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"Your boyfriend is incredibly unimaginative. Want some tips? I could make suggestions."


               Whatever yer gonna say….don’t.


Season 7 promo vs 7x04


i just read the entire series today and i fell in love so fucking fast that i decided to make a post dedicated to me gushing over it

anyways guys for the love of god PLEASE read this series, volumes are being sold at Barnes and Noble and its also online! its so good and i cant believe people are sleeping on it

@evilmarguerite i hope i did ur amazing series justice!!


matching simon and baz transparent circle thingies because i just finished carry on for the third time and i’m having a lot of feelings

feel free to use them as icons or whatever as long as you credit!

tbh honestly, to be tbh, keith is a kid.
he’s a kid who has lost a lot of family. hes an orphan who met [shiro] someone kind enough to take him in as family, who wants to take him in as family, just to watch him disappear and abandon him like everyone else has - and not just once - but twice. 

his reactions and feelings are 100% valid imo and he has the right to be this upset. ESPECIALLY with everyone telling him they’ll get a new black paladin like….that’s fucking heart breaking. his only family is gone and everyone around him wants to replace him without blinking an eye?