my personal writer’s hack that has made my life soo much easier!

You know that feel when you’re writing and you suddenly stop like, “shit, what’s the word I’m looking for?” and then spend the next however many minutes searching until you either find it or give up? And then you come back to what you were writing like, “…I don’t know where I was anymore…”

Well I’m here to help you out with that problem!

The best piece of advice I can offer to writers is once you start writing, do not stop. Get in the zone, let the ideas flow and let that Writer’s Rush really hit you! Don’t worry about spelling, or paragraphing, and, as I mentioned, specific words.

When you come to that gap, that “what’s the word I’m looking for” feel, just take a set of double brackets, ((like so)), and describe the word you are searching for. It can be similar words, or just anything that will help you remember once you come back. This also works great if you’re trying to decide between two different words or phrases.

I go for double brackets because I use singles as part of my writing and don’t want to get confused, but also because my thoughts kinda do function like words in a bracket, if that makes sense? Like it’s not to be taken into account with the rest of the story. You can use any symbol you feel like really, just anything that’s not used too often and can be easily found, especially using Google Doc’s “find and replace” feature. (Another freaking good writer’s hack!)

Once you’ve done most of the framework for your story, that’s when you come back to your double brackets. That’s when you can take the time to search through your thesaurus (yet another good hack! I mean it! Use it!) or simply ponder your word choices.

Anyways this is what works best for me. Keep in mind that everyone is different and has their own ways of writing, so my advice may not apply to every writer out there. But yeah, if you want, feel free to try this out! Or perhaps you already have a similar system. Either way, I hope this helped in some way or another!


£10 Icon/headshot commissions open!

Each will come with a variety of gradients and backgrounds and whatnot because I love stuff like that. So you’re getting like 5 images total.

You can edit and crop them at will, of course, and even give me color suggestions. 

I’ll do canon characters and ocs, preferably humanoid! 

IM me if interested! 

me and harvey have a lot in common tbh

were both emotionally unavalible, arrogant, and have the same undying love for michael james ross